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I'm digg'n the carplay...but when are Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin going to get their head out of their asses and stop building 12 cycl. engines that get 12 miles to the gallon? Sheesh! We're going to have to kill more dinosaurs! :)
Man I feel guilty...   ...Is this b/c last weekend I went to RS to get a replacement pwr brick for my Ext. HD and they wanted $22 for it. I went home and got it on Amazon for $6.   Sorry.
Agreed, and hasn't BMW decided to do their own thing, two. No Z4 for me!
I recently listened to an audio book called Unbroken: A world war II story of survival....   I really recommend it! It was riveting.   Best regards.
Good for Apple! Looks good...Now all we need is tesla to give up on Android.    I know Maps had problems but I do like saying the address to Siri and it just opens and starts. It had a few miss-steps for me early on, but none lately.   I had the Tom Tom App for the iPhone way back in the day and I thought it was brilliant. But I had to type in the street number, then type in the street name. It was not easy to do in the car.    This will certainly influence my next...
I started to watch the awards last night. Ellen was pretty funny....but then the commercials started and I switched it off. Not so much because of Samsung, just the overall banality of the commercials.
That's good advice. Also, my CEO father, who lived all over Europe and North America, Canada and the US said, "buy a car from the country you're living in, it's cheaper to maintain and operate." He bought English cars in England, and American cars in the USA. I've had a new Triumph Spitfire, a corvette, a VW Sciroco 240z, a miata, a prius c, Honda Crv, Honda accord, a Jeep Wrangler, a Mittsubishi Tredia and colt and  a Ford F350 dually crew cab truck, a dodge 1500 truck,...
Love it! :) Reminds of the Fedex commercial where a junior business person doesn't know were China is and ends tearing down the map off the wall to cover himself. I know pretty silly, "Bill put a pushpin in China." "Bill, you have no idea where China is do you?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHdPlPE7iOs
I love the comment "... because I consider a car to be more like a loaded gun than like a second living room."  Not only am I going to use it, I'm going to work into every conversation I can this week! :) Best.
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