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I appreciate Ai doing this...I work a day for $100! :)   I'm in the market for a new iPhone, iPad Mini, MacBook (Gold), ATV, and 27"iMac. If I could save a $100 on each that would be....Hmmmm? Help me with the math. :)     Thanks Ai.   Best.   Chris
I guess...
Is there any other company that is improving all facets of their products the way Apple does? Porsche, BMW, Toyota, Honda, maybe?   I think back to my first white iBook. I thought it was beautiful. Now I look at the new gold MacBook and think what a marvel of engineering. In spite of all the sniveling about only one port, I'm going to trust Apple on this.   Best.
My first thought, too, Coolf. Just what the planet needs, more disposable plastic. I do like the idea of it being part of the washing machine though.
That makes sense about ApplePay, Clemy. And the C for me, too. Best.
If it is as light as the 5s and can do ApplePay, it may be the one for me.   As a runner I think the 6 is just too big.   Best.
Very funny! Made me smile. :)
I hope they put them up "straight!"​.... I took this photo in the Apple section at a Fry's Electronics a few years ago!  
I may be stating the obvious...but Samsung, Google, and MS seem to be always "playing catchup." And end-up producing harried, hodge-podge, clunky sw and hardware.   They need to take a deep breath and start planning a "best in class" product in each of their product lines...or not.   Yep, I just stated the obvious.
Lot of complaining about Apple's innovations, here and in the press.   I remember getting my "white" G3 iBooks back in the day. I thought is was so cool. Especially compared to the corporate colors of "Funeral" black and "Pallbearer" gray of the laptops from Dell and HP.   It was so refreshing and elegant.   I look at the gold macbook as a masterful piece of  engineering but also it is beautiful.    I for one will trust Apple in their evolutionary pursuit of...
New Posts  All Forums: