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I agree...I had the original ATV and, at the time, it was worth the price just to have my photos "Ken Burns'ing" across my TV with a little light jazz playing in the background. It's a truly delightful way to view your photos. I would venture a guess that one enjoys/views more of their personal photos via this ATV method than any other previous way. I.e., looking at them in hard cover albums, on the computer, email, etc. Having said that...I had sold my original ATV years...
ApplePay is another "home run" for Apple. I'm buying my daughter's 4 year old MBP (I had already bought it for her 4 years ago to finish Med. school with-Hmmmmm.) and iphone 6 just so I can take advantage of Yosemite and iOS8 specifically for the ApplePay and fingerprint security. Also,  considering an iPad 3 Mini for the same reasons.   I am currently running SL on an orig. intel white iMac that just will not die. It can't be updated to the latest OS. I'm also running a...
"...a moment of panic." That's funny. Made me smile. :)  Best
Good to know, Jfc1138. Thx.   I have handled them at the Apple store and you're right they are, indeed, very light.   I'll take another look at the 6.   Yep, I'm not a fan of cases.   Best
Just a personal note: I'm running with the 4s and really appreciate Apple supporting it as far as most of the features of iOS8. It is noticeably heavier than the 5s but I do like the size compared to the 6 and 6 Plus which feel a little oversized to me.   As much as I like to keep things simple and minimize the number of devices I own and carry, I think I'm going to get an iPad 3 Mini and wait and hope Apple introduces a smaller iPhone than the 6 with all the latest...
That was my first thought, too, Ikrupp. I remember those stories about Japan. I don't remember the specifics, but I think I read the iPhone is doing very well in Korea as well. Good for Apple. Best
I got my GF an AppleTV before Xmas. She has an iPad and an iPhone 5, no mac.   I loaded 4,000+ photos of hers from my work computer (iMac) using her iCloud Drive.    All the photos show up on both devices, but for the life of me, I cannot get AppleTV to see or show the photos! Ugh!   I've not kept up with Apple lately, I still run SL on my original intel iMac (can't upgrade OS-it just won't die), I have a 4s running iOS8. Sold my ipad a few generations ago and sold...
  This was my favorite phone of all time. It was basically the size of used bar of soap. I bought one for myself and my daughter. I prefer a smaller phone and I'll use my iPad for everything else.
That's my plan, too rcone! :)
Agreed! And you are, in a sense, "always driving a new car!" Essentially, trouble-free driving. Best
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