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Will do! :)
Thanks TD. I thought as much and have been doing that. But was not positive. The other thing, as far as AppleMail, is iOS should know my "rules" that I set up on my iMac's AppleMail. Thanks for the info! :) Best.
Very appreciative of Apple's hard work and attention to detail.    Is there still no "Junk" filter on iOS AppleMail or did I miss it? :)   Best.
Me too. The USA Today site is unreadable! :)
Wow, pretty cool. I work with an android user who is very hostile towards Apple.    I told him he and the Taliban are the only one's left using Android phones. He didn't think it was funny.    I came to work one day with my ball cap on backwards and he asked me if I was going to go rob a convenience store....I told him first I was going to buy an android phone then rob a convenience store. He didn't think that was funny, either. Oh well.   Best.
I agree with that. :)
Now that's funny! :) Made me smile.
Perhaps, a bit inelegant, but I second the main thrust of your sentiment. Best.
Thanks...good to know I'm not getting as neurotic as I thought I was! :) Best.
Paying for content is the way to go for me. I can't stand going to the movie theatre anymore.   People eat like donkey's. Shoveling popcorn (loudly) down their gullets slurping down their 52oz soda! :)   Where have proper manners gone?   Best.
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