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Yep, my favorite was the security guy standing behind and interrupting PC saying, "Cancel or Allow" and then something about coming to a "sad realization." Just brilliant. Second favorite, the cheerleaders, "We're number one!" and without missing a beat after being corrected by Mac guy, "We're number two!" Still makes me smile. Best
Bingo, James. Good post! :)
I would agree with this.   He has ensured "Best in Class" in retail, OS, mobile OS, desktops, laptops, phones, iPads, etc., etc.   :)
Very good of you.  I also agree with all the praise for Craig Federighi. He did an excellent job. Made it very enjoyable. He gave new meaning to the phrase, "having the audience eating out of his hand!" :)
Thanks, Benjamin. Nice of you to say so. :) Best
Agreed, DimMok. I applaud Apple for manufacturing in the U.S.A. :)
Agreed, badmonk. :)
Good. I personally, as matter of practice, try to avoid all things Google. No offense. :) Best
I have this romantic notion of only having the latest and greatest iPhone and an iPad as my only tech devices in my home/life.   I.e., no iMacs or laptops anymore. Probably a little optimistic on my part right now. :)   I have to say I was so impressed with Monday's Keynote, especially OSX Yosemite that I may put off the above scenario for the time being and buy a new 27" updated iMac in the Fall. I would not mind the a new iMac still being my digital hub along with...
I like the way you think John...the only thing I use Google for is Search. Can't wait till Apple gives them the "old heave-ho!" :)
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