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Funny! :)
I hear you Phil. It reminds me of how when Apple laptops passed iMacs in sales, Apple introduces the small BT keyboard for the iMac and then the MagicTrackPad. Just like the keyboard and the trackpad found on the Apple laptops. I guess, the theory was if people are using the laptops and iMacs the keyboards should be the same. (I no longer have a mouse for my iMac, only the MagicTrackPad) It took me a week to get used to the new style keyboard, but now I love it. Maybe they...
Very good! Funny, you don't strike me as a well read...
Get some sleep, bro! :)
Taco Bell.     FREE DIARRHEA!!!!!!
I know BestK..S.... I asked him, if he had done any time? Ugh!
Bro, bin' down that road. As soon as I started getting fast, I went out and either got a minor calf pull or a major Achilles tendon strain. It's so hard to do, but recommend minimum of 24 hr's btwn runs. On the off day, swim or ride.  Rich Roll, Ultra Ironman and former college swimmer (Stanford) said the tri-athletes he sees, swimming is usually the weakest part. He says they are "muscling" themselves thru the water. Overusing their legs (should be using their arms) which...
Holy crap! Finally!   I have always maintained MS/Window claims of added productivity were always tainted due to the lost productivity of d**king around with a lame OS/SW. Ugh! :)   It's a crappy company that produces crappy products!    Best.
As usual, I don't quite get the reference?
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