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Funny, radar! thx
What a good idea! Why didn't I think of this? Drats My last "idea" was, at 17, to join the US Navy ('77-'81) and become a navigator. Shooting stars with a sextant, 3 hrs. of maths to figure out position. Once just before dawn and once around dusk. Fascinating stuff. Now, it's all done instantaneously with GPS on a phone! Great! Best
Thanks Phil. Very good of u to say. Best regards.Chris
I hear u pax. I made a typo in the cover emailI sent with "mi" resume. It's on me for not proofing better. I'll be looking at the larger iPhone instead of getting an iPad mini.Best
Impressive, snova! Good to hear! Best
I just updated my resume on my iPhone using Pages. Emailed (PDF) to potential employer. All from my iPhone while having coffee at "fourbucks"! I love Apple!
Bingo, bro!
Last weekend I stayed with a friend and she offered her windows laptop to me to check my email. God, was it ever awful! I thanked and used my iPhone instead.
Thx for sharing. Very interesting to get first hand perspective. Sad for Nokia. But as u say, they were complacent.
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