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Wow! Good word, "sapient." And, you used correctly in a sentence. :) I'm impressed.  Best
Agreed, Pu. I'm in the market for a new Ext. HD and will be getting Apple's TimeCapsule instead of much cheaper HD's. Best
Ditto! :) I'm a runner and the HRM sounds appealing...too bad I have sworn off anything MS or Google! :)
Exactly! The cable providers have manipulated the government into allowing them to operate fiefdoms where they can charge exorbitant prices while  providing poor quality, clunky interfaces and lousy customer service.
Perhaps. :) I, for one, only watch Fareed Zakaria (GPS) on CNN and Formula one. 
Agreed. This "dynamic" should be displayed on the lock screen! :) Best.
No thanks. Three "crappy" companies!   I'll only buy items from Apple or "Apple-esque" companies. Preferably, only Apple. It's the main reason I haven't bought a DSLR...all the interfaces are clumsy and clunky! :)   Best.   P.S. I'm digg'n the Tesla except it's Android. I'm digg'n the BMW i8, except BMW has forgone CarPlay....I guess I'll just have to buy an orange (Habanero) Prius C and pretend, as I look over the bonnet, I'm in an orange (Peter Revson's) McClaren!...
Very nice sentiments...similar to me. When I was interested in the first digital camera, the very next issue of MacWorld I received was about digital cameras. The same thing happened with scanners, printers. Over and over again, it seemed MacWorld was writing for me. Perhaps my memory is a bit skewed, but it was a real joy receiving the magazine every month. Dreaming of what devices I would be purchasing in the future.  I enjoyed Jason Snell's tenure at the helm. His...
Good to see. I'm considering a new car in the near future. I will only buy one with Apple's CarPlay....  :)     P.S. It probably won't be a Ferrari.
I'm not usually a complainer. And always give Apple the benefit of the doubt when it comes to changes. But the awhile ago they added/changed the Podcast app. And it was terrible. I'd either have duplicate podcasts that I would delete and would come back again or I'd have the podcast on my iMac and they wouldn't sync to my iPhone. I go out on a run looking fwd to a specific podcast to listen and it wouldn't be there.   I'm sure I was not setting it up correctly and part...
New Posts  All Forums: