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All due respect to Blasty...I agree with you on this sog. IBM has the cred. to go into any firm and say everyone should have an iPhone, iPad and Mac today and it would increase efficiency 10x's within a week.
Brilliant gtr!
This is what MS will end up doing. You heard it here first. :)   They will end up being "consultants" where all you have to do is "talk" a good story. Same with HP.   Oh well, pretty soon we will all be selling insurance or "sugary" food to each other, anyway! :(   Best.
"Rot row, Astro!" :(
I like it, Solip! Great idea....  :)
Bingo! Well said Bugs. I like ur line, "...b/c of a font change." :)
Yep, Solip, (I know u know this) Ives' rational was at the inception of the "touch" interface, the goal was to make the buttons look like tactile buttons, gloss, 3D, shadow, etc. But with mass adoption of iOS it was no longer necessary to "bring everyone along" as it were.Anyway, best regards, bro! P.S. I may have that apostrophe wrong. I just put them anywhere I feel like!
Hang on there relic. Valium was the best drug (vasectomy) took my GF out for dinner afterwards....(Indian food) I've never been so "witty!"Best regards,& Phil (boogie) is a good guy!
Great! Yep, looks like the overwhelming majority have embraced the "modern" Jony Ives design. Unlike some of the "wet newspapers" (posters) who populate Ai! As advanced as iOS6 was, (and it was wonderful) it looks like windows XP now compared to iOS7! Best.
Interesting, I've read (so it must be true!) that the human body has about 50 trillion human cells (give or take a few trillion) and about 10 times that amount of bacteria cells and viruses. It's just that the bacteria cells are so small. However, to give it some perspective, the human cells, if all gathered in one place on the body, would comprise only about the size of one leg, below the knee. The rest is "detritus!"  :) I may have the 50 trillion wrong. Oh well,...
New Posts  All Forums: