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Bro, bin' down that road. As soon as I started getting fast, I went out and either got a minor calf pull or a major Achilles tendon strain. It's so hard to do, but recommend minimum of 24 hr's btwn runs. On the off day, swim or ride.  Rich Roll, Ultra Ironman and former college swimmer (Stanford) said the tri-athletes he sees, swimming is usually the weakest part. He says they are "muscling" themselves thru the water. Overusing their legs (should be using their arms) which...
Holy crap! Finally!   I have always maintained MS/Window claims of added productivity were always tainted due to the lost productivity of d**king around with a lame OS/SW. Ugh! :)   It's a crappy company that produces crappy products!    Best.
As usual, I don't quite get the reference?
It's coming, Bro!  Although, gin and tonics do ward off malaria. "Always 'dress for dinner,' even in the jungle!" :) Best.
I know KB, my proctologist has fingers like "sausages!" Ugh!
Funny, MacTac! :)
Exactly, Phil. Using the "180 rule."  180-age = Zone 2 (Fat burning zone) Heart Rate number. When first started in Oct. last year, Zone 2 meant 17'-18'/mile. Pretty damn slow. But in ~3 mo's shaved off 5'/mile and still at Zone 2 HR. Goal is 9'/mile-probably a year away. The thing I like about it is no "bonking" (low blood sugar), no injuries, quicker recovery-which means more days to run.  Anyway, thx for the compliment/encouragement, Phil. Best Regards.
Exactly, Digi. :) It also means, Apple has more $'s for R&D. Which means some cool stuff in the future. Best!
Haha, Phil! :) 18 mile run end Jan., Bro!  
Yep, not always. But to get a run in, sometimes have to get up early or go out late....Try to run trails, mostly. No cars or fumes. But when on the road like to have light blinking all the time.  Best.
New Posts  All Forums: