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I may be stating the obvious...but Samsung, Google, and MS seem to be always "playing catchup." And end-up producing harried, hodge-podge, clunky sw and hardware.   They need to take a deep breath and start planning a "best in class" product in each of their product lines...or not.   Yep, I just stated the obvious.
Lot of complaining about Apple's innovations, here and in the press.   I remember getting my "white" G3 iBooks back in the day. I thought is was so cool. Especially compared to the corporate colors of "Funeral" black and "Pallbearer" gray of the laptops from Dell and HP.   It was so refreshing and elegant.   I look at the gold macbook as a masterful piece of  engineering but also it is beautiful.    I for one will trust Apple in their evolutionary pursuit of...
"USB 2.0 also employs an infamous non-reversible Type-A connector. Many people complain that it's rare to properly plug in the connector on the first try."   Ugh! I hated this. I know there is a 50-50 chance of getting it right the first time....but it seemed like 90% I got it wrong. Thank you Apple.
Yep, pre-ordered it. Scheduled for delivery tomorrow.   I've got a stack of books to read but this will go to the top and probably be done by the weekend! :)     Best.
Hoping for a gold keyboard and trackpad to match the new gold iMac!   You heard it here first! :)   Best.
Agreed. I was being "perverse." :)
As others have stated here, Isaacson's book seemed "rushed." I pre-ordered Becoming Stevo.
It kinda is. 
 Thanks Nola...I'll try that. I'll call it "AppleTV" and just put the photos in there to be seen on AppleTV. I thought I'd tried that, but I'll take a closer look at it. :) Best.
I remember giving my daughter (Med. school) the first iphone when it came out and showing the App that had all the medications on it. Photos, details, etc. And she was so impressed by it. Seems so rudimentary now compared to HealthKit. Go Apple!    P.S. I think I have the timing right... the app came out with the iPhone or maybe a little later. Oh well. :)
New Posts  All Forums: