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Yep, Apple leading the way....again! :)   Best.
Thanks, Ben. It did sound a little awkward saying it the other way. Best.
I may very well being buying just an iPhone 6 and forgo buying an iPad mini. I've done a complete reversal and will be looking to get a new iMac 27" for work. I'm kind of going off MBA's with their smaller screens. Must be getting old. And a stand-up desk from Ikea.    For some reason it appeals to me just to have simple desk with an elegant iMac on it. Maybe the Beatles Abbey Road poster behind it, too.     Best.   P.S. Ikea is Swedish for "out of stock!"
Yep, Phil. It's just about being polite. :) Best.
Sounds like IBM needs something to "Sell!"   Best.
I wouldn't mind this feature...but then I say "thank you" to Siri after she creates a new reminder or new note. :)   Best.
Apple's design influence is everywhere. I think I have remembered correctly, where an high-level BMW surmised the large amount of white BMW's being sold was due to Apple.   I like what Philips is doing, but I would like to hold one to really see the build quality.   I have a friend that put in to Nest's in his house and they are pretty cool. Very smooth when you move the wheel. And the orange an blue hue is neat.   But not now that Google's involved.   Best.
  I hadn't thought of that, Macky. Funny observation! :) Best.
I hear you, J. Me too. Hard to believe phones used to be attached to your house! :) Best.
Thanks for the link Thanks for the link, Geoff! :)
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