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Could you imagine being a designer/engineer and walking into Steve Jobs' office with that piece of clickity-clackity crap? :)
Now that's funny. A little mean, but still funny! :)
At the risk of sounding cynical, I have to agree with you. When will MS get it that their products need to be "best in class," or why bother?
I applaud Apple for this approach. The "glass" stores are impressive, but the older style of architecture is more elegant. 
My sentiments, exactly, gregnacu.
May coincide with a larger iPad, too.
Yep, I'll def. be considering the larger iPhone. May buy it and not buy an iPad mini. Could I get by without an iMac, MBA or even an iPad? Just the 6, iCloud, iWork, iTunes, airplay and a dumb large flat panel HDTV. Oh, I guess I'd need an ATV and an Apple wifi. Imagine, my only tech in my house would be the 6 with one charger brick, one cable, one bill to T-Mobile.
I've not used Beats, but the folks at Macworld have given it high marks for its SW design. I think it's a good purchase for Apple especially with steady decline of iTunes music purchases. I'm guess the future is subscription music.
I hear u Spam!
Pretty stupid. I don't know about u guys, but I'm not really built for prison.
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