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I usually avoid cliches "like the plague," but unfortunately, for the Chinese government, the "cat's out of the bag!"   Go Apple! :)
I agree...I searched for Ducati and now all I see are Ducati ads! :)
Bro, me too. Nice thought. He was one of my heros. Along, with Muhammad Ali, Ayrton Senna, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and mick jagger. Best.
Thanks Ric...it does seem to be the "default" reaction. Brings me down....  Ok, I'm back up again! :)
You guys sure complain a lot. It's like talking to my GF...I come here to get away from that! Oh well.
Thanks Dick. Now every time I see something like this, I'm going to think of MS and the Surface! :)
Could you imagine being a designer/engineer and walking into Steve Jobs' office with that piece of clickity-clackity crap? :)
Now that's funny. A little mean, but still funny! :)
At the risk of sounding cynical, I have to agree with you. When will MS get it that their products need to be "best in class," or why bother?
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