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Haha, Phil! :) 18 mile run end Jan., Bro!  
Yep, not always. But to get a run in, sometimes have to get up early or go out late....Try to run trails, mostly. No cars or fumes. But when on the road like to have light blinking all the time.  Best.
Apple always moving fwd. Good for them! :)     Best
Good for Apple. I applaud their efforts! Especially, in recycling, manufacturing and labor practices.   The world's not perfect, but there is cause for hope.   E.g. CVS (U.S. retail pharmacy) stopping to sell cigarettes.   And Subway (U.S. sandwich shop) being found out about putting a chemical in their bread to make "spongey!" Same chemical is used in Yoga mats and shoes! Good grief! :(   I swear, if US food companies could get away with selling ground up old...
Funny! :) I don't know what the name of the watch will be...but I think Apple will make the SW part of the iLife suite and not just a lot of single use little apps....which btw can be a little tedious.  E.g. To go running, I have to check the weather app, open the flash light app (Apple's flashlight doesn't blink) open the podcast app, open the Nike running app and set for a run, open heart rate app to check heart rate. I know it's a first world problem but only Apple can...
It does sound interesting, Adonis. iPhones, iPads and iCloud! :) Right now I'm carrying an iPhone, iPad and have an iMac at home. That's a lot of gear. I'm still of the mind set where if my aging iMac broke, I'd replace it with an new iMac and I'd like to add an MBA 11". My 29 year old daughter, has it down to an iPad Mini, an iPhone 5 and an aging MacBookPro. That's it. I don't think she would replace her MBP, if it broke.
Agreed, Nyues.... I have to believe an iPad based system is going to offer more flexibility down the road than anything from any other manufacturer. Good show Apple and Whole Foods! 
Interesting you should say that, Newton. I just recently read "Dogfight" (Good read.) about Google and Apple and it said SJ was amazed at introduction the muted response of the iPad. People, indeed, just did not get it. I re-watched the keynote and it there were pretty much no oohs and ahs like there was with the iPhone. Unbelievable. It is surely a magical device. The iPad Air and iPad Retina are the best tablets and the Apple eco-system, from mobile to OSX is the best,...
I personally wouldn't have any relationship with a Korean company in any way, shape, or form!   Best.
Apple is really smart on this.   The first goal towards good heath is a good night's sleep.   Then diet and then exercise.   If one can achieve positive results in these three areas, physical and mental health are more likely.   Not assured, but more likely. But it all starts with a good night's sleep! :)   Best.
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