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Good.  :)
Does this mean I can watch Formula One on my AppleTV?
Very good point(s)! :)
Good points...I'm thinking the AppleWatch with Siri and a small, separate "pager" like device on your belt. Basically, an iPhone sans the screen. Just the basic guts and battery to do the heavy lifting, as it were. Men could carry it on their belt, women carry it in their purse. Update it, at home using iPad or a Mac.​You heard it here first! :) Best
Me too. The 6 is a wonderful phone, but as a runner, it just seems a little too big to carry. My current 4s is a good size, but way too heavy. (I wish I had never gone to the Apple store and handled the 5s. So light compared to the 4s.) I think I'm right, in that, the AppleWatch for running, GPS, etc., needs for me to carry the iPhone as well. If that's the case, I'll forgo GPS and carrying the iPhone and just concentrate on HR while only wearing the watch. Oh well. Best.
Only b/c I think iOS will eventually become strong enough where the casual user (like me) won't need a "computer," as it were.  I currently use my iPhone and iPad for about ~90% of the tasks I do. However, some tasks are still easier on an iMac or MacBook. Photo management, as an example. Best.
Agreed, Quodo. :)
Perfect. Exactly my thoughts. I've said it before, I bought the first "white" iBook when it came out. Women would come to me and ask me about it. (Partly due to my matinee idol good looks!) but also b/c the iBook was so new and different. This iteration is a work of art.  Much as I would like to just have an iPhone, iPad and ATV for my computing needs, we still need a laptop and/or desktop. This will be my next computer and maybe my last.  Best
That's me too. I never even looked at a Ford b/c of MS Sync. I would be hard pressed to get a Tesla b/c of Android, too. If they don't have CarPlay, I'll either wait or get a model that does. Best.
Point taken. :) I was thinking of the things Stevo did to grow the company. 
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