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Excellent comment, Hmm!I'm so tired of the snarky posts.In the past, I've put it down to clumsy attempts at humor.But I'm very close to giving up on AI and just reading my Macworld magazine when it comes in the mail, watching the Keynotes and listening to the Macworld podcasts!!Best
Really! :)   I cut the cable cord 4 years ago...and I really miss it. Even though I have saved a lot of money!   I particularly miss the sports, golf, tennis and Formula One, especially.   Trying to watch anything online is slow and choppy.   I'm seriously considering reconnecting, much as I hate to give Cocks Cable my hard earned money! :)
Me too.
I once read the internet speed is slowed down by ~30% because there is so much anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc., needed to protect us from goofballs like this.   See you in 4 years....dude....
I was in an Apple store over the weekend...Number 1: It was very busy with customers, And 2: The iMac 27" is a very beautiful machine! :)
Bingo! :)
Yep good points. You said it more succinctly than I did, yes it's the light weight of the mini compared to the heft of the full-size iPad that is the driver for me. Not the screen size.   Also, I have a iP4s and I was really amazed at how light the iP5 was. It was stunning! :) 
I had an iPad2 and loved it. I sold it to get an iPad3 (which I haven't done yet). Went to an Apple store this weekend and looked at the Mini. I know it's smaller but it just felt slim and trim compared to the full size iPad. The Mini is the future of iPads.   I will be getting the iPad Mini very shortly! It's the best iPad for me.   P.S. Not sure I would pay more for Retina. And I hope having a Retina display doesn't make it thicker and heavier. If so I will get...
I was just in an Apple store and looked at the iPad Mini again...and the size and particularly the weight difference between the Mini and the reg. iPad is amazing.    I know the iPad has more screen real estate than the mini, but the weight difference is wonderful. Mini for me...I hope then don't have to make it heavier or thicker just to have a Retina display. It that were the case, I would prefer no Retina.   Best
I like it...it's one of the few electronic devices I would buy that is not made by Apple!
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