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I was thinking more of the crap products they rushed to market and tried to "peddle" to unsuspecting customers after the iPhone was introduced. I can't remember the model names but supposedly they had "touch, just like the iPhone!" :)
I agree...but on the other hand there are many successful US companies selling "crap!"   MS largest SW company-Crap OS. Coke largest beverage company-Crap (unhealthy) drinks. McDonald's largest restaurant company-Crap (unhealthy) food. Walmart: Largest US employer and retail chain. Just crap. GM: Largest Auto maker-Crap cars. Goldman Sach's-Crap HP largest PC company-Crap PC's Google-Just crap Dell-Crap Samsung-Crap Pepsi-Crap General Mills-Crap Kraft-Crap InBev largest...
Well-written article I enjoyed it thanks.
All good comments.... I agree MS Windows phones are DOA, but MS can't get out of the mobile phone market. It's just too big a market. Especially with the dismal state of the PC market. I agree apps are important, but as most of us know on this site, it's the ecosystem that Apple has built that is a huge advantage over its competition. The integration between, mail, iLife, iWork, iTunes, iPhone, iPads, laptops and iMacs is huge! It just can't be replicated using an...
Excellent comment, Hmm!I'm so tired of the snarky posts.In the past, I've put it down to clumsy attempts at humor.But I'm very close to giving up on AI and just reading my Macworld magazine when it comes in the mail, watching the Keynotes and listening to the Macworld podcasts!!Best
Really! :)   I cut the cable cord 4 years ago...and I really miss it. Even though I have saved a lot of money!   I particularly miss the sports, golf, tennis and Formula One, especially.   Trying to watch anything online is slow and choppy.   I'm seriously considering reconnecting, much as I hate to give Cocks Cable my hard earned money! :)
Me too.
I once read the internet speed is slowed down by ~30% because there is so much anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc., needed to protect us from goofballs like this.   See you in 4 years....dude....
I was in an Apple store over the weekend...Number 1: It was very busy with customers, And 2: The iMac 27" is a very beautiful machine! :)
Bingo! :)
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