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Agreed! The Apple model is the best providing, of course, you are willing to make the investment in time and money like Apple has and does.   It's what HP should have done with Palm's WebOS. HP spent a billion dollars for WebOS and sh*t canned it. A mobile OS right when mobile was taking off and PC sales were tanking! :)
I'm with you! :) I'd much rather have and use a 13" iPad siting on my coffee table, than an iMac in my den.     Sitting at a desktop reminds me too much of being a drone in a cubicle for 8 hours a day....and a laptop reminds of being a "road warrior" drone! Ugh!     iPad and an iPhone and I'm good to go. If they don't make a 13" iPad, I will only have the Mini and the latest and greatest iPhone! :)   At home a cheap Brother MFC printer ($1 print cartridges from Amazon), a...
Yep...I think it wasn't too long after the launch. I saw the presentation and he did look scared...and then that happened! Ugh! 
Good job! I was going to respond, also. Thanks for doing it :)
Well said. Especially like...   "I think we're finding out that a large number of consumers were really using their PCs mostly for consumption purposes."
Many people know that American consumers make up ~70% of the American economy.... But not many people realize that the top 10% of consumers make up 50% of the economy.... Apple does!
Wow! 5.7 million! If they could've charged a $1 each...they would've made...ahhhhh?????   Crap!!!!   Someone help me with the math!
Yep, agree. I had the original ATV and used to say on these boards, just having the streaming of photos was worth the price of admission! I put on photos of my friends and everything else and a little light jazz on my flat screen and they would come over and we'd talk have a few drinky-pooh's and just while-away the evening. They loved seeing photos of themselves. I wouldn't even sort or edit the photos...just put everything up. It's great and I recommend it to everyone!...
Cynical! And adds nothing to the conversation. 
I hope so....I detest our cable company! I hate the clunky box, their clumsy interface and crappy cables everywhere! Ugh! It's so 90's!   :)
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