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Very good point. I remember, back in the day, coveting the G3 silver (Titanium-?) laptops but could only afford a G3 white plastic iBook. I came to really like the white color as opposed to the "pallbearer gray" and "funeral black" of all the other laptops. Nevertheless, the white ibooks did start looking dated and I now really like the MBA's.   I never did get a MBP or MP....but I sure bought into the ecosystem. First intel iMac, first intel MB, first ATV, first shuffle,...
Ugh!   I bet you're not married...lucky girl! 
Bingo! :) This is exactly right.I'd be very surprised if Apple made the Mini thicker and heavier to accommodate RD.   I know they did it with the iPad 10".    Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple figure out how to put an RD on the Mini and also make it thinner, lighter and with the same or better battery life. After all, this is Apple we're talking about, not Dell or HP or Google or samsung. :)
Good article...there seemed a genuine effort not to be too critical. Not for me, though. When the intel iMac came out, I bought one straight away. Same with intel white MacBook (& G3) before that. Bought the original shuffle, original ATV, original iPhone. Got an ipad2....would have got the original iPad and MBA except a little thing called a recession kicked me in the n*ts! So I think I have a good track record of being an early adopter. I was pleased with every Apple...
Dancing seems appropriate for iPods...but not phones or surfaces, for that matter. Ugh!
From the trailer...it looks like Ashton k. has put a lot of effort into it...
Bingo! Best Post! :)
Agreed! It will be an "elegant Garmin." It will be something Garmin should have done years ago....make their products thinner and more elegant. Oh, and yes it will be an interface to your iPhone as well. And yes, it will be a lot better than the rendition in this article.
Good for Apple. Coal is currently 35% of US energy. Three years from now it will be less than 16%. There is no such thing as "clean" coal.   2,3,4...someone say something negative! 
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