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I take your point and I'm not a big fan of Target....but Target is way better than JC Penny's. :)
Agreed. I was very surprised he would even consider going to such a stodgy outfit like JC Penney. I understand the desire to be a CEO, but JC Penny's is a crap store, with crap products. It's in the business of "going out of business!" Rather like Sears and Kmart.   I really feel for the guy... wish him the best. What he did for Apple was great....not just the "style" of the store, but the Genius Bar was brilliant! :)
Not very scientific I know, but it's probably 20% (or less) of the developers are making a living and 80% (or more) aren't.   Just a guess.   I agree it would be interesting to see a breakdown of the numbers.
Facebook & google, what dogsh*t business models!
Agreed! I take it one step further. I won't buy any tech devices, unless they are made by Apple.   But if I can avoid it, I will.   Maybe the  Nest.      P.S. I hear what people say about competition is good for Apple and us. And I agree to some extent. But unlike most other companies, Apple's DNA is to stay 5-10 years ahead of the competition and I think they pretty much do that. I mean look at the evolution of the iPod and MBA/MBP. Apple has ~75% of the MP3 player...
I'm a big Apple fan...but I sure hope it's a better implementation than the recent Podcasts App. Granted, I'm not totally sync'd in with iCloud...I'm running an orig. intel iMac with SL and an iP4s... But sheesh, I'm getting so many duplicate podcasts that when I delete them they keep coming back... And it will say it's today's podcast but keeps playing last week's. Ugh! Again, could be I'm not running Lion. Yet!
Not to pile on, but to echo a few posts above...   I'd rather go into a Walmart than a Best Buy.   I find BB depressing with all the clutter and crappy products.   I understand the need for security, but I find it stifling and it makes me feel uncomfortable.    I really avoid going to BB. The last I went I looked at TV's but new I was going to buy somewhere else.   BB reminds of Circuit City....ugh! :)
Google/Android is a dogshit business model.   And they are about to find that out for themselves.   Samsung is about to screw them silly! :)
That is so funny...I did the same thing. A "plane" totally built out three 2x4's.   It was only a plane in my imagination! :)
Agreed! :)   Apple is distancing themselves from Samsung and Google! :)
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