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Ditto! :)
If Amazon is involved it will be cheap, i.e., crappy, ad-based and cheesy! Uh, no thanks.   This goes for Google, MS, and the rest of Apple's competitors! :)
Thanks, but no thanks. I don't want anything MS on my iPhone, iPad, MBA, etc. I won't even consider Ford anymore because of the MS sync association. I just don't want MS anywhere in my life! :)   MS, HP, Motorola, Samsung, Dell, Sony, Google, Yahoo, ATT, Verizon, Cable companies had their chance and they either wanted to sell my personal info or tried to sell me subpar SW/HW. Just trying to rip me off!
Good! Anyone but Samsung.....
The most important legacy Stevo left us was his obsession with not allowing nerdy programmers to produce crappy SW and clunky interfaces.   One only has to look at windows, android and anything not made by Apple. I'm thinking cable box interfaces, camera interfaces, etc.   MS just doesn't get it. And neither does Google, for that matter! :)
Thanks Bro....I'll check it out. I hoping the Apple watch is geared to monitoring exercise, too.    Best.
I liked the iPhone's Nike GPS app for running. I liked the mileage/time reminders and I especially liked "that-a-boys" at the end of a fast run or longer distance run.   I liked the record keeping of all my runs and either listening to Podcasts or music while running.       I just don't like carrying my iPhone! :)       In fact my last two runs, I went w/o my iPhone.   I think I now prefer just going out for the run and forget all the tech...
Really enjoyed the article...Thanks for the "weekend reading!" :)
I remember when the Korean cars first came to the US. They were junk. If you wanted to make an emergency stop, you just turned on the AC.   But you are correct their cars are a lot better quality now.
Just the sort of "partners" you need! Ugh!   Apple needs to run it's own telco in the US and tell verizon, ATT and Sprint to stick it up their respective noses! :)   Apple's cell plan $19/mo.  -everything unlimited with the latest iteration of the iPhone, no contracts! Verizon, Sprint, ATT get last year's model only! :)
New Posts  All Forums: