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Agreed, I thought I was doing something wrong when I couldn't just text the photo I'd just taken directly from the camera app!
Unless you're working on a spreadsheet (ugh!) or some other work like task...   I've found just about everything is easier and more fun on an iPad.   That includes shopping! :)   I use my iPhone for max. mobility, but prefer to do most things on the iPad.
I take your points!But realistically when you need a lawyer...you're already f*cked.Job's had it right, In tech, you have to be 10 years ahead of everybody else.To rely on gov. to protect u is a mug's game. Unless, of course, ur big oil, banking or the dairy industry! Or Goldman sucks!
Dude, it's google! Ugh!
I thought the same thing! :) And "Apple" routers at that! :)
Great post! :)
Dude....I hear you. But what other company continues to innovate and upgrade its industry leading products.   Just look at Apple's track record for the iPod (predating the iphone even). Only Apple takes its best products and improves on them. Would there be an Samsung/Android phone if not for Apple.   Look at the MBA or MBP...That's where the loyalty comes from. And don't forget the Apple eco-system..........no other company has even come close to that. Not Google or MS...
I take your point(s).... :)   I just want Apple to marginalize subpar performers in the tech world...I'm thinking telecom providers, cable companies, etc.   The way they have done with printers, quick shot camera, stand alone GPS units, video cameras, netbooks, dumb and feature cell phones, MP3 players, boom boxes, stereos, PC's, I'm sure I'm missing some. :)
Great post and I think you're right...If BMW, Toyota, Honda can use American workers (albeit fewer than before) to make top quality products so can Apple. Honda is building a $70 million plant in the US just to build its new NSX.   If nothing else, it would cut down on the 747's fouling our atmosphere delivering us our iPhones from China! :)
i hope so...   Only Apple can do a full size TV right.   Where all my TV, including Sports is a la carte, especially Formula One and Tennis via ATV/iTunes. And no inane commercials. And free "Apple wifi"  ("F" the cable companies)   And, where free FaceTime is my only "cell" service. ("F" Sprint, Verizon, and ATT)   Where all my non-personal "paid for" media content is accessible via icloud, think: iTunes Match. (which means I don't massive amounts of...
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