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And the US Air Force! (I think I have that right)Off topic: The largest Air Force in the world is the U.S. Air Force the second largest Air Force in the world is the U.S. Navy!
Dude, I crossed Ford off my list as far as car choices b/c of MS Sync....and tesla b/c of android. Shame.
Just emailed ur post to my daughter (250 on her step 2) thanks! Got her mother's brains!
With all due respect, I disagree.
My daughter is Anesthesiologist and every function I'm invited to, birthdays, parties, etc...all her friends are docs and they all have the latest iPhones & iPads! Pretty cool!
Well said.   I did like the comment by Tim about Apple always having tough competitors, "...like Dell." I thought that was cool! :)   And I think it was in the Q&A section when he said he "...didn't like copiers!" 
Me too. :)
Agreed....they interrupted, tried t0o hard to be funny, which essentially came across as rude.   Walt Mossberg, is too self-important and the lady is too east coast for me.   Tim handled himself really well! :)   If I was him, I'd pass next year! :)
Agreed, I thought I was doing something wrong when I couldn't just text the photo I'd just taken directly from the camera app!
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