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Good for Apple. Coal is currently 35% of US energy. Three years from now it will be less than 16%. There is no such thing as "clean" coal.   2,3,4...someone say something negative! 
A bit harsh....but I agree with you. :)
Me too. SJ said FB's conditions were "too onerous!" That's good enough for me. 
The first rule of Windows is never upgrade a Windows PC to a new Windows OS. If you want the newest Windows OS buy it already installed in a new computer.   But who would want to work on Windows! Ugh! :) 
Sheez! Is everyone fat of all of sudden?   Looks like a nice store. :)
Bingo! :)
That was my first impression, too g. Bit of a rant.Samsung will soon "google" android "up the a*s!"It will try and "copy" Apple's ecosystem model.But just like ms, amazon, Sony and google it will fail.They all have nerdy programmers that will put out crappy HW & crappy SW.Apple has SJ's continued influence to persue perfection! P.S. Yes, it is "an" instead of "a" when the following word begins with a vowel.And while I'm at it, please someone tell President Obama (and all...
Pepaid is the fastest growing and the least profitable segment of telco! Good! One just has to be careful which company they choose. I'm with "sprunt" right now but I'm seriously considering Walmart's prepaid plan when the iP5s comes out! And I hate Walmart, but I hate sprint AT&T and Verizon more!
My first thought, too. Overall, I don't like to get down on Ai...they do a fabulous job. But I agree...larger screen shots would be appreciated. :)
Crap! Why didn't I think of this? :(   That's what I like about Apple....it's the details! :)
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