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It's one of the consequences of US business shipping 50,000 factories (and jobs) overseas. The chinese are stealing our IP and not just cables, but defense, aerospace, etc., etc.   Ugh!
Four or Five years ago I had to use Parallels on my iMac to run XP because some stupid real estate sites would only work with Windows IE. Ugh!   Parallels was always very good with new releases, updates, etc. It sure made it better than have a dedicated windows box.    Thankfully I don't have to do that anymore. :)   Best.
Bingo! :)
Thanks Chris. I may need to break down and get cable after not having cable for 5 years! :) Really miss F1.
And Formula One! I would gladly pay to watch F1 on my iPad or iMac.   Anyone know how to watch F1 online? :)
Man oh man, I really miss him.   Having said this, the last WWDC was really well done. Loads better than anything Google, MS, Blackberry, Sony ever put on! :)
Good point(s)! :) It was impressive in the Keynote where Apple demoed a "resource intensive" website window and when another window covered it, the CPU requirements went way down. Very, very cool! :)
MS just doesn't get it. It needs to be "best in class" to have any chance of success. And MS does not have any track record for any "best in class" products or SW. Not OS, productivity SW, Mobile SW, phones and now tablets. They just make crap! Ugh!
Agreed! TimmyDax! :)
The negative comments are grossly unwarranted. I've watched the WWDC Keynote a few times and the current iOS all of a sudden looks old and dated compared to iOS7.   Please watch the Keynote. The "flat" description does such a disservice to iOS7. It is more layered than anything else. 
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