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They should worry. It's one thing to reverse engineer, (Read: Steal.), an existing product, i.e., the iPhone, it's an altogether different exercise to come up with leading edge engineering and design.   Good luck with that Samsung (and all the Chinese companies trying to do the same thing).      Just ask Microsoft, Google, HP and Dell. Massive failures, to date!       Apple's business model is based on one of Stevo's edicts...."in tech you need to be 5...
Anecdotal, I know, but when I had my MB, iPad and iPhone. I basically stopped carrying my MB. In fact, I sold it and used my iPad and iPhone pretty much 90% of the time. Very mobile.   I still have my orig. intel 20" iMac for "heavy lifting!" But I'm actually using it less and less, too.       I sold my iPad and am using my iPhone and iMac now. Not ideal, but OK.   I'm waiting for the next iteration of the iPad Mini and will upgrade my iP4s in...
Agreed! Well said. I find so many of the comments here snide and snarky....I much prefer the positive comments.Alas, perhaps I'm getting old! "Snarky" seems to be "in!"
Nice thought....me too!
Agreed.   To me, it seems, finally people have woken up to the fact that Windows is a sh*te OS and they're tired of ugly, plasticky, cheap boxes with a myriad of ugly cables from HP, Dell, etc.   :)
Nice of you to say! :)
I don't like Google proper, but their Search is superior to Bing and Yahoo. Perhaps it's just my familiarity with Google Search.   However, if Apple and Yahoo try something, I will give it a go.   Again, I dislike everything Google.   :)
Stevo was right, again! :)   I really miss that guy.   He could explain what was good and bad in tech in one sentence....   "Don't hold it like that!"    "Flash is crash prone!"   "Sometimes easy is better than free!"   "Fragmentation."   etc., etc.     This may seem naive, but I always felt he was looking out for me/us. Trying to provide the best user experience and best products he could. For profit, no doubt. But, I always had the...
I like it. Kind of fun.   I would like Apple to put a thin, soft, suede covering on the back and sides of the iPhone. Then we wouldn't need cases at all....   No doubt cases are good protection, but they do add bulk to a beautifully designed phone.
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