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Hey Quadra, anecdotal, I know. But I only use Pages and Numbers. And they're very easy and fun to use. As opposed to Word and Excel which are clunky and heavy. Not fun to use at all.   With iWork, it's the integration with Apple Mail and iPhoto that make them just a breeze! :)   I've bought every iteration (both OSX and iOS versions) and will continue to do so! :)   Best.
I agree with you...AI is the first place I go, and I read the comments. MacWorld is second, but more often than not, there are no comments. Even though Macworld has the capability.
It must have been devastating for Steve to be ousted from the company he started...what was it? 10 years. What strength of character and what a comeback.   Me, I would have gone to bed and pulled the covers over my head.   Stevo, what an inspiration. :)   P.S. I wonder what Forestall is up to? And I mean that in a kind sense. :)
Oops! It's supposed to be "Cox" cable. My bad! :)   They are our cable provider out west. Like Comcast in other parts of the country.
How nice of you to say! Thx! :)
No thanks. Not a big fan of Google. Will stick with Apple Mail. Mainly for the Apple integration and eco-system!
I use Google only for "Search." The rest of the stuff is crap, i.e., gmail, Android, docs, etc.    I use Amazon to check prices and order some stuff. But the rest of their offerings are crap and I include the Kindle!   I use Sprint b/c I have to. I used ATT and gave up on them when I bought an iPad and if I tethered would lose my grandfathered in unlimited Data. WTF!   I would never sign up with Verizon.    Sprint was the lesser of the three...
I said it before...70% of the US economy is driven by the consumer. However, 50% of the US economy is driven by the top 10%.   That top 10% will buy the Apple TV. Just like they can drive a Ford for $15K, but rather drive a BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche for 4 times the price of a Ford! :)
I believe Apple will produce a TV in the next 12 months regardless if the Content providers and cable companies are on board or not.    C*cks Cable should be ashamed of the clunky set top box and remote they are providing to their customers. It's straight out of 1994. Just awful.
May be it will be the size where I won't need an iPad Mini just a larger iPhone! Total cost: ~$200! :)
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