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Agreed! Let's see:   1) MS tries to go head to head with Apple's iPod/iTunes Store with the Zune. Epic fail.   2) MS tries to go head to head with Apple's iPhone/App Store with the Kin phone. Epic fail.   3) MS tries to go head to head with Apple's iPad. Epic fail.   I think this is a trend....   P.S. Hey, MS, Dude, I will do Balmer's job for $50,000/yr.
I'm ready to pull the trigger on an iPad Mini but could wait till the fall for a newer, thinner one. I'll also upgrade my 4s to a 5s (white cuz it matches iOS7 so nicely!)    Retina on the iPad Mini is not that big a deal to me. It's wonderful on the iPhone. But I'd rather have the thinnest lightest iPad Mini Apple can make.   Purchases in 2013: New iPhone 5s, 11" MBA (for work), iPad Mini, ATV, and a TimeCapsule. New iWork suite.   Purchases in 2014:...
Agreed! The fastest growing segment of the cell phone industry in the US is prepaid. It's also the least profitable for the cell phone companies.   I'm all for free enterprise, but this stinks for the consumer. If big business doesn't want Gov. intervention they need to stop behaving like such sh*theels! :)
Finally, night node! The best app I ever bought was TomTom ($35). AppleMaps is better except apple didn't have night node
F sprint, verizon and ATT....
Smart! :)
Good points...Just saying in the next couple of years, the iPad may replace the traditional PC. Could have a super-thin monitor, BT keyboard, magic trackpad, attached to an iPad, wirelessly.   IPad, iPhone and good to go! :)
Agree 110% (that means I can be 10% wrong and still be a 100% right!)   I really think when I buy an MBA 11" it will be the last full-fledged PC I'll ever buy. No more laptops and no more iMacs. I think in the next 2 years or so the iPad will be "powerful" enough for all my computing needs.   the latest iPad mini (wifi only & iCloud/Dropbox), the latest iPhone, perhaps a Time Capsule, an ATV and cheap printer. And I'm good to go.   Granted I'm not a programmer or engineer...
Very good point. I remember, back in the day, coveting the G3 silver (Titanium-?) laptops but could only afford a G3 white plastic iBook. I came to really like the white color as opposed to the "pallbearer gray" and "funeral black" of all the other laptops. Nevertheless, the white ibooks did start looking dated and I now really like the MBA's.   I never did get a MBP or MP....but I sure bought into the ecosystem. First intel iMac, first intel MB, first ATV, first shuffle,...
Ugh!   I bet you're not married...lucky girl! 
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