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So this is it ,my last post. Well I have enjoyed my stay and had fun here.So Wish me all luck *gets his bags* and please join Apple-Rumors.net!
Well I havent posted in weeks but im leaving this froum I found a better on (Apple-rumors.net) and I dont have the time
"Have you seen how fast vista is? Neither have I"
ummm vista i mean $500 for a crappy OS that's buggy as fu** for $129 I can get Leopard that a vert thought out OS and doesn't really have bugs and for $90 more i can get iLife 08
Do the Dew sounds worng
Maybe the next MacBook will be like the HP tx2000z http://hpshopping.speedera.net/www.s...000z_01-08.jpg
Today is Apples Birthday Apple is going to be 32 and who cares about April Fools Day it Apples B-day.But im suprised that it does not mention it on Apples web site
I remember once when its was the last day of school in the fifth some one had this song on there car really loud: "Lets talk about sex baby, Lets talk about bubbles in the tub," thats all I remember and the day after that all lot of people had iPods
Yay!I really want the iPhone and I have a rich uncle there and he has Tecel so he could buy it for me
I would call it iAquarium
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