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I think it's aliens so get your aluminum foil hats on. Given the many many many stories if app delays for many many many reasons it seems more than a bit silly to make such speculations on why a particular app gets delayed.
Complex relationship where Brazil Gov't and its labor unions want jobs on their terms but Foxconn has a different agenda of highly responsive production and associated labor force. It's not these can't work together, but it looks like they talk past each other.
I did some searches on "xxxx Samsung phones bending" substituing NY Times, Washington Post, BBC, WSJ, and LA Times so see how they were reporting this. I what I found was lots of hits on Apple iPhne circa Sept 2014, but none on SAMSUNG, interesting. It will be interesting to see if any major outlet says anything and how long before they do, but that is just cynical me.
As usual tax law confuses me. As I understand it there is a "hidden sales" tax on all sales of Apple hardware, VAT that is substantial, this does not include any direct sales tax. So Governments make quite a penny on Point of Sale of Apple products. However, as in the US, there is a tax on profit or income (not necessarily the same thing) the Apple Apple pays to US Government (I think on profit made in the US while profit made overseas is deferred until money returns to...
OK, I am a big fan of Applepay and my experiences have been very good. Issue 1. Have to do it twice. I find that the wireless readers and associated software doesn't always work even when the check box appears. I suspect this is more an indication that the info was sent to the store not that the store got it. At Whole Foods there are a set of lights above the touch screen and if they all light up, 4 of them, then you are good to go. Issue 2. Stores have NFC pay...
I think the issue of privacy is important for devices. Specifically, NO app can access, use, send, ... without the owners specific permission. It is not something buried in a license agreement legalize and I think should have an expiration date with another request for permission, perhaps after 60 or 90 days. Additionally, the ownership of the data remains with the person and any use beyond specifically agreed would require permissions. Inherent in HIPAA etc., is this...
So if you have a iPhone 4, 3GS, or older than 5 years you need to implement longer than 4 digit PIn under iOS 7. If you have a 4S, 5, 5S, or 6 then update your iOS to latest version. Sounds pretty straight forward and not a
Apple is trying to "push" the Watch on iPhone owners. Duh. iBooks, maps, newsstand, music, mail, Safari, etc. just move to a different screen.
The people who cannot afford luxury items will seek fakes with reduced quality and price. These are not Apple's market. The Chinese are very aware of difference between genuine luxury items (clothes, accessories, phones, and watches). While very annoying it is almost impossible to police due to scope and Government indifference. However, luxury watch makers have managed through this market reality and very successfully. I suspect Apple will as well. The actual lost...
Sounds like Microsoft and SAMSUNG and Sony copying efforts that have either failed or have minuscule sales and mindshare.
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