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Number of iOS users 500 Million who are high value targets vs vast number of low value targets, users, says the number of users is a weak decision component to malware developers. It's the enormous security weaknesses in Android and the near total lack of meaningful SW OS updates, in other words, it is easy to do malware on Android. This harkens back to Windows in the 90s and early new millennium. The utter apathy and indifference by Google, HW OEMs, and ISPs is...
Great argument against merger is Comcast continuing fight to neuter tech for viewers will that much more effective with merger.
Similar arguments were made for glass in iPod and iPhone early era, but processes improved, driven in large part by Apple. Since Gorilla Glass is no longer a differentiator, it is commodity and as such less attractive to premium brands like the iPhone. (Remember owning the market in mini hard drives and iPod memory.) Recall Cook's view that wearables need something to make them desirable to wear, glass and steel are way too utilitarian. However, sapphire is a very very...
Hmmm, I wonder, I had the same problem with my wife's iPhone 5.  I had both docked in the Apple iPhone 5 or 5S Dock and they both require restore???  Could the dock connected to AC power be the cause???
Watch out do backups before update.  I know this should be duh of course, but I have been spoiled.  No past problems and a "small" update, well, guess what it hosed my iPhone and I had to do a clean restore.  Caution Caution.
In other words without Apple to copy the market is weak and poor sort of like ultra books, tablets, and smart phones were. But Apple has an innovation problem or rather industry has an innovation problem without Apple to copy.
Go back to design basics, code for "we need to copy Apple better". Whenever we get too different our sales suffer. Hhmmm.
As commented earlier, the issue of fragmentation and long term support will be a challenge for Android. It is hard to imagine how the manufacturers will be able to maintain the OS given Google orphaning devices 12-18 months old when new OS releases come out. The legal issues with Oracle, Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, etc., are picking up a lot OS steam. This creates licensing uncertainty that someone at the car manufacturers must be thinking about.
VP8's IP issues remain a concern and the only reason not in court is the little adoption that would either be a MPEG-LA funding source or draw funding away. Google's cavalier attitude towards non-Google IP is notorious and I suspect will eventually be discovered. Therefore, the adoption VP9 will be slow and dependent on either clear assurances to cover IP costs for users/companies or clear proof that it is not IP encumbered, e.g., MPEG-LA saying it is not encumbered....
I agree, bring your own device is not a panacea over typical life of a car.  In your model the car gets shipped with a set of features, Android version x, and remains with this set for the next 5-15 years with the car manufacturer perhaps only obligated to do some egregious bug fixes, like MS Synch in Ford cars.  Albeit that model has been panned by pretty much anyone who reviews Sync in Fords, however, lets assume this is MS and Ford mismanagement.  This is consistent...
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