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Wow...and all this time I thought the only thing Apple made in Ireland was tax loopholes.    -kpluck
LOL...so this is only a problem if you turn off a major security feature of Android. Yet, all the iOS fan boys will be screaming to anyone that listens..."See, android isn't secure!!"   Meanwhile, whenever iOS malware pops up from third party sites that you have to jailbreak your phone to get at, they say that isn't an issue because you shouldn't jailbreak because it is a security risk and that isn't how the phone ships.   Hypocrite, thy name is iOS fan boy.   -kpluck
On the surface, it seems like a reasonable course of action however there is a major flaw in his logic. I am guessing those moving from an iPhone to Android will get a high end, well supported Android phone. The problem being that most Android users don't have such phones. They buy bottom tier phones, often running older Android (4.x).   Given that reality, I think the switch will be rather pointless.
 So, by your own admission, you are one of the idiots that don't understand technology and you made a bad purchase because of it. -kpluck
This is good to hear. I am sure the politicians shredding the Constitution will stop what they are doing now.  -Keith
If you want to buy Apple stuff there are relatively few places ago. The stuff Microsoft sells in its store are available everywhere. There simply isn't a need for them to have stores like there is for Apple.   -kpluck
Actually, when you do a biography about a real person and actual events it really IS the point. -kpluck
I rather he be up for the "Revamped iTunes so it doesn't suck so bad" award or maybe "Making iCloud work reliably" award...I know, those are pipe dreams. Oh well, I suppose this award is nice too.    -kpluck
 It is a $379 phone and the upgrade to 32GB is only $50...yeah, its the same thing.  And even given that, yes, people are giving them crap for it. Do you always fail so completely? -kpluck
First he issues a non-apology with a qualifier... "I think that Tim Cook and I probably both went a little too far" then he admits to using and liking the very products he accused Apple of using poorly paid child labor to build.   So he has a problem with how Apple builds their stuff but has no problem buying and using the products anyway? Typical liberal hypocrite d-bag.   -kpluck
New Posts  All Forums: