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I disagree that this makes sense. There is no way the same telecom companies that are currently screwing over their customers with their policies should be given more spectrum. At least not without securing some drastic changes in the way they do business and price their services.   Rushing out a bill to auction off this spectrum without new industry regulations is exactly what these guys are hoping for. I consider myself conservative to libertarian politically but...
Siri? LOL. It has been out over a year, is still in beta and has an incomplete feature set on the device is was rolled out on. If Apple is going to port it to a television they should probably fix it and release a final version for the iPhone first.   -kpluck
Bringing attention to AIDS is why Apple keeps trying to make their products thinner.   -kpluck
  Many people do not live close enough to an Apple Store that an in person visit is practical. If you are out of the warranty period, get ready for disappointment when calling.   -kpluck
...and they will ship just after Belkin's Thunderbolt dock becomes available.   -kpluck
  No, "smart" would have been properly working software that didn't require a separate new program to fix a bug.   -kpluck
  Wrong. You might want to look up Intel's Smart Response Technology.   -kpluck
  LOL...now who is being the fan boy?   I have no doubt that Apple's mapping app will get better and for most users it will be fine. I also have no doubt it will never be as good as Google's solution. Google has more experience and puts more resources into maps/navigation. It is one of their core competencies. For Apple it is simply a necessary add-on because they didn't want pay Google for map access. Apple will be happy making it "good enough" and then focus will be...
  LOL..meaningless stat. How about you look at the size of the screens for Android phones that people are currently buying ($99). I am guessing the percentage that have a screen larger than 4" is somewhere between 70%-100%. From the other reviews I have read, some people seem to be having a problem with one-handed operation of the iPhone 5. It seems it is too big for comfortable one handed operation but too small for those, like myself, that really want/need a larger...
  You have a pathetically bad understanding of what that patent is about. You may want to read it for yourself instead of pointing to a link on slashdot that didn't seem to understand it either.   -kpluck
New Posts  All Forums: