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I would echo others comments, advertising and promotions should be clearly labeled as such and not mixed in with editorial content. -kpluck
  I have no doubt it would do more than standard watch type functions. I would expect it to have bluetooth so that you can see notifications from your iPhone or iPad for example.   And I guarantee it is coming. Otherwise Apple wouldn't have bothered to change the form factor of the iPod Nano.   -kpluck
  Yeah, I have a feeling the author was trying to come off funny but it just made him sound like a unprofessional d-bag IMHO.   -kpluck
The title is misleading, does she want "immigration reform" or does she want the "Dream Act?" I would get behind the Dream Act if, as part of the qualifications for taking part in the program, the parent(s) that brought the child illegally into the US were deported and agreed to never return. Of course, that will won't happen because everyone knows once the child becomes a citizen the parents, by official policy, will never be deported. -kpluck
  Sorry, no. I am not sure there is an official definition of "phablet" but I do know that 4.8" is not it. The Galaxy S3 has a 4.8" screen and I have never seen/heard of anyone calling it phablet.         Some of that could simply be phone design and not screen size. For instance, the HTC DNA with a 5" screen is the same width as the Galaxy S3 with its smaller screen.   -kpluck
A cheaper iPhone isn't Apple's only problem. The iOS user interface is getting rather long in the tooth, they need to fix that. Having more than one screen size is also a necessity. Plus, they need to stop selling the older versions. An iPhone 5 with a 4" screen for the low end, and one with AT LEAST a 5" screen on the high end.   They might even want to consider adding full phone capabilities to the iPad Mini with the idea that people would be using a bluetooth...
I am curious how this line in the job description "Technical knowledge of WiFi (802.11a,b,g, ac) and Ethernet network environments", turns into the headline "802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi experts sought by Apple"? Judging by the listing, 802.11ac knowledge is no more important than any of the other requirements they listed. Gotta get those clicks? -kpluck
  Poor coding and testing.   -kpluck
With no formal contract it baffles me how someone could get the yacht locked up like that. It comes down to he-said, she-said. Sounds like the designer is being an a-hole. I would unleash the sharks on him and play hardball in court. -kpluck
So the DVI port on this thing isn't even dual link. So, if like me, you have an external 2560x1440 monitor attached to a MacBook Pro, without pass through, this product is useless.   It seems that Matrox has taken a limited target market and made it even smaller by not supporting dual link DVI or thunderbolt pass through. It is a shame, otherwise this product would be on my shopping list.   -kpluck
New Posts  All Forums: