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  Correct. The purpose of this design was to make a cool looking disposable computer. It will be very powerful when you first buy it, but 2-3 years down the line it will need to be replaced. Consumer-level Apple users seemed to have accepted this idea, the question is will professionals be just as gullible? We will see.   -kpluck
  As the headline is written, it is clearly incorrect. They are not reducing the size of their large screen phones. They are simply continuing to offer smaller sizes. And notice I use the word "continuing" because this is nothing new. And of course, these are consider low end Samsung phones.   Of course, a headline that reads "Samsung continues to offer low end phones with bigger screens than the iPhone" probably would not get pass the editors at an Apple fan boy...
I agree! We have had such success in the past with "international cooperation" in areas such as world peace, pollution and trade agreements, lets bring that winning formula to tax law! Seriously, what a bunch of idiots. Nothing is stopping any country from fixing its own tax laws other than the corrupt, moronic politicians holding office. -kpluck
I wish Tim Cook would have simply said that Apple pays all taxes it owes and if they (politicians) have a problem with that they should get off their fat worthless asses and change the tax code. Then, he would just stand up and walk out of the room. -kpluck
It won't be a Mac Pro. It will be the product Apple plans to replace the Mac Pro with. Expect a larger, super deluxe Mac Mini like box with a Thunderbolt chasis as an option for expansion. -kpluck
Does anyone really care about this crap? I have my own library of music that is quite large from years of purchasing. I add to it on a regular basis but that probably only averages 4-5 songs a month at best. Why subscribe to a streaming service that just chews up bandwidth while you have to sort through the mountains of music you don't care about to find that one gem?   I have been far more successful discovering new music through movies, TV shows, commercials, etc....
  We will be sure to let you know when that happens to you.   In any event, as a service to AI readers, I would like to provide everyone with a rule that accurately predicts if a bill will pass...   If it truly helps consumers, it won't. That is all.   -kpluck
  Instead of spending time being jealous what other people make, why don't you take that misplaced energy and aim it at improving your own situation.   -kpluck
It always funny to see the "I will never buy another Adobe product" comments from folks that probably have not paid for any Adobe products in the last 10 years. And for you doom-sayers, hate to disappoint you but Adobe will be making more money with this, not less. So go out and start using the craptastic alternatives that are available while the pros use Adobe's stuff to make money. -kpluck
There is a mistake on the byline for this article. Currently it says "By Kevin Bostic" but it should be corrected to read "By Captain Obvious, Commander of the Much Ado About Nothing Brigade". -kpluck
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