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 Really? LOL. It reminds me of the ranting of the right about the left wing mass media "conspiracy." AI lost me when they pointed to a Dvorak article and tried to take it seriously. Dvorak is paid say outrageous things, stir up the hornets nest if you will. The author doesn't seem to understand that. Basic math also seems a challenge because they don't seem to understand the simple fact that sales can increase while the percentage of the market share goes down. Time would...
 LOL...off your meds? I am not sure exactly what a "false analogy" is although I can certainly recognize faulty logic (and bad grammar). And its hilarious that you say the "iPad" is the best selling tablet in the world while you are counting all the different models as a lump sum. According to your rather flawed logic, shouldn't each model be considered separately? Would it make you feel better if instead of talking about "iPad" vs Android tablet marketshare they said "iOS...
 First, if the screen is 5" or less, it is not a "phablet". Screen needs to be a bit bigger for that label. Second, since there are already phones with 5" 1080P screens that can be operated with one hand (such as my HTC DNA) the claim would be wrong. Of course, that wouldn't prevent Apple from making it, they have made other "first" claims before when they weren't. -kpluck
I am guessing the people that approved the budget for the program obtained their math skills from somewhere within the LAUSD. -kpluck
 I am sure those complaining about the lack of internal storage on the new Mac Pro were aware there was going to be expensive external Thunderbolt solutions available. This is why they were complaining about the lack of internal storage. There are many use cases where inexpensive internal drives are a far better solution for day to day work leaving inexpensive external solutions for onsite/offsite backup needs. The new Mac Pros are fantastic machines and I believe they...
His experience at designing overpriced hardware should help him fit in nicely at Tesla. -kpluck
 That is a factually incorrect statement. -kpluck
I am surprised there isn't more talk about about these new devices not having Touch ID. That seems like major omission to me.   -kpluck
 Apple's computer business is very profitable because they limit choice and upgradability. This forces consumers to buy more hardware than they need for fear of getting something that doesn't meet their needs in the future. It also saves Apple a lot of money in regards to manufacturing. It is anti-consumer to be sure but it is pro-profit and shareholders love it. Sure, they could allow build-to-order options so that a customer could get a single, consumer grade GPU or even...
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