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  You seem more emotional about the situation then the people who are experiencing the problem. Nothing is going on here that Apple shouldn't have been prepared for. This should not be happening, period. Apple sells premium priced hardware and their customer have a right to expect a higher level of service then this.   -kpluck
  Can't speak for him/her but I plan to switch to Straight Talk. $45 for unlimited voice, text and 2GB of data (throttled down after 2GB). It doesn't support visual voicemail but I can live with that.   -kpluck
I know with all the news coming across the AppleInsider editorial desk, it is hard to figure out what is worthy of being posted on the site. To help you out, I have developed a clever filter. When applied to any story, it will let you know if it is worth mentioning.   If you see the words "Greenpeace says" in the article title or body copy, it can safely be ignored as it will contain nothing of value.   Oh, and "your welcome".   -kpluck
  I didn't say it was only their fault but they certainly share some of the blame. It wasn't that long ago that Apple told developers to go ahead and count on 64 bit carbon then a year later decided to pull the plug on that causing delays in 64 bit software such as some of Adobe's products. http://arstechnica.com/apple/2007/06/64-bit-support-in-leopard-no-carbon-love/   As far as working with developers go, Apple is no angel. Only a true Apple fanboi could take the...
  In the main thread about this in the Adobe forums, it has already been confirmed that the bug is present in the 10.8 beta. I am guessing he said that hoping to buy some time.   Wish they had more to share?? B.S. How about sharing if you have an idea on how to fix the problem and how long it is expected to take? How about sharing if you have talked to Apple and what they said about the problem. How about letting someone with real information talk to the press instead of...
  Actually, it is great that they are doing it. They looked at their market and decided that pointless, feel-good B.S. was going to interfere with their business. Then, they took appropriate action to eliminate the interference.   They should be applauded for their actions.   -kpluck
  Judging by his waist line, I don't think he has a problem with taste. ;)   As near as I can tell, Wozniak has done nothing after he left Apple to suggest he wasn't just in the right place at the right time when the company started. I don't know why the press has such an interest in him in regards to technology.   I am sure he is a nice guy and wish him no ill will but he seems to be treated as some great authority on consumer electronics and frankly, he is not.   -kpluck
  If you are in the Metro UI, all you have to do is start typing the program's name. It doesn't even matter where the mouse is at the time. If employees can't figure that out the company is doomed. Although I doubt it will matter much. Most businesses will probably stick with Win 7 for awhile.   -kpluck
  You are looking at it in a rather simplistic way. From what I have seen, people using these really large phones, at least the smart ones, do most of their talking using a bluetooth headset/ear bud. Most of the time when the phone is being handled, it is being used as a small tablet. Herein lies the appeal.   I have an iPad 2 and it is a great device. But you can't throw it into your pocket and carry it around as easy as a phone. Not even close. Even 7" tablets miss the...
I guess if you can't figure out how to teach kids with books, it is probably necessary to use computers/tablets. That is what they will keep telling everyone until this becomes common place in all schools and the kids still don't do better academically.   What do tax dollars and my morning crap have in common? They always get flushed down the toilet.   -kpluck
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