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We will see as soon as some Apple employees start donating to the Westboro Baptist Church. -kpluck
Yeah but it took what, 3 years, for them to fix it? Apple doesn't live in a vacuum. There have been grumblings for awhile that Apple was neglecting the professional market. They knew that. So what do they do? They release FCX gasoline to pour on that fire. I am not sure how anyone could not consider FCX's launch a complete failure. Over time, it will probably get fixed but there is no doubt Apple will have lost a lot of video professionals by the time that happens and they...
That is a gross misrepresentation of what actually happened. But please, keep repeating the position of the misinformed, that way, people will know to ignore your posts. -kpluck
Of course Gates is donating his own wealth, not having Microsoft do it for him. It seems to me there is a difference between Steve Jobs making donations and Apple making donations and Steve Jobs be given the credit which seems to be what Bonehead is doing. -kpluck
I have been happy with version 6 but there is no way I am paying $49 for an upgrade. I bought ver 6 on sale for $39 and saw it even cheaper after I purchased. I will wait patiently for sale. -KeithP
"Confounding," "Head scratching" really? Yet the article states specifically why this is happening so it really isn't either of those things is it? Plus the so called "analyst" seems to ignore the fact that when HP announced this final run that they specifically said they may not be sold for the same $99 price. Which leads to another important reason why HP may be doing this. They may want to test demand at a higher price point, likely between $199-$299. HP may be...
Rubbish. To consumers, I doubt we will see any changes in Apple or its products in the next 2-3 years because Steve is no longer CEO. Especially considering he will still be working with the company. After Steve no longer has any input at all at Apple, it will probably take another year or two after for us to see/feel any difference. -kpluck
That would be awesome! They could remake Smokey and the Bandit! -kpluck
That web site is written for, and by, idiots. -kpluck
The headline of the story is misleading and makes you guys look foolish. -kpluck
New Posts  All Forums: