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"Confounding," "Head scratching" really? Yet the article states specifically why this is happening so it really isn't either of those things is it? Plus the so called "analyst" seems to ignore the fact that when HP announced this final run that they specifically said they may not be sold for the same $99 price. Which leads to another important reason why HP may be doing this. They may want to test demand at a higher price point, likely between $199-$299. HP may be...
Rubbish. To consumers, I doubt we will see any changes in Apple or its products in the next 2-3 years because Steve is no longer CEO. Especially considering he will still be working with the company. After Steve no longer has any input at all at Apple, it will probably take another year or two after for us to see/feel any difference. -kpluck
That would be awesome! They could remake Smokey and the Bandit! -kpluck
That web site is written for, and by, idiots. -kpluck
The headline of the story is misleading and makes you guys look foolish. -kpluck
I am curious, how did you determine it was an LG panel? -kpluck
Great news! Now, all those publications that we have been ignoring on the newstands can now be ignored digitally! -kpluck
The companies aren't asking that the foreign profits be tax free, they are asking that the tax be reduced from 35% to perhaps as low as 5% for a limited time. So even if no jobs were created, the government would get tax revenue from the incoming funds. The amount of money that would be brought into the US under this plan could be as much as 1 trillion dollars. Lets see, do you think it would be better for the government to get 35% of zero dollars, or 5% of 1 trillion...
I would agree that auto-save and versions will be nice, however, applications will have to be updated before they support those features. I don't know if I will wait for .1 release, but I will definitely wait until the 3rd party applications I use get updated so the new features are available when using them. -kpluck
Actually, it doesn't make sense. The white MacBook can easily be used as a person's only Mac if their requirements are simple enough. The MacBook Air can't, at least not without compromise. It just doesn't have enough storage at the $999 price point and the screen is too small. -kpluck
New Posts  All Forums: