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So now all we need is a Fleshlight with a built-in iPad mount and we are all set. -kpluck
Really? Wow, who would have guessed that. -kpluck
The interesting thing about the figurine is that it actually weighs more than the real Steve Jobs. -kpluck
Actually, I think this was a smart move by Nokia. Since Apple is an American company and Nokia isn't, if European courts hold to their previous MO, Apple will loose on that basis alone. -kpluck
Read this as a sign of two things. First, Apple is has a lot of defective iPads they have to fix and sell and second, the iPad is going to be updated at the beginning of the year. -kpluck
When the iPhone 3G shipped I saw a connectivity comparison with a Samsung BlackJack, another 3G smartphone. Along the same test route where the iPhone would routinely drop calls the BlackJack performed without issue. More than a few people have speculated that the bulk of AT&T problems were being cause by the iPhone and a poorly implemented GSM stack. Some conspiracy types have even suggested the real reason the iPhone stayed exclusive to AT&T so long was because AT&T...
Nice tie-in Apple. A song nobody wants promoting a social network nobody wants. -kpluck
Aren't these the same prices as their current 3G network? If so, since this is so much faster, you will run up against your plans data cap a lot faster as well. Seems like a good deal for Verizon. Offer a much faster service with the same prices but since people will probably end up using it more they will end up paying a lot more. Time to buy some Verizon stock. -kpluck
Apparently his heart lacked load balancing and finally ran out of bandwidth. RIP -kpluck
I probably should have added a smilie to my post. That was my fault. -kpluck
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