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Really? How much less? It is hard to draw meaning from your post without knowing how much less you could care.  -kpluck
Well Apple really needed to correct this and I glad they seemed to have done it quickly. That being said, it also helps to highlight how moronic and "knee jerk" they were originally. This is what happens when you base decisions not on sound policy but by what is the "hot button" PC issue in the media. -kpluck
 Yet somehow we have far fewer personal liberties and far less freedoms than we did 30-50 years ago. Yeah progress. -kpluck
Here is the other side of the story, Apple has known about a serious security problem for six months and not only has it not been fixed, they haven't even bothered to put a press release together saying what the plan is to resolve this issue in Yosemite or El Capitan. -kpluck
They are going to withhold Adele and the Arctic Monkeys? Is there an address available where we can send a thank you note?   -kpluck
One of the nuttier things Steve said. Did you post that to mock him or are you also a loon?  -kpluck
I am surprised by some of the heartless comments on this story. How do people expect the poor to afford internet access for their computers, Netflix streaming, their game consoles, and tablets unless we all help them?    -kpluck
Someone must have left an iPhone charging on the roof. -kpluck
Idiots are getting them. Basically they get a text from someone/something they don't know and instead of ignoring like a reasonable person would they text back which starts the charges. The companies involved count on peoples stupidity to make money and it works often enough to make it profitable. -kpluck
Apple won't have to worry about poaching employees once Tesla starts to circle the drain. Two years...tops, Tesla employees will be leaving en masse.   -kpluck
New Posts  All Forums: