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I was thinking that as well. While I am sure a new AppleTV will have a homekit control app(s), the same thing will be available on iOS devices and probably OS X as well. I doubt there will be a single hub device. That just doesn't make any sense. -kpluck
 The "liquidmetal fantasies" were essentially created out of thin air by media/bloggers with baseless speculation and oh look, here we go again with Sapphire. -kpluck
 I give it 3-4 years (tops) before those are gone as well. -kpluck
 Sometimes clearing inventories is clearing parts, not finished products. -kpluck
I just said I would hope they would do it but realized they would not.
 I keep hoping that at some point Apple makes a build-to-order option on the Mac Pro that would allow for a single, consumer grade GPU along with standard desktop i5 or i7 processors. If they did that, it would make for a fantastic high end desktop machine. Of course, I know that will never happen. -kpluck
Would those "insiders" be MS stockholders so desperate to get MS stock moving upwards a bit that they would say pretty much anything? -kpluck
Very cool technology. I am sure insurance companies will love access to all this data. -kpluck
I used Gazelle awhile back to get rid of an iPhone 4. The entire process was very smooth and easy. That being said, this is an advertisement and should be labeled as such. Enclosing it an "exclusive offer" wrapper doesn't really change that fact.   -kpluck
A less expensive iMac? Seems unlikely. Everyone knows when Apple improves the iMac they make it thinner and the external ports more inconvenient to access. Making a cheaper iMac seems very un-Apple. -kpluck
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