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One of the nuttier things Steve said. Did you post that to mock him or are you also a loon?  -kpluck
I am surprised by some of the heartless comments on this story. How do people expect the poor to afford internet access for their computers, Netflix streaming, their game consoles, and tablets unless we all help them?    -kpluck
Someone must have left an iPhone charging on the roof. -kpluck
Idiots are getting them. Basically they get a text from someone/something they don't know and instead of ignoring like a reasonable person would they text back which starts the charges. The companies involved count on peoples stupidity to make money and it works often enough to make it profitable. -kpluck
Apple won't have to worry about poaching employees once Tesla starts to circle the drain. Two years...tops, Tesla employees will be leaving en masse.   -kpluck
So the DOJ is okay with cable companies that force content providers (like HBO, until recently, and others) to not offer streaming services unless the customer is also subscribing to their cable channel but this is a problem?   Clearly Apple needs to increase it lobbying/political payoff budget.   -kpluck
The reason is, like most celebrities, she will do anything for money. -kpluck
We are talking about Google still right? Not Apple? If a private company does something I don't like I stop using their products. I am free to use any product I want for search, phones, web browsing, etc. I am not forced to use their products and at such time that I find their services and policies problematic, I will switch. They can't "force feed" me anything. However, the Government can. They can enact rules that I can't escape. How is it you get this so backwards? This...
The latest shake down of a company by the EU. While I know it will never happen, I wish these companies would just give the EU a big FU and pull out of their markets. It is the only way this BS will change. -kpluck
Right now Apple is selling 5 different iPad models, (2) iPads and (3) iPad Minis not including wifi/cell variants. And apparently, another model will be coming.   They need to thin out their product matrix a bit. Also, get a little more competitive with storage. Make the base high end models with 64GB of storage (iPad Air 2), base low end models would be okay with 32GB.   All models should have touch ID and full ApplePay compatibility just like the iPhone 6/6+...
New Posts  All Forums: