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You can back up your Time Capsule to another drive which, if you don't have an off site back up, you should probably be doing anyway. Back the TC up a couple of times per month and move the drive to another location in case of theft or fire, etc.http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1281 -kpluck
From what I have seen, iTunes servers only work with non-DRM content, so no video. The product spec page for the QNAP product says nothing about video, only music. Chances are, for most people, something like this would not work for their entire iTunes library. -kpluck
Fine for consumers maybe, but for business/government not so much. Rarely does the professional market jump into a new OS as soon as it is released. Sorting out compatibility problems is just one reason among many that a new OS isn't instantly deployed. That being said, as popular as OS X based computers are in various professional fields, from a percentage standpoint they are making up a smaller and smaller number of OS X hardware sales. If past history is any indication,...
Apple's first responsibility is to their shareholders. Spending millions of dollars on frivolous crap ignores that responsibility. -kpluck
The fastest external port that comes on a Mac is FW800. Most high performance hard drives, not to mention SSD drives, can transfer data faster than what the FW800 will allow in real world applications. The other option, estata, only is available through third party add-ons. Which means you have to deal with potential driver problems. Having Thunderbolt ports built-in should make for a more stable, high performance connection that will be available to laptops, iMacs, and...
What time period was that data derived from? Excluding the Air, a hot selling portable likely to be sold to someone that already has a desktop Mac, Apple's portable line was updated in February. Since then, people that might want to purchase a desktop have been waiting their turn. The iMacs were only recently refreshed and we are still waiting for the Mini and Mac Pro lines to be updated. The iMacs are recent enough that their affect on sales, if any, might not even have...
Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Enough portables already, when can I get a refreshed Mac Pro. Oh, sorry. Go back to talking amongst yourselves. -kpluck
How are we supposed to take these things seriously when the likes of Al Gore receives an award. What's next, Rob Schneider winning an Oscar? -kpluck
Yep. And now every customer that uses one those germ transfer stations can delight in knowing any bug that the person that used it before them had is now living on their fingers. Progress indeed. -kpluck
So you expect Apple to instantaneously ship the iPhone 6 after the displays are made? If the displays are starting to be manufactured in the spring, a summer or fall release of the iPhone 6 makes sense. Incoherence not found. -kpluck
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