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Most people here seem to be assuming that the display port is only for video out. What if it is for video in as well? While not huge, the iPad would make a nice external screen when not otherwise in use. -kpluck
Yes, it is a shame Apple isn't going to offer a smaller iPad. I was thinking about buying the iPad 2 however something occurred to me. If I had a smaller device that was more portable, in the 5"-7" inch range, I would be willing to replace my iPhone with a basic non-smart phone and also carry the small tablet. I think more and more people will start doing this. If Apple doesn't offer the iPhone 5 with a bigger screen or an iPad 2 with a smaller one (both things extremely...
So now all we need is a Fleshlight with a built-in iPad mount and we are all set. -kpluck
Really? Wow, who would have guessed that. -kpluck
The interesting thing about the figurine is that it actually weighs more than the real Steve Jobs. -kpluck
Actually, I think this was a smart move by Nokia. Since Apple is an American company and Nokia isn't, if European courts hold to their previous MO, Apple will loose on that basis alone. -kpluck
Read this as a sign of two things. First, Apple is has a lot of defective iPads they have to fix and sell and second, the iPad is going to be updated at the beginning of the year. -kpluck
When the iPhone 3G shipped I saw a connectivity comparison with a Samsung BlackJack, another 3G smartphone. Along the same test route where the iPhone would routinely drop calls the BlackJack performed without issue. More than a few people have speculated that the bulk of AT&T problems were being cause by the iPhone and a poorly implemented GSM stack. Some conspiracy types have even suggested the real reason the iPhone stayed exclusive to AT&T so long was because AT&T...
Nice tie-in Apple. A song nobody wants promoting a social network nobody wants. -kpluck
Aren't these the same prices as their current 3G network? If so, since this is so much faster, you will run up against your plans data cap a lot faster as well. Seems like a good deal for Verizon. Offer a much faster service with the same prices but since people will probably end up using it more they will end up paying a lot more. Time to buy some Verizon stock. -kpluck
New Posts  All Forums: