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Which may be exactly what they have planned. I am surprised Google hasn't gone this route because they already have the VOIP software in place. Dump the cell phone network, stick with wifi. -kpluck
That is probably because the benchmark in question was an average of a bunch of tests and some of them had to do with drive performance. Since the Air has an SSD, that gave it a boost. On CPU and GPU based benchmarks the Air is slower. -kpluck
Actually it is not. Using an average to gauge a performance increase can be extremely misleading. The MBP 13 has a great CPU and it is definitely an improvement, so if what you do on your machine is CPU bound you will be happy. However, if you find the CPU of your current MPB 13 adequate and the GPU is where you would like improvement, than this MBP 13 is a downgrade. Take myself for example, the only time my MBP 13 shows a performance weakness is when I play a game (I...
Judging by the group having dinner, saying he hates consumers would be more accurate. Given the Obama administration's complete failure to do anything significant in regards to technology it is odd the dinner is happening at all. I am guessing the reason they arranged the dinner was because it was the only way "Obama" and "Jobs" could be mentioned in a single story and have it be positive. -kpluck
You clearly are misinformed on the economics of these businesses. In many cases that 30% is going to have a huge impact on profit.If Amazon is forced into these rules I bet you will see the Kindle app disappear from the App store. It would be more cost effective for Amazon to give iOS users Kindle hardware then to give Apple a 30% cut of the sales.Being an Apple user is like living in a crime ridden neighborhood when a gang moves in and promises to clean it up. At first it...
Your feeling is wrong. This won't happen. The iPod family is starting to lag in sales compared to other Apple products. By moving an iPad announcement to the same time as new iPod hardware normally arrives Apple would be basically overshadowing a group of devices that really need a boost. Apple would be sending a signal that iPods are old news and not the cool things they once were. The only time Gruber is worth listening to is close to the time hardware or software...
Most people here seem to be assuming that the display port is only for video out. What if it is for video in as well? While not huge, the iPad would make a nice external screen when not otherwise in use. -kpluck
Yes, it is a shame Apple isn't going to offer a smaller iPad. I was thinking about buying the iPad 2 however something occurred to me. If I had a smaller device that was more portable, in the 5"-7" inch range, I would be willing to replace my iPhone with a basic non-smart phone and also carry the small tablet. I think more and more people will start doing this. If Apple doesn't offer the iPhone 5 with a bigger screen or an iPad 2 with a smaller one (both things extremely...
So now all we need is a Fleshlight with a built-in iPad mount and we are all set. -kpluck
Really? Wow, who would have guessed that. -kpluck
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