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Nice tie-in Apple. A song nobody wants promoting a social network nobody wants. -kpluck
Aren't these the same prices as their current 3G network? If so, since this is so much faster, you will run up against your plans data cap a lot faster as well. Seems like a good deal for Verizon. Offer a much faster service with the same prices but since people will probably end up using it more they will end up paying a lot more. Time to buy some Verizon stock. -kpluck
Apparently his heart lacked load balancing and finally ran out of bandwidth. RIP -kpluck
I probably should have added a smilie to my post. That was my fault. -kpluck
So 2 developers are enough to generalize for the entire platform? LOL I am not surprised WP7 is off to a slow start. I would think it is going to take MS sometime and a few OS updates to build any sort of critical mass. I also doubt it will ever displace Android or iPhone in market share. However, it will exceed the sales of RIM platform hardware by the end of 2011 as RIM continues its slide of death. MS will continue to pour money into the platform until they get...
Apple's discounting concerns me. With these prices, we might see their average pre-tax profit margin drop from 28.4% to 28.395 or maybe even 28.39! This does not bode well for stock holders. -kpluck
Wow. CS5 80% savings. What B.S! AI new low. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. The student editions are barely marked down from their regular prices. But to make it seem like a bigger discount, you state their "regular" price as the full retail price. -kpluck
The EU only cares about the rights of consumers when it means they can milk a bunch of money from companies not based in the EU. -kpluck
The really troubling thing is that the suicide rate among Foxconn workers is less than the Chinese population as a whole yet people keep saying it is problem. The working conditions at Foxconn are no doubt awful when compared to the west. However, when you start comparing the conditions to others in China they are far from the worst. The real problem is that we want things cheap. Guess what folks, there are consequences to that. Do like it? Stop buying products made in...
Specifically, the Playbook pushes around 614,400 pixels while the iPad is pushing around 786,432. But even that is irrelevant because RIM is demonstrating a prototype using pre-production hardware and software while the iPad has been out and selling for 7 months. When RIM is actually selling a product we can do a comparison. And by the time that happens it will likely be a faster iPad 2 that they will be comparing themselves with. -kpluck
New Posts  All Forums: