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I can't believe the number of people that are responding with "nice article." It is horribly distorted and inaccurate. Apparently the goal was a "history repeats itself" type story, truth be dammed.
Plus most people choose to ignore the fact that Apple promised 64 bit carbon and then a year later decided they weren't going to do it after all. If Apple had said carbon was dead when they promised a 64 bit version, CS4 probably would have been done in cocoa. There was a screwed up version of a Sun Tzu quote that I hear from time to time, "Never press a desperate enemy," which is exactly what Steve Jobs is doing. "But what can Adobe do?" you ask, simple, make Flash open...
The only downside I see is that Apple will probably require that all restaurants and movies be approved before being included in their version of Siri's app. -kpluck
So in addition limiting what apps you can install on your Apple devices, now they have decided that how the apps are developed is also their business. I am sorry, this is just plain silly. I see the mobile market going to same way as the desktop market. Apple will do well, making a nice living off the drones that don't mind their draconian operating practices, meanwhile the bulk of the market will go to other companies that don't want to act as your nanny. -kpluck
LOL. Cracking up at all the posters that think the software is going to be released on April 8th.
Ok, lets be clear, this was staged. There is no way they would have coffee in a public place, outdoors no less, by accident. They knew people would see and probably even take a picture or two. Whatever the reason why, we can let the conspiracy theorists discuss that, this event was done on purpose to make it seem like the companies are on better terms than recently described in the press. -kpluck
Yep, like prisoners serving life sentences. I stopped being an organ donor years ago in protest because they give prisoners, even ones serving life sentences, organ transplants. Until California changes the law to allow potential donors to specify their organs not go to prisoners, I will not be a donor. -kpluck
Everyone, please forgive stonefree's ignorance. You see, he went to public school and was taught by those teachers. -kpluck
Well, that assumes there are Mac versions of those games to download. The article specifically mentions Portal 2 is coming to OS X and Steam. Steam is not Half Life 2, Left 4 Dead, etc. Those games would have to ported. This article seems to be making the same mistake that a lot of people are making, Steam = Source Engines games, which is not true. Steam is just a distribution platform. Hopefully Steam's release on the Mac does mean we will be getting these games on OS X....
As others have pointed out, Steam is just a game distribution system. Thinking stuff you bought on the PC through Steam would start suddenly working on the Mac would be like thinking iPhone apps would run on your Windows Mobile phone because Apple has a Windows version of iTunes. Even if Valve were to port the Source Engine to OS X, that would just be the first step. Havoc would probably have to be ported as well and then the games would have to worked on. I would...
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