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It does seem like a rather enormous oversight to not require a user's permission to access any of their data such as contacts. Hopefully Apple will remedy that soon. -kpluck
Well given that the 5770 is a rather low end part, especially for the 27" iMacs resolution, I wouldn't call it a good trade off. The 5750 has less memory bandwidth than the 4850. With the same amount of memory, they will go back in forth on which is better in benchmarks. I would hardly call it a true upgrade to the 4850. More like a replacement that uses less power. The real problem in the iMac is a design that forces Apple to use underpowered hardware given the native...
I may have to retract the "This is over IMHO" comment. I was just watching the live Q&A based on answer to a question, I am not sure if the refunds apply to people that bought their iphone from someone other than Apple. A question was asked if the refund applies to AT&T and jobs response was "I believe so." Hopefully, everyone will honor the refund (AT&T, Best Buy, etc) but if they don't, there will probably be a lot noise about it. -kpluck
So Apple did what it needed to do. This is over IMHO. That being said... Steve spent a good chunk of time pointing out how all smartphones have this problem. It isn't just an iPhone problem. What I find odd about this, listening to Apple marketing and Steve himself, is that it is Apple's contention that the iPhone isn't like other smartphones. It is better. It is great. It delivers an unequaled user experience, etc, etc. So it has a serious flaw like other...
I would like to try, but apparently you didn't read the article because the source is listed as "anonymous." But lets say it is accurate. We still don't have a date to when it happened. For all we know, it was a previous design that was being discussed and the production version could be different. I am not saying the antenna design isn't a problem, it most certainly is. What I am saying is that you are an idiot, everyone knows this.
I don't understand how these accounts are being "hacked." There is nothing in the story to suggest Apple has had a security breach. This leads me to believe that the hacking in question is really just users doing stupid things with their account information. Or maybe they are Windows users that have some sort of malware on their system that sending out their information. Plus, while I understand it is a convenience, you should never let a vendor hold onto your credit...
I am curious, if you folks hate these stories so much why do you read them? I have no idea if this particular rumor is accurate, I will say AT&T recent actions (moving away from unlimited data, early upgrade options) suggest they won't be the exclusive iPhone carrier for long. I am going out on a limb and say this story is probably true. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the iPhone ended up on Verizon sooner than that. -kpluck
The Nexus One and there are others. You need just to pull your head out of your butt long enough to search a bit. It is not an uncommon problem.
That is probably wise. After some time with the new install on my 3G I am kind of wishing I had waited. It definitely feels sluggish. At first it didn't seem so bad but now with after I have spent some time with it I have run into several spots where response is slow. -kpluck
I believe everyone with a post count of less than 10 is having the issue. Very odd. -kpluck
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