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It was. $73.99 at Amazon currently (and it has been cheaper there as well) with free shipping. -kpluck
ROFL!! Yes, there can be no doubt, it failed only because of the reasons AI wrote about. From everything I read the Zune it actually was reasonably good hardware. They had a great music subscription system, Zune Pass. All the music in their library for $15 bucks per month, plus you get credits to buy 10 songs each month. I think the Zune failed primarily because of Microsoft's horrible marketing and of course, Apple's market dominance (well deserved be that as it...
A blu-ray player option in a notebook is pointless without a HDMI port so you could connect it to a high resolution tv/display. Since the MBPs don't have that either I doubt they will ever get a blu-ray option. -kpluck
Slightly weaker? From the GPU benchmarks I have seen, even with the superior 2.7Ghz i7, the MBP 13 still falls behind last years 2.66Ghz MBP 13.http://www.barefeats.com/mbps01.html So if you like to play games from time to time on your 13" MBP, the new models are a downgrade. This is especially problematic since the 13" MBP was already on the extreme low end for gaming and taking another step back will likely make it unusable for games for many more titles. -kpluck
No, that is incorrect. To have the iPhone on AT&T you must subscribe to a data plan. Which means you pay $30 for unlimited (if you are on the old plan), $15 for 250MB, $25 for 2GB, or $45 for 4GB and tethering/hot spot support. So the biggest increase tethering might cost you is $30 if you were on the $250MB plan. Personally, I think its criminally bad to offer a metered plan and then charge extra for how you decide to use it. A person should be able to pay for a data plan...
I don't know that the iPad 2 is in need of more than 512MB of RAM from a usability stand point. It may work perfectly fine with just 512MB. However, from a marketing stand point, not having a 1GB of RAM is a huge mistake. Apple's tablet competitors will, for the most part, all have 1GB of RAM. And they all will yell from the highest mountain top, that they have twice the RAM of the iPad 2. Add to that a large portion of consumers that spec shop and you have a situation...
Neither did I. Maybe they had it in initially and then removed it because it wasn't confirmed? In any event, the amount of RAM is still up in the air. -kpluck
As I understand it, Apple can't legally deny an AppleCare claim simply because an non-authorized source did some work on the machine unless that work was done incorrectly and was the source of the problem. -kpluck
Hmm, while possible I don't think he would want to show up where a principle feature of the new hardware is that it is thinner and weighs less. -kpluck
Which may be exactly what they have planned. I am surprised Google hasn't gone this route because they already have the VOIP software in place. Dump the cell phone network, stick with wifi. -kpluck
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