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The problem is if you eliminate the farting apps, the flashlight apps and the tip calculator apps there are only about 100 applications. -kpluck
From what I have read, Apple is having a little trouble meeting worldwide demand for the iPhone. Production capability just isn't there. So what are they going to do if they add another carrier in the US increase demand even more? No new carriers will be added in the US until at least 2011. Maybe 2012. I suppose a tablet device would be a different story but the iPhone is staying with AT&T for awhile. -kpluck
The article was written for the Apple Fanboys that frequent this site. In other words, they want the reader laugh at the incredibly complicated "38 step" process but not actually check the process out for themselves...and true to form, most don't. If they did, they would see how most of the steps involved would be identical to installing OS X on a Mac with a new, unformatted hard drive. Pretty simple stuff really. Sure, there are some necessary extra steps, but it seems to...
Except that I have yet to see an automobile manufacturer design a car in such a way that prevents me from adding my own stereo. If they did, I wouldn't purchase the car. -kpluck
To me, that is the big story. Once again the iMac is hobbled by its GPU. Remember those financials Apple released yesterday, know why they were so good? Because Apple still pulls the same BS. Do you want the best video card available in a iMac? Then you have the buy the largest, most expensive model. No 4850 on the smaller machine. There no technical reason for this unless you consider maintaining Apple's huge profits a technical reason. -kpluck
I certainly hope so. I still can't believe that MS's board got away with lying about his health to investors. Oh, wait a minute... -kplcuk
It seems most tech sites are ignoring the latest bit of news about this story. Most, if not all, the data has been restored. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10375688-56.html -kpluck
I think all you really need to know about this test is in the graphic. They only show the tests where OS X wins and conveniently leave out the two tests where Windows 7 wins. Basically, all the article proves, at best, is that Apple hardware runs Apple software better then Microsoft software. Here is a test for you. I just compared over 100 different benchmarks tests on my HP Vista Laptop. In every test, Vista out performed OS X. In fact, OS X wouldn't even boot the...
Steep pricing? You are kidding right? Dell charges about $120 to upgrade a DVDR/CDR drive that reads BD discs and about $200 if you want to write to the format as well. That certainly doesn't seem steep to me. Opps I forgot, Apple pricing. Based on those Dell numbers I am guessing Apple would charge about $300/$500 respectively. OK, I guess that would be a bit pricey. -kpluck
This sounds like interesting technology. I was just speaking with a friend the other day how it would be nice to have another "security questionable" technology to worry about that solves a problem that doesn't exist...and what do you know, we get one. -kpluck
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