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If someone has physical access to the machine, in most cases, they probably also have access to your email. This would mean an attacker can probably reset any password they want just by going to a web site and selecting the "forgot my password option". -kpluck
Actually, what he said was that he wished he had time to "show more". This could have meant simply going into greater detail for the features they quickly went through during the demo.He the ends this part by saying Lion is due of the summer of 2011 and then says, "So that is OS X Lion."In short, based on what he said, there is no way to tell if other major features will be included in Lion or if he touched on all of them but just didn't go into detail. It is not a stretch...
The "SSD" on these things is actually integrated into the motherboard. So that means in 6-9 months when the new fabs, for the die shrink on flash chips, are in full production, and you get twice the SSD storage for the same price you are paying today, you can't upgrade this machine. It is another case of Apple being more concerned about making something thinner without regard to the practical disadvantages that result. They look great but I can't see buying one with...
Steve Jobs re: iMovieB.S. The number one request has been high definition support. -kpluck
The Steve Jobs that left Apple was not the same person as the Steve Jobs that returned and is now running Apple. While hiring Sculley was a mistake, it is beyond foolish to think if they had given the position to Steve Jobs back then that he would have been as successful as he has been since his return. -kpluck
Until they add an option that prevents my organs from being given to someone serving a prison term, they will rot with the rest of my body after I die. -kpluck
The iPad was announced at the end of January and was in peoples hands at the beginning of April. What is that, around 60 days? And they announced pricing as well. The RIM product has no pricing and an early 2011 ship date. If it was going to ship in January, they would have said so. What "early 2011" means is that they aren't confident about the ship date which will be Feb or March, at the earliest. The early announcement was done, as others have suggested, to keep some...
It will be interesting to see how Apple's HDR implementation stacks up to some of the 3rd party apps. I have been using ProHDR and have been very happy with it. -kpluck
So which of Camera+'s competing apps did you write? -kpluck
This makes perfect sense. Clearly, anyone using an iPhone is willing to accept a lot of flaws in return for getting a little pleasure. -kpluck
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