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I am curious, if you folks hate these stories so much why do you read them? I have no idea if this particular rumor is accurate, I will say AT&T recent actions (moving away from unlimited data, early upgrade options) suggest they won't be the exclusive iPhone carrier for long. I am going out on a limb and say this story is probably true. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the iPhone ended up on Verizon sooner than that. -kpluck
The Nexus One and there are others. You need just to pull your head out of your butt long enough to search a bit. It is not an uncommon problem.
That is probably wise. After some time with the new install on my 3G I am kind of wishing I had waited. It definitely feels sluggish. At first it didn't seem so bad but now with after I have spent some time with it I have run into several spots where response is slow. -kpluck
I believe everyone with a post count of less than 10 is having the issue. Very odd. -kpluck
Without knowing the capabilities of their phone system that is a useless metric. -kpluck
You were making a great point up until you typed the part in bold. Apple only cares about the greatest profits (as it should be, that isn't a dig). You are foolish to assume the greatest profits come with the largest amount of customers. The design was chosen it to make it look cool. Its price was raised to increase profits. Steve knows his users and his users are form over function idiots as a rule. They rather pay a lot of money for a cool looking under powered computer,...
So what if Android gets a foothold. Windows machines outnumber Apple machines when it comes to desktop computing, yet Apple manages to sell lots of hardware and make lots of money. It is not that I think Apple ignores market share but it certainly isn't their primary focus. Nor should it be. That being said, I believe the reason why AT&T expanded the eligibility requirements for the new phone is because they know they won't be the only iPhone carrier much longer and they...
You may wish to look up the definition of "sycophant" before you use it again. It will save you some embarrassment. And for the record, I never said Apple, through Foxconn employed child labor. I simply wondered how the woman would feel if they did and there was photographic evidence. -kpluck
Really? I wonder what would happen to her heart if she saw a picture of children their age working a 14 hour shift to assemble iPads? -kpluck
My thoughts as well. It seems to me if you are going to have a data plan with caps then everything that uses data should be no extra charge, other than the data the services used out of your monthly allocation. Tethering, texting, email, web browsing, etc., should all be free but the data they use would apply to your cap. Hopefully, I can resist upgrading my iPhone when the 4G comes out. I will start shopping for Android phones on another carrier. I love my iPhone. AT&T...
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