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Well it seems of all the things they copied from Apple they apparently missed the money making items.   -kpluck
That is irrelevant and not really the focus of the suit. It is a good idea to read the entire article and not just the headline before posting. -kpluck
Similar stuff has been available in the Google Play store for awhile. You really should get out more. -kpluck
Yep. And just like the iPad 3 the smart money will wait for the next models to get the revision done right. It is unfortunate but Apple has clearly made some bad decisions with the design of these new iPhones. -kpluck
Anand Shimpi, recent Apple hire and founder of Anandtech.com (often accussed of being an Apple fanboi) did an anaylsis of the iPhone's 1GB of RAM (I believe it was an iPhone 5) and was able to show it was causing performance problems in various situations. I think this is probably an 80/80 type situation. 80% of the people won't notice a difference 80% of the time. Personally, I think it is bad for entirely different reason. It paints Apple as a penny pincher, cutting...
I am sure the smart people will do exactly that. I certainly understand the desire to get the new phone as soon as possible but the practical side of me thinks that is rather foolish. Between two new designs and iOS 8 I think it is much smarter to wait out the initial production runs and let any major bugs get worked out. Plus, I think it likely that as Apple starts getting data in on problems with the new phones that they could make silent changes on the physical design...
The watch is 6 months from release. The reason why we didn't see the same level of rumors for the watch is simply because outside vendors hadn't had access to it yet. -kpluck
"Charge nightly" or "about a day" mean absolutely nothing. I know of no agreed upon amount of time ascribed to those terms.   It will get about 12 hours of normal use when it ships, plus or minus an hour. The only question for me is will that include the screen being on all that time? A device like this only makes sense if I can glance down at it and see what it is telling me. If I have to "wake" it first, the watch is garbage.   Personally, any device of this type is...
Actually, as an investor, the 16GB looks brilliant. Competing flagship phones increasingly come with 32GB. Apple being Apple, of course they come in low ball with only 16GB but people have come to expect that crap with Apple. Here is where the brilliance comes in... Apple knows there isn't anyway they could get away with charging $100 for a 16GB upgrade to 32GB. Even with Apple's history of notoriously high prices, that just wouldn't fly. So for $100 they bump it to 64GB....
Which is probably why it will only have 1GB. It is not because of battery life, it is because it helps keeps people on the hardware upgrade cycle. -kpluck
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