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How dare you suggest a citizen of a country be more concerned about their own problems then the rest of the world. Racist!  Yes, look towards the UK as a model. They certainly have things figured out. 
I just noticed HP has rolled out some new Windows 8.1 tablets called the Stream 7 and the Stream 8 for $100/$150. They definitely are targeted to the low end of the market but they are most definitely not "pure trash". The interesting thing about these tablets is that they both come with 1 year of Office 365 Personal which would run at least $70 if purchased alone. That makes these things a real bargain. Competition, good for everyone. -kpluck
You guys may want to do a little more research next time... http://************/2014/11/04/debunk-128gb-iphone-6-plus-recall-false-crashing-bug-rare/ The domain is 9-to-5-mac-com. Apparently AppleInsider prefers you not be properly informed by their competitors. -kpluck
All evidence to the contrary. -kpluck
I don't know but it is foolish to have your day to day account be an admin account on any modern OS (Windows, OS X, Linux). A very large percentage of security vulnerabilities are nullified by using a standard account. -kpluck
It seems simple enough but it really doesn't seem any easier than pulling out a card from my wallet. Of course, security is another matter but since I don't have to pay a penny for my card being used fraudulently who cares? I will say it definitely looks better than anything I have seen on Android. I think it will probably be more convenient with the Apple Watch.   That being said, I will be merciless with the snarky comments the first time I am in line behind an Apple...
While this is great news I would bet such a service from HBO will more like $20-25 a month because  they will still need to give a cut to the cable providers given their current contracts. And as more cable channels go with a similar strategy, you can bet the ISPs will revisit data caps as a means to recover lost revenue. -kpluck
That is just silly. Best practices for password security are well known and relatively simple. If a user is too stupid to learn the rules, let them reap the benefits of their ignorance.  Big problem with that, at least in the US. Current case law allows the government to force you to give up biometric data if they want access to your encrypted data. However, forcing you to give up a memorized password is consider self incriminating testimony and considered...
Well it seems of all the things they copied from Apple they apparently missed the money making items.   -kpluck
That is irrelevant and not really the focus of the suit. It is a good idea to read the entire article and not just the headline before posting. -kpluck
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