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 I think that depends on the size of your hands. I have an HTC DNA (5" screen) and with my average size hands and with a case on, the phone is very functional with one hand. I can't reach all areas of the screen with one hand but I am probably at somewhere around 75% or so. One handed operation is important to some and not important to others. However, at this point, a 5" phone seems rather uninteresting. Although I doubt Apple would do much more. I think a better size...
 Might want to hold on to the Apple RAM. Apple support has a habit of blaming third part RAM for all manner of ills. You want to have the factory modules around to put into the machine to eliminate their use of that excuse. -kpluck
 Possibly. However when Intel announced the TB2 chipset they said it would start production in 2013 but full production wouldn't be happening until 2014. I am guessing the lack of those chips is playing a large part in the delay given the demand for them is ramping up. Not only from Apple but also from other motherboard manufacturers. -kpluck
 Really? Did AI fire all its editors? -kpluck
I have an HTC DNA that came with wireless charging capability and I find it very convenient to use. One thing I didn't realize at first is that the wireless charging works through the case I have on it. I have also started seeing wireless charging pads at Airports and other areas which is a great way to get a power boost without having to carry a cable around. However, I will admit, a dock is also a reasonable solution. Although I still think wireless charging is more...
 Well we will have to won't we?  I am rather surprised Apple doesn't have their own 4K display ready. I wonder if it has anything to do with Thunderbolt 2 chipset availability? When TB2 was originally announced, Intel said it was only going to be available in limited quantities in 2013 with full production ramping up in the first quarter of 2014. Edit: SInce this is available in the UK and not the US store just yet, I suppose they could release their own 4K in the US only...
 If for a Christmas promotion, Apple were to offer 8 free songs of your choosing you would happily accept? I have no doubt you would. Of course, it would make you a hypocrite to take part in a Christmas promotion but I am sure you wouldn't let that stand in your way. Merry Christmas  -kpluck
 I don't think you understand what Apple's definition of a "retina" display is. Any display where you can't discern individual pixels at the "normal" viewing distance is consider a retina display by Apple. Knowing Apple, I would guess with a 12.9" tablet they will use the same 2048x1536 resolution and then claim at the viewing distance they consider normal for the device, pixels can't be seen so it will be retina. -kpluck
Perfect timing. I was just thinking the other day that what my AppleTV needs, more than anything else, is more icons on the home screen that I don't use. Awesome!   -kpluck
 Really? LOL. It reminds me of the ranting of the right about the left wing mass media "conspiracy." AI lost me when they pointed to a Dvorak article and tried to take it seriously. Dvorak is paid say outrageous things, stir up the hornets nest if you will. The author doesn't seem to understand that. Basic math also seems a challenge because they don't seem to understand the simple fact that sales can increase while the percentage of the market share goes down. Time would...
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