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IOS 7, 91% of IOS users. Android 4, 85.7% of Android users. Of course, that doesn't have the click bait ring to it does it? -kpluck
Well I don't know if you are serious or not but I didn't like it either. People are all warm and fuzzy about the ending but I think that misses the point. This kid was still buried in his iPhone the entire time watching the family from the outside. Sure, he was putting together the video but it doesn't change the fact that he wasn't really interacting with them. I think it is a great example how people sometimes think they are using technology for a great end purpose but...
 The fact that you don't understand that is a racist statement says more than I can ever say about subject. Just because someone is of a different ethnic background or gender doesn't necessarily mean you will get significantly different "opinions" or "experiences". It is all about how they were raised and educated. The only way to hire someone is to select the best, most qualified candidate for the job. Period. If a company isn't happy with the diversity of candidates,...
http://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html KitKat is a .x release. If you look at version 4.x or higher, the adoption rate is pretty high at just over 85%. -kpluck
Completely meaningless.   If Apple really wants to help small business they should apologize for choking off supply of Apple hardware to 3rd party computer stores and pledge availability of Apple hardware equal to that of company owned stores going forward.   -kpluck
The capacity of the battery doesn't matter. What matters is how long you can use the device. I am guessing whatever size battery Apple puts in their new phones, the run times will be longer than the current models. The only question is how much longer than the current models and how will the run time compare to the competition.   Anyone that simply looks at the capacity of a battery and decides if it is good or bad is just being stupid. It is like judging the quality of...
I was thinking that as well. While I am sure a new AppleTV will have a homekit control app(s), the same thing will be available on iOS devices and probably OS X as well. I doubt there will be a single hub device. That just doesn't make any sense. -kpluck
 The "liquidmetal fantasies" were essentially created out of thin air by media/bloggers with baseless speculation and oh look, here we go again with Sapphire. -kpluck
 I give it 3-4 years (tops) before those are gone as well. -kpluck
 Sometimes clearing inventories is clearing parts, not finished products. -kpluck
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