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Hindsight is 20/20 with investment decisions, really? Who would have ever thought that? Hopefully scholars and historians are documenting this rare occurrence so that future generations will learn from it. -kpluck
This seems like a cheap way to lock yourself into Apple's eco-system. What a deal.
  Actually, it can make a lot of sense. By allowing the customer to download the data ahead of the actual launch, a lot of server congestion can be eliminated which it turn can greatly improve download speed for the user. I believe Steam works this way on big releases.   Speaking of which, given SteamPlay support, why would anyone by the Mac App Store version?   -kpluck
The unfortunate part of the timing here is that they will not, in all likelihood, have the new Thunderbolt 20Gbps part. Personally, while it wouldn't be great for Apple's bottom line, I think they should hold off any new Thunderbolt equipped machines until they can be rolled out with the new chip. I think doing that would go a long way with helping Thunderbolt adoption and getting peripherals made. Of course, they won't do that. And they also won't do a mid-cycle refresh...
Basically the EU is just a legalized protection racket out to get their pound of flesh. I really wish Google would just say "FU" and pull out of the EU altogether. Maybe if companies stop paying their extortion the EU will change its ways. -kpluck
Stupidity accounts for 100% of malware installs.   -kpluck
Thank the pirates and the stock market. The only reason Adobe switched to this model was to even out their revenue stream to help their financials and to try and curtail some of the illegal use of its software.   That being said, for most people doing work with their products, the subscription is a non-issue. We are talking about 1 billable hour a month, for many it is probably more like 30 minutes, to pay for the subscription. If you don't like it, stick with the...
Does it work offline? And no, having the desktop versions installed doesn't count.   -kpluck
  Because California is actually part of Mexico?    -kpluck
Of course the biggest news was Siri no longer being a beta version....haha, just kidding. It is still in beta. Guess Apple feels it still doesn't work quite right.    -kpluck
New Posts  All Forums: