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Developers were, of course, already doing this. But Apple knows websites will publish information like this treating it as news when it reality it is just Apple generating free publicity for the upcoming launch. -kpluck
 ...and it didn't come out of beta until 2013. Makes me think of what Apple will release and won't get right in the new few years.  -kpluck
LOL..it will probably just be smaller and ship without a remote with the expectation that you would have to use your iOS device to control it. Of course a remote will be available for an extra charge of $29.95.   -kpluck
Well, since Apple doesn't produce a device that we can say is copying Samsung in this manner your statement is rather silly. It gets even more silly if you are contending that Samsung made the first 5"+ screen size phone, because it didn't. And finally, the silly meter will be absolutely pegged if you are saying that Samsung pioneered the idea of making a larger screen version of a device that uses a screen. -kpluck
Who called it innovative? Well the problem with these watches is that companies will try to do too much with them before the technology allows it to be done right. Take this watch for example, over on Engadget they called sluggish and awkward. The watch should simply tell the time and act as a notification screen for the connected device. Nothing more. Keeping such a limited feature set should allow the watch to be smaller, get good battery life and have a simple/elegant...
 Everyone I know that has one does put it in their pocket, at least the Galaxy Note 2. Assuming the sensor is something third parties can support, Apple's would have far greater impact by nature of the number of units that would ship with it which would greatly encourage 3rd party support. Unless Samsung makes an announcement that their sensor was going on all their phones and they would be immediately updated, I don't think it would have much of an impact on the...
  The lenses come with their own sensors. Did you not read the article or do you just not understand it?   -kpluck
  Fixed that for you.   -kpluck
  The problem is, the more they add to the AppleTV, the more the user interface shows its weaknesses. Of the icons that litter my Apple TV home screen, I only use 4 regularly. I really wish I could hide the ones I don't use, they are just pointless clutter. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.   For a company that has a reputation for UI design, I am amazed that the interface for the Apple TV is as bad as it is.   -kpluck
New Posts  All Forums: