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And so it begins, first Netflix and now Apple. Big, established companies can buy their way through problems while new startups will be shutout. The innovation on the internet, R.I.P. How we experience things over the internet will be completely different in 5-10 years. -kpluck
Yeah, if you are going to go that route, shouldn't all MS devices be included? What about servers and Windows embedded products? Of course, if that was done, the numbers would be back in MS's favor and since this is nothing more than pointless link bait, that wouldn't work. Absolute garbage. -kpluck
Personally I prefer a large screen (5"+) but I think a single size screen would be a mistake for Apple. Many people like having a powerful phone (top end CPU/GPU) in a small form factor. If true, a 4.8" screen iPhone would likely upset those that like smaller phones while at the same time not satisfy those that want a larger screen.   Although I doubt Apple will do it, they really need two screen sizes. A 4.25" TO 4.5" for the smaller screen people and something about 1"...
If anyone is really interested in Steve Jobs I am pretty sure you won't be interested in the movie made from Sorkin's script. He isn't concerned about getting facts correct, he will just be concerned about making a movie that sells tickets and gets awards. I know that sounds like I am bashing him but you shouldn't take it that way. That really isn't my point. He just wants to make entertaining movies and that is his focus. He has said as much in various...
I know it won't happen, but I really wish at some point in the near future Apple would provide build to order options for standard desktop i5/i7 processors with a single consumer GPU board. Maybe even using the vacant GPU slot to hold a 2.5" HD, or two. It would still be a powerful machine but the cost savings would make it a possibility for many more consumers.   -kpluck
I don't know about CCC but SuperDuper! doesn't require the destination drive be the same size or larger than the drive you are copying. It only requires that there be enough space to hold the data. In other words, it you are cloning a 1TB drive that contains only 300GB of data, SuperDuper! will let you clone the drive to a 500GB external.   I see others have mentioned CrashPlan and it is a great service. I think it is important to note a couple of things. For an extra...
 I think that depends on the size of your hands. I have an HTC DNA (5" screen) and with my average size hands and with a case on, the phone is very functional with one hand. I can't reach all areas of the screen with one hand but I am probably at somewhere around 75% or so. One handed operation is important to some and not important to others. However, at this point, a 5" phone seems rather uninteresting. Although I doubt Apple would do much more. I think a better size...
 Might want to hold on to the Apple RAM. Apple support has a habit of blaming third part RAM for all manner of ills. You want to have the factory modules around to put into the machine to eliminate their use of that excuse. -kpluck
 Possibly. However when Intel announced the TB2 chipset they said it would start production in 2013 but full production wouldn't be happening until 2014. I am guessing the lack of those chips is playing a large part in the delay given the demand for them is ramping up. Not only from Apple but also from other motherboard manufacturers. -kpluck
 Really? Did AI fire all its editors? -kpluck
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