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Stupidity accounts for 100% of malware installs.   -kpluck
Thank the pirates and the stock market. The only reason Adobe switched to this model was to even out their revenue stream to help their financials and to try and curtail some of the illegal use of its software.   That being said, for most people doing work with their products, the subscription is a non-issue. We are talking about 1 billable hour a month, for many it is probably more like 30 minutes, to pay for the subscription. If you don't like it, stick with the...
Does it work offline? And no, having the desktop versions installed doesn't count.   -kpluck
  Because California is actually part of Mexico?    -kpluck
Of course the biggest news was Siri no longer being a beta version....haha, just kidding. It is still in beta. Guess Apple feels it still doesn't work quite right.    -kpluck
I currently have an Airport Extreme. The new "footprint" may be smaller but its height is a real problem.  Cable management will be terrible if every port is used, in my case they would be. All the cables climbing up the back and and hanging out will look awful compared to the current design where they are low and close to the desk/shelf.   Only have 3 gigabit ports is also a bummer. Most products over $100 have 4, some more.   The new design may help with the...
  I am going to go out on a limb and suggest professionals looking for a workstation don't have "marvel of packaging" high on their list of wanted features. The design of this machine was not done to meet the needs of professionals. It was done for Apple's need to minimize upgradeability to keep people buying new machines every few years.   Don't get me wrong, I think the design is cool and I think they will probably sell a lot of them. Lets face it, there are a lot of...
  Correct. The purpose of this design was to make a cool looking disposable computer. It will be very powerful when you first buy it, but 2-3 years down the line it will need to be replaced. Consumer-level Apple users seemed to have accepted this idea, the question is will professionals be just as gullible? We will see.   -kpluck
  As the headline is written, it is clearly incorrect. They are not reducing the size of their large screen phones. They are simply continuing to offer smaller sizes. And notice I use the word "continuing" because this is nothing new. And of course, these are consider low end Samsung phones.   Of course, a headline that reads "Samsung continues to offer low end phones with bigger screens than the iPhone" probably would not get pass the editors at an Apple fan boy...
I agree! We have had such success in the past with "international cooperation" in areas such as world peace, pollution and trade agreements, lets bring that winning formula to tax law! Seriously, what a bunch of idiots. Nothing is stopping any country from fixing its own tax laws other than the corrupt, moronic politicians holding office. -kpluck
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