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I'm not so sure that this is a whole 'nother level.
A decade ago, and without any experience in the record business, I predicted the demise of the labels at the hands of: (1) advanced production techniques on personal computers, (2) digital distribution (e.g. iTunes, etc), and (3) the emergence of social media as a means of advertisement.  What need for a "label" when you have production, distribution, and advertisement at your beck and call?  It is a matter of evolution to the simplest and best solution, but it always...
Both companies will eventually die, because that's what happens.  Unless they get better at anticipating technology sea changes, Microsoft will die long before Apple.
A movie can be entertaining and worthy of praise without coming anywhere near the truth.  For a movie that is biographical in nature, I think it's completely acceptable for someone who knew the subject to criticize the movie regardless of how much praise it received for whatever reason.
Just because Apple wants to get permission to road test an autonomous vehicle does not mean that what they test will look anything like the product they finally bring to market, if they even decide to bring one to market. Long before getting to market, Apple would have to be testing things, gathering data, etc. It's bloody ignorant of the media to think: (a) Apple is anywhere near ready to release a self-driving car, or (2) the first Apple test cars we see on the road...
 And there you have it, folks.  Tallest Skil declares that Apple doesn't support common sense or simplicity.  Perhaps they should hire him and become a better company. 
You can just wait forever.  Your agenda is not shared by me.  My point is that you tend to make assertions about what Apple will or will not do... and those predictions often turn out not to come true.  If you want me to go back and explore whether your reasoning was sound, again, you can wait forever.  Perhaps you should explore why the confidence you have in your reasoning is often unfounded. P.S.  Off topic... one of Sog's bold assertions has just fallen by the wayside....
You and Sog crack me up, both with your assertions and certitude.  Never a humble "my hunch is..." or "my thinking is..."
You were wrong.  It doesn't matter that you still believe you should have been right.  It could happen again, no?
Well, if instead of saying something vague such as "nobody is disrupting gaming", which I certainly agree with, we say "the AppleTV cannot possibly disrupt the gaming revenue stream", then I have to disagree.  I've known plenty of casual gamers who purchased Xboxes or PS4s simply because when they went looking for gaming solutions on their television, these were what they heard most about.  In other words, I think a significant fraction of people that buy such systems are...
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