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 Exactly. I think Ms. Ahrendts is looking at this as a huge honor and challenge.  Years down the road, if she demonstrates skills that are applicable to the broader picture at Apple, and if Tim has either flopped or is ready to retire, then MAYBE she might be considered.  Until then, talking about her as a planned successor is just malarkey.  Thompson
 Not gonna watch that, because if I read (or hear) just one more "talker" opine about the inner-workings of Apple and/or who will be the next "Steve Jobs", it will be one opinion too many.  Not only are their answers usually speculative to a fault, but I even find the question ill-posed.  It's the latter part that bugs me.  The conversation is ridiculous to start with at this point in time.  (I realize that Wall Street is impatient, but that's their problem. I don't have...
 Apple is much much larger than Burberry, and the skill-set required to run it is quite different.  As you know, retail is but a subset of all that is Apple - an important one, no doubt.  Ms. Ahrendts should be proud to make a move from lauded CEO of a tiny company (relative to Apple) to a high level executive in charge of retail at a behemoth like Apple.   My belief is that they hired Ms Ahrendts to do exactly what they say:  run retail, which her skill-set seems to...
There is a segment of society that want iPhones but just can't quite afford them.  If a promotion brings the cost of iPhone ownership down into the "can afford" zone, then you can expect Apple to benefit more than their Android counterparts. That is to say, the desire to own an iPhone has always been there.  Plenty of surveys, even in emerging markets, indicate that Apple is the brand most craved.  Subsidies and promotions just lower the bar enough to turn some of those...
 I think that he was explaining why BT is a great option for discovery, because Bonjour is sometimes not available on complicated networks.  It is an answer to the previous post (Crowley's) without quoting him. Thompson
If your phone suffers a nasty drop onto a hard surface, you ding your inexpensive bumper instead of your expensive phone.  That is the only purpose for a bumper of any kind.  This one is made out of aluminum because it's light and decent looking. Thompson
Get a universal Harmony remote, and never worry about picking up other remotes and selecting the right input again.  (That is, after the first time when you program your "activities".) Thompson
The Reuters article got it wrong.  Tim's quote was that they sold $1B worth of AppleTV's plus content for it during 2013, as opposed to just $1B for the boxes alone.  Big difference considering people with AppleTV's most likely purchase way more than $99 worth of content on it per year. Don't get me wrong, this is still a great haul, but a news agency should do a better job of interporeting quotes that are readily available. Thompson 
Agreed.  I'm a happy long. Thompson
Call spreads can be bullish or bearish (as can put spreads).  It all depends on which calls (the ones you are selling or the ones you are buying) are at higher strike prices. Thompson 
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