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On its lowest setting, my iPhone 6 screen is most certainly NOT extremely bright. It is pleasantly dim, even in a dark room.
 I think the phrase you were searching for is "her predecessor", not "the previous incumbent", which is almost an oxymoron and definitely awkward.
 Just as iPhones are much, much, much more than phones and AppleWatches will be much, much, much more than watches.  Methinks your argument doesn't close the logic loop, even though your conclusion may ultimately prove true.
All demographics are important, even kids and fatsos (to use your words).  Perhaps this won't be apparent at first. But several years on, when the use cases for a wrist-worn computer have asserted themselves and the technology has improved (battery life, non-tethered operation, etc) I do believe that the majority of people in developed countries will be wearing these devices.  Kids and "fatsos" too.  Those that can afford the best will have AppleWatches, but cheap...
I think you are drawing too stark of a line here. In some cyborgs (apparently like yourself) I'm sure that "desire", also known as "will power", is binary.  You either have it or you don't.  But in many humans (apparently unlike yourself) will power lives on a spectrum, and it waxes and wanes.  With the help of the appropriate social support, tools, and/or biofeedback mechanisms, will power can be boosted towards the higher end.  This has been thoroughly documented in...
It has never been a secret, that is true.  Some people know this and live this without any extra motivation.  But some people need a little bit more of a nudge and/or some bio-feedback.  Bio-feedback, in particular, has proven to be its own great motivator.  For instance, actually observing your resting heart-rate go down over time tends to get people excited and even more likely to stick with the program.  Weight helps too, once a great deal is lost, but it tends to be so...
More people need to realize that once the apps start pouring in, this wrist-worn computer won't be a watch.
Agree with much of what you said here. However, I'm pretty sure that a lot of the stories about this lately have referred to "live streaming" and not just "on demand".
 Certainly a possibility that you are right, maybe even a likelihood.  But I wouldn't have expressed the opinion as if I were the fount of all knowledge (like you just did).
 Having the same UI on a variable-sized rectangular piece of glass somewhere on your dash is hardly equivalent to having dashes that look "just like" each other.  Car companies will buy-in because discriminating iPhone owners will demand it or car-shop elsewhere.
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