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Exactly.  All things that are needlessly complicated to achieve with current dumb smart TVs, especially armed only with a laser pointing remote.
Well, not exactly.  Only the markets that involve some sort of problem that Apple believes it can come in and contribute a good strong solution for.  Steve Jobs and Tim Cook have both described that as being one of their criteria when deciding whether to enter a new market.  Why do I sense that you are writing this with disdain?
The current  TV is already priced low enough.  They are $69.  I bought 4 of them when they were $99. I would expect the new one, since it will likely involve hardware updates (better chips, better remote) to achieve the rumored objectives, to be a little more expensive than the $99 version.  I think that this is low-priced enough to cause a huge growth in  TV sales, provided it offers an App Store and the apps start coming.  There will also likely be ties into...
I absolutely do. Steve knew that the interface and content were the biggest issues. How to package them in hardware is important, but who doubts that Apple can easily do well at that? Steve was working on the interface magic.
Well, the ultimate model is if you make the content available to a much larger population, then you can drive the price really low and still make the same amount you are making now (where there are high prices but much fewer people paying them).  You know, the same model whereby inexpensive apps became the norm for smartphone users, resulting in hundreds of millions of downloads (for good apps) and made billionaires out of some "content owners".  If Apple can price both...
I know.   Dasanman69 doesn't think that an app store enabled  TV could make a dent in the console market.  I don't see how it possibly couldn't.
All of those game makers are going to have to make their games available for a much lower price in order to compete when a bazillion developers come out of the woodwork and make their own games available on the  TV App Store.  I don't see how it's possible to avoid the forthcoming dent. Thompson
I don't think anybody is saying that the gaming market needs destroying.  Some people seem to be saying that it is ripe for destruction and that the  TV should be viewed as a threat.  I'm in that camp.  Others disagree. Thompson
I disagree.  The iPhone/iPod Touch put a giant dent in the handheld gaming market by (1) resetting the value proposition of gaming titles via the App Store, and (2) providing the customer with an equivalent gaming experience integrated into a higher functional product. Why can't the  TV do the same thing?
Sure, but what about an interface that isn't tied to just what's visible on the screen?  What if you just want to view the latest episode of Game of Thrones without having to work your way through menus from wherever you are at the moment (such as playing a game from the  TV App Store)?  Can you make your laser pointing remote do that? You're not thinking of all of the huge possibilities here.
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