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 I carry a briefcase or gym bag from car to/from work/gym quite often, and meanwhile, in my right hand, I use my iPhone.  Wouldn't want to try that with a 6 plus.  I could think for a bit and come up with many more scenarios, but I don't want to sit here and try to convince you Thompson
 Well Apple started working on the watch three years ago.  I'd be willing to bet that they were still dead-set against a phablet at that point. Pretty much torpedoes the proposed "primary reason". Thompson
It depends on what firm these analysts work for and what their role is in it.  So some analysts can have positions (long or short, etc) in the stocks they cover, and others can't.  But regardless, if they do have positions, they are compelled to disclose the relevant positions for every communication they put out.  If they don't, they can get in deep, deep, doo-doo.  
I disagree 100% with both of you.   But then again... I already have mine.   
True. But I doubt it felt normal when those big phones were under that kind of stress in their tight pants pockets.Thompson
With the kind of force he had to exert, even on the 6 plus, my hunch is that if you are keeping it in a tight pocket and doing anything that is causing risk of bending, you will feel significant stress points on your thigh and hip, or wherever the phone's edges ride in your clothing.  Regardless, the discomfort should have been apparent.  In short, the folks that ended up with bent phones this way were ignoring warning signs.  99.99% of the population wouldn't be...
Ten million is huge. Of last year's nine million, a significant number did not sell through until weeks later.As Tim Cook said in this announcement, this year's sell-through was significantly higher than last year's.This should be well understood by now because of Cook's comments on last January's conference call, endless analyst coverage, and simple observation of last year's 5C broad availability at resellers.Some folks around here want to deny those things, and that...
Anybody that checked stock of 5C's at numerous online resellers last year (as did I) knew everything they needed to know to infer that the actual sell-through was much lower than the 9 million figure.  I don't care much for Munster's attempts at quantifying it, but he was right in principle.  And now you have a quote here from Tim basically saying the same thing.  This is what I was trying to say the other day on the other thread, and I even predicted that some analysts...
Isn't it obvious?  Tim knows that some onlookers may look at 10 million as a slight disappointment, given that it is only 10% higher than last year.  Last year's launch was different than any other launch in that the 5C did not sell out, and units sent to third party resellers are always included in the announced total.  (If there is broad sell-out, then there is no difference between shipped and sell-through.  Which is typical of iPhone launches.) The actual sell through...
Significantly more sell-through, according to Tim Cook.  That's because these phones are selling out, whereas last year, the 5C did not.   Gene Munster was qualitatively correct that last year's 9 million did not represent sell-through to the customer... although I wouldn't trust any number he pulls out for it.
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