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I believe that the 179M units in calendar 2014 is accurate.  It would require that the first 3 Qs only averaged 38.67M units, and I think that's correct.
Well, given all of their financial assets, there is probably some price at which Apple would come in and scoop up some shares whenever it touches that level, even if Apple had to hit the debt markets again.  That sets a floor, of sorts.  Unfortunately, we don't know what that number would be, so it is an unknown (and only temporary) floor.  So this is probably just an academic point instead of a useful one.  Thompson
Apple will keep running that huge Arizona sapphire plant without the GTAT name.  Why wouldn't they, unless you think they entirely scrapped whatever plans they had for it? Apple can just hire the employees that were going to do so anyway.  It seems like I am the only one on these threads suggesting that this is the likely outcome.  Perhaps that means that I am the crazy one and it ain't gonna happen.  Oh well, wouldn't be the first time.  :) Thompson
Apple already owns the plant.  they did the whole time.  They were leasing it to GTAT. Apple also already owns the equipment too, because that was the collateral for the GTAT loans. All Apple needs now is to hire whatever employees GTAT lays off (and hire away the top talent that doesn't get laid off).
Because they don't need to.  Apple already has everything they need from GTAT...   Factory?  Check.  Furnaces and other necessary equipment? Check.  Rights to use the IP?  Check. Apple can just hire the people that GT is going to have to lay off, and the "acquisition" is complete.
You are not catching my drift.  I'm saying that Apple SHOULD hire the talent if they want to proceed with their obviously large plans for sapphire.  They already OWN the factory (they were leasing it to GTAT).  They already OWN the furnaces (collateral on the loans).  The already have the rights to the IP (part of the original agreement).  Hiring the talent completes the "acquisition" without having to pay the original premium. Thompson
The factory belongs to Apple.  (They were leasing occupation to GTAT, who may end up leaving.) The furnaces inside belong to Apple.  (These were collateral on the loans, which may end up in default.) Apple has a right to the GTAT IP, and more rights in the future. Seems to me that Apple can press on with their plans and hire the necessary talent from the struggling GTAT. My thoughts are that the Arizona plant will remain open, and it will supply sapphire for watches and...
Why not just hire the talent?  Then hire the factory workers" they were intending on placing in Arizona anyway, and Arizona is pleased.  I see no need to buy the company.
Why can't Apple just hire the GTAT employees that are at risk of losing their jobs?  Why buy the company and then replace pieces you don't need.  Just acquire (hire) the talent you do.  Apple already has the factory, the furnaces (which were collateral of the loan) and rights to the IP.  Again, why "buy" the company outright.  You have what you need already, providing you can get the talent.
Supplying some number of jobs in Arizona was an obligation Apple agreed to when they opened that huge plant in Arizona in return for tax breaks.
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