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 I concur with both you and digitalclips, but I think you have a flaw in your argument.  When the iPhone was initially launched, it was not subsidized, and sales were relatively ho-hum.  This prompted Apple to reduce the price a bit, and sales improved modestly.  It wasn't until carrier subsidies hit with the iPhone 3G that sales really started taking off.  It turns out that there is a huge difference between paying $600 up front versus $200, even if you end up paying the...
 Fine, so under your scenario, the ultimate financial liability might by Real's, but Apple has more than just the $$$ on their minds.  They want the iPod user's experience to be top notch, and if the user experience includes songs that won't play, or worse yet, causes issues with the general operation of the iPod while songs are playing, then Apple's brand is on the line.  In other words, I am not the least bit swayed by your argument here.
 Well, first of all, I agree that savings from shipping costs are not the big deal here.  The big deal is that customers in the US have more $$$ to spend this holiday season due to lower energy costs, and a certain fraction of those savings will end up coming to Apple in the form of either more sales or at least upgraded purchases such as higher memory configurations.  I don't know whether the situation is similar at the gas pumps in other countries, so it's hard to get a...
Sure it is.  An iOS device has a secure element in the CPU, where the fingerprint information is stored and the compare is performed.  So even if the device is jailbroken, you still cannot hack the authentication process.  (Caveat: unless the user has previously hacked the OS to replace the authentication process itself with one of their own making.  See below.*)  A MacOS device currently does not run with an Apple designed processor with secure element, so Apple would...
Apple already eclipsed Microsoft's record if you just consider the dollar amounts.  But not so if adjusted for inflation, so I assume that's what you're getting at.  The problem there is that there are competing methods for adjusting for inflation, and their results often strongly vary.
I use "Control-C" often on my Mac.  I'm a developer and routinely use the Unix terminal, where I launch various command line processes.  If I want to terminate one early, I use "Control-C".   Did the fiction book you were reading, by any chance, say what the character was doing prior to using "Control-C"?  If it didn't specifically say, then it's not specifically wrong.
Not for me.  Oh, I will definitely get one, but I'll still be rockin' an iPhone of some kind indefinitely.  That's because 90% of what I use the iPhone for is web surfing and email.  I want a bigger screen for those things, so the watch just aint gonna cut it. Thompson
I'm not skeptical of that at all.  Amongst the set of people that would pay $5K for a high-end watch, I would venture to say that a large fraction of them are so wealthy that they consider that amount to be "peanuts" and would continue to replace it as often as they felt the need to flaunt their top-end status.
 Many people that have that kind of coin (for a watch) may not care about "resale value" and will probably just keep buying new "Editions" every couple of years as advancements happen, handing down the previous to family and/or friends.
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