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We are discussing the potential ramifications of a rumor on a rumor site.  Are there specific facts being misrepresented here? And by the way, Apple hasn't officially announced that there will be a new product category.  They promised in interviews over the last year that they are working on such and will show something this year.  If that's what you mean by "announced", then I agree.
And now we're all in agreement!  (I should have read the entire thread through first, rather than answering each comment as I came across it.  (Maybe this is my first rodeo!!!)
If they weren't ready for announce in June and sale by (say November), then the only thing that an announcement in September and sale by (say) February can tell you is that they are three months behind the schedule that you wish they met (and that they probably  wish they had met too).  That's it.  A few months is not that far.
I think that the previous poster's point was that Apple will probably have enough apps ready to provide a drool-worthy device on day one, even without third party developers, but he didn't say it would remain that way.  Third party development will certainly be greatly encouraged, for all the reasons you laid out, so the ecosystem flourishes that much more.  And it certainly won't take long.
If the rumor is true, the reason is as simple as it gets:  while Apple would love to have the new device available for the holidays, it simply isn't ready to meet the production schedule.  Why obfuscate the simple?  (<--- he said with irony)
OK, I can understand and respect your preference for not wanting a rumor to be referred to as "breaking".  However, I, for one, don't have a problem with using the word "breaking" as an adjective for a rumor that is fresh.  Reserving certain adjectives for use only with specific nouns reduces the flexibility of the English language.  But then, to each his own.
Go ahead and get your grandson a watch for his birthday.  Then get him the iWatch on Xmas, because he wants it like all his other friends do. Problem solved.  :)
In my opinion, the most difficult thing to reproduce in the iPhone was the user interface, not what you listed here.  It took years for Android to catch up. Same thing will happen here.  Apple is going to drop a bomb on the industry (again).
This is a rumor site.  Deal with the rumors or read something else.
It will have more features and get them ALL right.
New Posts  All Forums: