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If memory serves, Google got caught bypassing the user's privacy settings in Safari and gathering personal data anyway. This is significant enough, in my opinion, to  completely destroy your contentions that Google is just a tech company "doing its thing" and respects your privacy 100%.
I'm sure that Apple wishes they didn't have supply issues and could move the watches a lot faster than they are moving, but given the situation with low supply, I think they did the right thing with regard to the launch.  And I don't care whether some scalpers (like you) make some profit nor if Apple lets it happen.
Hmmm.  Not much she could have done given the supply chain issues that we now know about.  Can't really have a smooth launch of any kind WITHOUT PRODUCT.  Blame whomever else you want, but it wasn't Angela's doing.
What part of "one-time signing" bonus and "make-well" grant did you not understand? And besides that, she is not providing her services "to society", she is providing them to Apple.  Apparently, Apple values her skills and services 1,660 times (if we use your logic) more than they value yours.  It remains to be seen whether she makes such a difference as to recoup the value.  If so, then good for Apple.
Cheer up.  It's not your fault that your skills aren't insanely marketable.  
Get it over your hand?  Is that the way you're expected to put this band on?  Doesn't the end of the loop detach magnetically and then slide right out of the guide, allowing you to strap it on over your wrist, put it back through the guide, and then tighten/reattach? Serious questions.  Can you enlighten me regarding how that mechanism works, because apparently I've got the wrong vision.
The  primary functions of the  Watch will reveal themselves, once you have it and begin using it, as things that the iPod Nano could never do.  Telling the time is about as important to this device as making phone calls is to the iPhone... which is to say relatively low importance. What's 1.0 about it is that it comes with a host of "deficiencies" (don't worry Apple fans, I am a fan too, and I ordered an  Watch too) that will be addressed little by little as we move...
Your statement "Apple's 1.0 watch device is arguably the 6G iPod nano" pretty much ends the debate in my book.  There's no point going on when we are so far off in our understanding of things that we don't even agree on the premises, let alone the conclusion.
Yes, and there would be times when you were merely a passenger in a car and wanted to look at it. Disabling an  Watch based on GPS would likely be a very challenging problem, all things considered (like the two we mentioned above).  It's probably not even worth the attempt.  At some point, drivers just need to take responsibility.  Some won't, and there will be wrecks as a result, but probably not enough to raise it up to a major societal issue.
The "trees" are not new, but the "forest" certainly is. You are not seeing the forest for the trees.
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