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I think that YouTube is a different type of thing altogether and may be outside the exclusivity arrangements. Thompson
Hmmm, seems to me that: 2015 -> S model2016 -> New case, etc2017 -> S model2018 -> New case, etc
I was thinking the same thing.  Here's what my daughter said to me this morning:  "Daddy, did you hear about Apple's new music service?  Did you hear how Taylor Swift made them pay her to carry her music?" Sure, on the surface, that quote sounds just like all the other BS that today's media (as well as people on this very thread) is making of Taylor's "victory over Apple".  But this is just the knee-jerk, shallow interpretation of what just happened.  Media loves drama,...
I'm not into pop music and don't often listen to her stuff.  But as a musician myself and the father of two daughters that play Swift's music, I can clearly see that she is an incredibly gifted songwriter.  She writes all her own stuff, and she changes styles and themes almost effortlessly.  If you think her artistic talents are "pretty limited", then I have to wonder whether you've actually given her the benefit of the doubt.
The album in question is still generating hit after hit and selling like hotcakes!  You may not appreciate it, but tons of people worldwide do.  Her album is like the iPhone of albums, and you prefer Android (it's an analogy, don't flip)! If the music on that album were available for on demand streaming for 3 months, do you know how many record sales that would cost her?  A hell of a lot is the answer.  Now, how many of those listeners would go on to purchase the music...
I'm not a fan of pop music or country music, or any other type of music that Taylor Swift has put out so far.  But I have to admit that she is a sincere talent as both a songwriter and entertainer.  And she's got principles and morals to boot. This person isn't going to be leaving the music business for a very long time, and she's going to break a lot of records before she does leave too.
It will still be available for purchase on Tunes, so your rant is pretty much moot.  I don't have a problem with Taylor's stance on this issue.
I disagree with your third sentence.  Apple appears to run quite a few services at break-even in order to drive the ecosystem which, in turn, drives new device sales over time. However, it is true that most (if not all) of these music-streaming services are losing a significant amount of money.  Apple won't be doing that.  Thompson
 Free, unlimited and uncompressed?  I bet tens of millions of people would use that.  I think that would require way too much more storage.
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