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Well, when I imagine the conversations that were had when Apple approached these people for jobs (or, quite possibly, the other way around, doesn't matter) I see this:     (1) at some point, the employee told Apple about their existing contracts that didn't allow them to leave A123 for this particular job, or    (2) the employee never mentioned it and hoped to escape A123 without consequence I figure that (2) is unlikely.  But in the case of (2) Apple would be free and...
As Facebook is an outlier, I certainly wouldn't average it with the other three and then try to prove a point with that number.
All one really needs is food, water, and shelter.  The rest of what you obtain speaks to convenience, quality of life, and desire (and other things that aren't strictly "needs", I'm sure). So unless all of these people you are mentioning above live like Mahatma Ghandi, your arguments amount to nothing. Thompson
You will just hand your son the keys or key fob that came with your car.However, for a lot of other reasons (posted earlier in this thread) I do agree that the car key idea seems like a bogus use case, but that doesn't confirm that there will be no real ones. I am already looking forward to just laying my wrist on a payment terminal and walking away. I'm sure that with all of the app development going on right now, more use cases will be revealed.
Well, the way the original poster phrased it, it sounded like he meant it charged persistently while in use, i.e. while it was just sitting there in your pocket. As if he were suggesting remote wireless charging wherever it may be, which, of course, I didn't believe.My Infiniti fob has averaged about 3.5 years per battery, and I think it's great.
And for me.
"Lugging" your fob? Leaving it inside your car? (Have you ever tried that?). Fishing for your phone? Looking at your watch?It's getting very hard to believe that you have a G35 with this type of system.
How does that work?
Sog, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Leave a fob in your car in a special place?Have you ever had one of these fobs? Your car beeps at you and refuses to lock your door when you leave a fob in it, thinking you must have inadvertently left it behind and may lock yourself out. You can try again, and it will obey, but it could get annoying if you had to do so each time. It doesn't count fobs (such as when you and my wife are traveling together and...
Oh, to be sure, I love the AppleWatch. I want the AppleWatch. I will HAVE the AppleWatch! I'm just pointing out that since I'll be carrying my key fob with me anyway, and it is doing its job wherever it is on my person, then this feature that Tim Cook is touting is redundant and therefore useless to me. If you have lived with this capability for seven years as I have (giving my key fob to valets, car wash attendants, battery life of 3.5 years with months of low bat...
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