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Just curious as to why this is a hardware solution, rather than a software one? Are the Hues using a propriety hardware level communication method?
I hope they don't, since it would potentially put them in a position of conflict of interest? I wonder whether this rumour is meant more to scare the companies into negotiating better deals?
They could have, but given the incremental upgrade they provided the MBP, I suspect they were taking the safe approach of introducing USB-C to market? Also, given the MBP's user base and the lack of availability of USB-C based devices on the market, it would mean not need to sacrifice port real-estate to make room or try finding extra space otherwise. I am guessing that the Skylake based MacBook Pros will offer some real tangible points of evolution. I am saying this based...
I hope the experience is not the same as CDMA and that I don't need to call a number to have it changed. I want it to be easy to switch SIM cards when travelling, even in a country where don't speak the local language. Whatever solution they go with should not require some central entity, should be hard to replicate and should be easy to do with an authorised store. It should also allow me to have multiple e-SIMs. Like others I'll hold judgement, but they better not...
That is annoying, but it never really supported large audio libraries too well. Can anyone suggest good alternatives?
Or just get the app by the same name. IMO, it is one of the better ones out there and it covers so many cities - disclaimer: no financial interests in the app and no idea how the developers cover their costs.With the availability of so much open data, such as via GTFS, dealing with public transport time tables and routing is so much easier and accessible to developers.I am really surprised Apple took so long, but I suppose getting Apple Maps stable was their first...
So simply it won't work on devices that are no longer supported by their own manufacturers, following Google dropping 'legacy' YouTube support. It sucks, but I suppose it was going to happen at some point?
Tim is an American citizen, standing up for what he believes in, in a country where he is resident and has voting rights. To get involved in other countries laws would be complicated at best. Sometimes you have to pick your battles.
We may see an adjustment of the MacBook line next year, with the MacBook Air being replace by the MacBook 13". It would be more of a rebranding with style adjustments. One advantage of not overhauling the MacBook Air too much this year is giving the new MacBook a clear product categorisation, and selling point, and testing the acceptance of the device before doing the same things to the MacBook Air line. 
I am hoping that the new MacBook USB-C connector will be the same story as the original iMac USB connector. Basically the handicap will be the driving factor to get third parties making hardware to fill in the gap and then this will be picked up both other computer makers. Given this connector is not Apple specific, and may be tempting for other "Ultrabook" manufacturers, there may be incentive to create a product base that can be used by other computer systems. Also,...
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