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I don't think they can afford to remove it, since people would be up in arms for existing stuff. Hopefully the move will only impact new and maintained stuff.
I am no audiophile, so I would make do with the best average. At the same time, a proper test would spell out all components used in the test, including: - headphones used - music used and mastering condition of music - location which the test was performed in To be fair you need something that shows minimal external interference. Mastering of music, from what I understand, can shift the audio to something good for one type of source type, to something that just ruins a...
I am wondering the same. Hopefully it is not relegated to some service entrance? Then again, I would be curious how many of the Apple stores are properly accessible to wheel chair access?
Given the success of the ARM, I am curious as to why Intel doesn't join the fray? I can imagine a number of reasons, but the main ones is fear of diluting their offering and branding? At the same time where are Intel's serious competitors to the ARM's benefit of more processing capability per megawatt. Even datacenters are going to want to cut their power usage at some point, while maintaining processing capability.
@jason98: Flash strength is only part of the problem. Flash position is the other. Flash works best when it is offset from the subject, rather than being directed directly on the subject. Having the flash as a separate unit allows for it be directed as needed. Also, the battery requirements for a flash unit are generally a consideration.
Does anyone know if Google Wallet or ApplePay have any plans to support debit cards?
I really didn't think "OS X" could get much flatter. I am starting to get echos of Ubuntu Unity or RiscOS (something from the early 90s). I know I am going to have to get used it, but the UI is staring to feel more and more amateur the more it evolves.   I am just worried that we will end up with a full grayscale or two tone UI when it comes to MacOS X 10.12.   I suppose it could be worse: it could be Metro.   /Rant off
I thought that it may have been specified somewhere and that looking on a real device wasn't needed. If that's the only to find out, then update the thread when the info is available - thanks :) 
Does anyone know if the actual non-storage memory (RAM) size of the iPad were specified or identified? All I am finding are sites speculating and Apple's website doesn't list that in the specs.
It is worrying that a national economy can be so easily toppled by one multi-national. On one hand it shows how amazing Apple's impact is and on the other how fragile a national economy can be.   Being too comfortable in business is rarely a good thing and indicator that some change should be made, otherwise some external change will be the one to take advantage of the situation. For me, taking too few chances is as bad to taking too many. The difference is the...
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