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I would be curious to see how energy efficient the building is. In the summer this is likely to act as a green house and in the winter glass is generally worse than traditional walls for insulation.   Edit: Ah, there is mention on page 196 of the document.
It is quite possible they meant something designed for the Mac as the primary platform? We would have to ask them to clarify.On top of all that, PixelMator has the advantage that it is affordable, without the need of a business budget. The only thing I don't know is whether photographers would consider the feature set good enough to compete with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? I would be interested in finding out.
I doubt very much that this is about plagiarism. What this is most likely about, is ensuring that app developers are not simply making stuff up and if something is inaccurate at least show where this inaccurate information was taken from. This is no different than Wikipedia or a science paper. Apple doesn't want to be held responsible for someone's death or injury, due to medical advice that wasn't based in a reputable or accepted source. This is actually good for...
This may be okay for default set-up, but hopefully it would be easy to over-ride. Not everyone who lives in a given area is from that location, so does not necessarily have a local accent. This is even more true with people who travel or are expats. This reminds me of another thing that gets on my nerves: you are logged into a website that is in English in your home country, for example, and you have specified English as your native language in your site profile, but the...
I am curious to know what method they are using to make the champagne colour. I doubt they would be using actual gold, so I am wondering whether the process shares anything with what is described here: http://www.seas.harvard.edu/news/2012/10/applied-physics-art While the article describes changing the colour of gold, I suspect this could be applied to other metals?
Does anyone know if the outer case is in metal? I hope they aren't using any plastic for the outer shell.
If Apple doesn't make iTunes available for Windows 8, with touch UI, then there is a void someone else can come in and fill. Maybe Microsoft could collaborate with a company such as Amazon?
It is a text entry issue to do with length in the text and possibly based on word wrap. This assumption is based on the fact that the issue happens in portrait rotation, but not in landscape rotation.
VirtnetX describes themselves as a patent holding company. Is this just another patent troll then?
I thought this was the approach taken at Apple, ever since the first Mac?
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