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Does anyone know if the actual non-storage memory (RAM) size of the iPad were specified or identified? All I am finding are sites speculating and Apple's website doesn't list that in the specs.
It is worrying that a national economy can be so easily toppled by one multi-national. On one hand it shows how amazing Apple's impact is and on the other how fragile a national economy can be.   Being too comfortable in business is rarely a good thing and indicator that some change should be made, otherwise some external change will be the one to take advantage of the situation. For me, taking too few chances is as bad to taking too many. The difference is the...
Before even considering whether this could be true, I would be curious to know what the current yield is for screens with those specs?
I would love to see an option to simply filter out these games from my view of the store. They just feel slimy, more like bait and switch. If enough people start filtering these out, and Apple shares the numbers, maybe developers would get the message? At the same time I would like to see a category for software that is downloaded as trial, but includes an option to pay to unlock the full package, much like shareware did in the past. Not sure how this could work though,...
It wasn't always there. I am definitely happy it is now. The next set of labels they could add include:   - Subscription  - Pay to Unlock  - Episodic DLC  - Nickel and dime The first three don't bother me, so much, though the last one is what really gets to me. Examples of the last category include the Smurfs and Skylanders. They are abominations that take the fun out of 'escapism'. I can't enjoy a game if I have to be worrying about what impact it is going to have on my...
This is very cool, though remember you still need someone with any eye for the shot. It certainly does show you that you can achieve impressive results with relatively affordable hardware. The iPhone might not be cheap for a phone, but for a professional video system it is pocket change.
Its just a generic view, for my LG (non-4K) I have it displayed, but I still have the dimensions listed. BTW I am wondering whether holding down the option key will show dimensions for 4K monitors. Also, they probably changed from dimension to visual samples, because the numbers are probably so big that they don't mean much to non-techies.
Retracted comment. Reread the article. Nothing to stress over.
I read the headline and wonder whether I could simply suggest that the iWatch could include pixie dust?   Sure it could include a UV sensor, but at this point there doesn't seem any credible evidence and sound more like a way of temporarily boosting the stock value of the Texas based company mentioned in the article.
I would be curious to see how energy efficient the building is. In the summer this is likely to act as a green house and in the winter glass is generally worse than traditional walls for insulation.   Edit: Ah, there is mention on page 196 of the document.
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