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It is a text entry issue to do with length in the text and possibly based on word wrap. This assumption is based on the fact that the issue happens in portrait rotation, but not in landscape rotation.
VirtnetX describes themselves as a patent holding company. Is this just another patent troll then?
I thought this was the approach taken at Apple, ever since the first Mac?
This could simply indicate that iOS users surf the web more than users of other platforms. For example, up to now I doubt Blackberry was a decent device to surf the web.?
Variability exists in both use of electricity and production of electricity. This addresses the issue of where more electricity is being produced than consumed. Storage of electricity is generally a weak part of modern designs. Maybe this is better than the alternatives.
Maybe is this is a new option in recent shipments?
Nothing wrong 'recreational' tablets, especially if people are interested in them and buy them.
You can still have cash counter at the store, though this allows sellers to deal with customers directly if they don't need cash.
We just need to point to OLE ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object_Linking_and_Embedding ), which was first defined in 1990 and used by Microsoft in most of their office products.
Not being a comms guy, is this an indication that there is no one chip to cover all the various implementations and that adding multiple chips would have been too complicated? Hopefully the iPhone 5s, when it comes out, will address this, since as a user I shouldn't need to wrap my head around where my phone is 4G and where it isn't. Edit: Just read up on something called SDR. Is the logic for dealing with encoding and decoding hardware based or now in software?
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