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I would be curious to know which other products, from companies other than Apple, will be affected?
Worse than that, is the readers who also believe its a serious newspaper
Its said often that Apple has DRM on its music because of big media. Fair enough. This got me wondering whether an independent music label can ask Apple to sell its music without DRM, much in the same way that eMusic? If they can't then Apple has more to answer for than orginally though. I would be curious if anyone manages to get an answer to this question.
Apple is the focus because they are the most dominent company selling digital downloadable music online. The focus should include the media companies and the restrictions they require. Apple is playing along because it is in their interest (they make money), and they are probably being very careful not to upset big media. On the other hand I would be curious whether an independent label can ask Apple to sell its music without DRM on it? If the answer is no, then Apple...
It may be unfair that the celebraties are getting free Macs, but just see it as cheap advertising. In most cases its pocket money to the celebraties, so its not as if it makes much of a difference. To most buyers it is a lot of cash, but when you promote you want to gain the most attention.
Question is whether the slow down of iPods is down to someone else eating into Apple's market, or whether there is a general slow down of sales of mp3 players, maybe because of market saturation?
Should that be BTO (Build to Order), or does CTO stand for something else? I can only think of 'Chief Technical Officer'.
Well given the issues Apple is already having with MacBook Pros, I think that not pushing the machine to the limits is probably a good thing to do. Of course there is nothing stopping you from overclocking your machine, at your own risk. I don't believe finding out your computer is better than advertised is false advertising.
Another note, don't forget that Safari is based on WebKit (open source), which is a branch of kHTML. People are working hard to improve compatibility and even making it available to other platforms - the core engine that is.
I am actually curious to know how they get these stats, since if its usage statistics, then these will vary depending on the web site. Different web sites attract different types of customers, one set could contain a larger number of Mac users relative to another. For example imagine how skewed it would be if it was Appleinsider reporting their usage stats.
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