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Should that be BTO (Build to Order), or does CTO stand for something else? I can only think of 'Chief Technical Officer'.
Well given the issues Apple is already having with MacBook Pros, I think that not pushing the machine to the limits is probably a good thing to do. Of course there is nothing stopping you from overclocking your machine, at your own risk. I don't believe finding out your computer is better than advertised is false advertising.
Another note, don't forget that Safari is based on WebKit (open source), which is a branch of kHTML. People are working hard to improve compatibility and even making it available to other platforms - the core engine that is.
I am actually curious to know how they get these stats, since if its usage statistics, then these will vary depending on the web site. Different web sites attract different types of customers, one set could contain a larger number of Mac users relative to another. For example imagine how skewed it would be if it was Appleinsider reporting their usage stats.
For those of you with Intel Macs, who would want to run MS-Windows, without dual booting there is Parallels Workstation: http://www.parallels.com/
The trick in any corporation writing this sort of response letter is balancing out the legal requirements, that the common litigating trolls in the system force on companies, and providing good PR. Its hard to know what to put into this sort of response letter. In most cases these letters will be read by people with a bit more life experience to realise that shit happens. But in this case a young girl was confronted with a letter that in many ways was not tailored for...
The VPN market is certainly something they need to start taking into account. I can download a free Windows Remote Desktop client, for Mac or PC and use it to access my PC at work. On the other hand I can't do the same with the Apple Remote Desktop, since I need to buy both components, that is client and server Until then I will use VNC.
One thing that needs to everyone here: are you using an Apple Mac for the hardware, the OS, or both? I know I am using it for both. If I really wanted to spend my time running Windows, then I wouldn't need the Apple hardware. I like the way my system runs, that it is quick to go to sleep and wake up. Last thing I want to do is use Windows, unless I have some dire emergency. You'll see me grumbling to the developer of the software if I do find myself having to do that,...
Supported as in works with, not as in we will help you.
Not too much of a risky game. If Apple hadn't done it someone else would have. At least by Apple doing it they have a chance of winning some good will points. Apple is a hardware manufacturer above all, even if they do have one of the nicest OSs out there, IMHO.
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