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Does anyone know of an IPv6 tunnel brokers that play nicely with the Apple Airport, using the manual configuration and a dynamic IPv4 address?   I have previously been using IPv6 via 6to4, but this stopped working when my ISP decided they wanted to put another router in front of mine, that blocks protocol 40. So now I am left using a tunnel with Hurricane Electric, but this was working until my router changed address. For this reason I am looking for another tunnel...
I am unimpressed by this. Other than using Thunderbolt to connect to the host system, it really doesn't seem offer more than this USB based solution: http://www.frontierpc.com/networking/kvm-switchboxes/kvm-switch/startech/startech-com-2-port-usb-dvi-kvm-switch-kit-w-cables-sv211kdvi-1011615655.html
Have you raised a support ticket with the sites? Given that both Chrome and Safari are Webkit based, I am not sure what could be the problem. BTW try clearing all your cookies in Safari. Some sites get in a funny state with old cookies.
I am not sure I want to go back to the way things worked with CDMA. The SIM card is still the better compromise, IMHO. If you do a lot if travelling you will realise the benefits of simply being able to switch out the SIM card and go with whatever local operator there is.
This is only once you open the box. The problem is with the advertising that try to sell a feature that is unusable in the geography. In Australia it is effectively a 3G device. This is part if the problem when a specification I a Lipitor loose on what can be a GSM 4G device.
Exactly. Not 'pissing off' users and congressmen is probably higher on their list of priorities. If the developer is actining as a low life, then I am sure we can afford to lose them?
On their own neither is associated to a person, but once you have logged in for a service they can associate the two. Then with other applications that don't require login they can make a certain correlation. They can even start linking account relationships based on this ID. Preventing access to MAC address would useful too.
Apple came up with the iPod, but was by no means the first MP3 player. What they did was make it smaller and better than what was already on the market.
Given the type of character Steve Jobs had, the situation at least caused him to find a bit of humility and also create NeXT. In that way John Sculley invariably did a good thing.
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