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Maybe is this is a new option in recent shipments?
Nothing wrong 'recreational' tablets, especially if people are interested in them and buy them.
You can still have cash counter at the store, though this allows sellers to deal with customers directly if they don't need cash.
We just need to point to OLE ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object_Linking_and_Embedding ), which was first defined in 1990 and used by Microsoft in most of their office products.
Not being a comms guy, is this an indication that there is no one chip to cover all the various implementations and that adding multiple chips would have been too complicated? Hopefully the iPhone 5s, when it comes out, will address this, since as a user I shouldn't need to wrap my head around where my phone is 4G and where it isn't. Edit: Just read up on something called SDR. Is the logic for dealing with encoding and decoding hardware based or now in software?
I haven't seen a good NFC solution yet, other than curiosities. It may come into its own, but some things probably need to be ready before that happens. The same thing can probably be said for wireless charging. Are there any USB compatible wireless charging mats out there yet?
  Indeed. On the hand, Google Chrome is probably a suitable alternative if this is indeed the case, since it is also Webkit based.
Does anyone know of an IPv6 tunnel brokers that play nicely with the Apple Airport, using the manual configuration and a dynamic IPv4 address?   I have previously been using IPv6 via 6to4, but this stopped working when my ISP decided they wanted to put another router in front of mine, that blocks protocol 40. So now I am left using a tunnel with Hurricane Electric, but this was working until my router changed address. For this reason I am looking for another tunnel...
I am unimpressed by this. Other than using Thunderbolt to connect to the host system, it really doesn't seem offer more than this USB based solution: http://www.frontierpc.com/networking/kvm-switchboxes/kvm-switch/startech/startech-com-2-port-usb-dvi-kvm-switch-kit-w-cables-sv211kdvi-1011615655.html
Have you raised a support ticket with the sites? Given that both Chrome and Safari are Webkit based, I am not sure what could be the problem. BTW try clearing all your cookies in Safari. Some sites get in a funny state with old cookies.
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