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I'm surprised that the music lables did not allow Apple to have an ANZ (Australia, New Zealand) licensing agreement, since in many ways New Zealand depends on Australia for much of its direct imports.
They probably don't want to try porting CS2 to MacOS X Intel simply because they are already in the development phase of CS3. When you have a limited number of resources you want to concentrate them on the project which is going to have the most benefit. Something else to mention is that the power horses of the Apple line are still PowerPC only. These are the computers that most media developers are using at the moment and until these are Intel based, Adobe probably...
This is a delicate issue for Apple. They have the most liberal DRM around (it is still DRM none the less) and yet like all DRM around it is only effective on systems with which control is applied. Even if Apple did want to support this bill, they have their hands tied by the media companies who produce the content that Apple sells.The music industry would sooner stop selling to Apple, for breach of contract if they removed DRM. I have always been with the approach...
Maybe Apple needs to rate its media events, so that people know whether to get excited or not, otherwise you have some journalist expecting every presentation Apple makes to be something special.
Yes and no. There will always be people willing to put up with ads, for 'free' content and others who just want to watch what they want without having to put up with adverts. The truth is this gives the media companies the ability of trying to please everyone and still make money at the same time. The only thing is that they want to stop me recording a show on TV, just because I couldn't be there to see it at the time.
I have a friend who is tempted to buy a PowerMac G5, for running Maya, though he has the choice of 2.3GHz and the 2.5GHz. The are exactly the same except for the processor and the front side bus. Yet there is a difference in price of $1000 CAD, which brings it slightly past his budget. How much of a difference does the 0.2GHz difference work out in real world applications, such as Maya? Is it worth breaking the bank?
Why not make a phone that support's both, unless Apple has applied some sort of limitation there?
cmoney: what VPN client is it? Maybe there is an alernative?
Having WINE ported to the Mac is great news. At the same time I hope it won't stop companies making an effort to port to the Mac. I say this because Windows offers a different user experience in terms of UI design and in the way things are used. I would consider WINE as a stop-gap solution and not an excuse for companies not porting their software. If I ever hear a company say 'well why not use WINE to run our software?', as an excsuse for not doiing the work. I will...
I wrote to Equinux, the company develops VPN tracker, and this is a reply they gave me: "Aventail is using SSL encapsulation, we are using IPSec, these two are worlds apart. IPSec is several layers lower than SSL and works completely differently. So this is a no go." Its what I suspected, but at least I know for sure.
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