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Why not make a phone that support's both, unless Apple has applied some sort of limitation there?
cmoney: what VPN client is it? Maybe there is an alernative?
Having WINE ported to the Mac is great news. At the same time I hope it won't stop companies making an effort to port to the Mac. I say this because Windows offers a different user experience in terms of UI design and in the way things are used. I would consider WINE as a stop-gap solution and not an excuse for companies not porting their software. If I ever hear a company say 'well why not use WINE to run our software?', as an excsuse for not doiing the work. I will...
I wrote to Equinux, the company develops VPN tracker, and this is a reply they gave me: "Aventail is using SSL encapsulation, we are using IPSec, these two are worlds apart. IPSec is several layers lower than SSL and works completely differently. So this is a no go." Its what I suspected, but at least I know for sure.
I have tried disk utility, but without much luck.
Well if the UI is password protected, then it posses no more risk than having to use the 'proper' tool to access it. Also the UI doesn't suffer if Apple doesn't decide to update the "OS X" based update tool.
Does anyone know how I can view the PC section of a CD-ROM? I have a CD that has both software for the Mac and the PC, but I can only see the Mac stuff on my Mac. I want to be able to get at the PC stuff without having to resort to a PC. Any ideas?
It allows you to conifgure the device from any computer, whether or not they have the necessary configuration tool installed. Its also much of a norm in home wireless routers these days.
Not really an issue for me, but wish they would have offered ine.
I have just bought myself an Airport Express and after a little fiddling around and a little screw up due to using the wrong WEP password, I got it working as a client to my already established wireless network. The only thing that seems to be missing is a web UI for administering the thing, as I am used to with the solutions from Belkin and Linksys. Does it have a web interface that I am not finding?
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