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One issue on the Mac is driver support and then iChat only supporting DV video sources. This may all change though with the new Macs inlcuding built in video. Also, video is going to available throug Skype and libgaim eventually. The only problem with libgaim, is that most of the chat client developers are even drawing up plans for video or voice integration. So all that is to say is that the Mac software needs a little bit of work being done on the voice and video...
Another nice thing with flip4mac that we never got with WMP is that we can now play WMA streams in iTunes Try some of them from http://www.surfmusic.de Edit: scratch that, looks the one I tried were actually MPEG stream. I tried some others which were WMA and they didn't work.
Does Apple have the 'family'pricing plan for iWorks?
The one thing iChat has going for it over Adium is support for voice and video chat.
Have you let the developers of Flip4Mac know? ( There is a support forum for this )This is so true. Like it or not String Windows Media is on so many sites, whether we like it or not. We just have to live with the beast until the sites are given a viable option for change - remember things they have to take into account: availability of player installed standard (or almost standard) and ease of use of getting the server software running and streaming.
Two other players worth checking out, that play a certain number of WMV files are VLC and MPlayer OS X.
We have all been waiting for it (well I have at least) and from the looks of it Google Earth for the Mac is finally here!!! see Announcement. I wish I had found out last night, since now I have to wait until I get home to try it out.
By having Adobe as a separate company there is real competition and incentive for Apple. It is nice to see that Adobe is planning on offering some competition to Aperture, if only to force Apple to work harder on the product. On the other hand if either of them manage to get the new product working on lower powered computers then that will be a big plus.
I totally agree that cost was not the factor in moving to the Intel chip. The reason has always been the power consumption issues with regard to the CPUs used in the PowerBooks. As to which Macs will be first to be make the switch I believe the portables and the consumer computers would be first to go. Because of the type of applications that usually run on the XServes, I am not so sure that a move to Intel would make a difference straight away. For high performance...
New Posts  All Forums: