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My company uses an SSL based solution from Aventail (see posting above). So far no luck with the suggested software.
I will take a look at the above solutions. Though it would be nice for Apple to provide something on the client end of things.
I will take a look at that. My company is using a solution from Aventail (http://www.aventail.com/ ), for the VPN, though I haven't been able to find anything on the Mac side that would allow me to connect to it.
From what I can tell MacOS X comes with no software that allows you to create a network tunnel or VPN. I have looked around and there aren't many friendly solutions out there. CISCO provides a fairly easy to use UI, but the company I am working at does not use CISCO for there VPN. In fact our company use an SSL based solution and I am having difficulty working out what to do. Two questions, is there any software around that would allow me to do that and would you want...
If you don't already own the Apple products then there are competing ones you can look at. Then again Adobe seems to be doing something similar, and the pricing is not that much different from Apple's. I am guessing that they are probably trying to make the different tools work closer together. Think iLife for professionals.
One issue on the Mac is driver support and then iChat only supporting DV video sources. This may all change though with the new Macs inlcuding built in video. Also, video is going to available throug Skype and libgaim eventually. The only problem with libgaim, is that most of the chat client developers are even drawing up plans for video or voice integration. So all that is to say is that the Mac software needs a little bit of work being done on the voice and video...
Another nice thing with flip4mac that we never got with WMP is that we can now play WMA streams in iTunes Try some of them from http://www.surfmusic.de Edit: scratch that, looks the one I tried were actually MPEG stream. I tried some others which were WMA and they didn't work.
Does Apple have the 'family'pricing plan for iWorks?
The one thing iChat has going for it over Adium is support for voice and video chat.
Have you let the developers of Flip4Mac know? ( There is a support forum for this )This is so true. Like it or not String Windows Media is on so many sites, whether we like it or not. We just have to live with the beast until the sites are given a viable option for change - remember things they have to take into account: availability of player installed standard (or almost standard) and ease of use of getting the server software running and streaming.
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