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I totally agree that cost was not the factor in moving to the Intel chip. The reason has always been the power consumption issues with regard to the CPUs used in the PowerBooks. As to which Macs will be first to be make the switch I believe the portables and the consumer computers would be first to go. Because of the type of applications that usually run on the XServes, I am not so sure that a move to Intel would make a difference straight away. For high performance...
That sounds like the arrogance that would help lose the next battle. As long as Creative is still making money they still have a running chance. If Apple took the same attitude that you do then it would mean that the iPod would be sunk in the next cycle. In the market place you always have to act as if you might lose the next battle and do everything to try to win it.
Wasn't there one with the march of death sound? I can't seem to remember which one it was.
What on earth are you talking about? Any media player that supports MP3s supports podcasts. Podcasts are not an iPod centric technology.
A guy sells a a totally ridiculous product, so it he crazy? Maybe. A whole bunch of people buy the totally ridiculous product? Are they crazy? Maybe, but at least the salesman does not seem so crazy anymore. That's business. Apple's price scheme might be crazy, but it hasn't stopped people from buying their products. Not everyone perceives pricing in the same way. No one is forcing you to buy from the Apple Store. As an alternative you can always buy the episodes on...
Actually I think I was being a little conservative and that a time scale greater than four months would be more realistic. What will be interesting is to see how the market, and the stock market, reacts to a line of computers that has two types of chips.
Given everything that we are hearing, I wonder whether the first generation x86 Macs will be limited to non-PowerMac and to portables. The reason I say this is because the current high end PPC chips are filling in well the needs of the "extreme power users". What the PPC is failing to get right at the moment is performance with a lower power consumption, something that is critical for portable computers. I am not sure that it would be wise to move the whole line in one...
One thing I would like for them to get right is their bluetooth support. Ever tried sending your address book over to your computer? One thing they did get right is adding a mini-USB socket for charging and cabled data transfer. One universal connector. About time someone did this.
Don't get me into that argument. Did CDs every come down to the price of cassettes, even once they had paid off their new manufacturing facilities? In the end what the customer pays doesn't always correspond to the price of the materials going into the product.
Don't forget Apple wants to be as cutting edge as reasonably possible. For this reason I don't necessarily see lower priced Macs in general and I find it difficult to imagine Apple having Intel design its boards. What we might see on the other hand is the Mac mini being more affordable. Apple has a very strong engineering team and they are likely to want to have as much control as possible with regards to motherboard design. This is based on the premise that Apple...
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