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How about AM/FM radio? Europe and elsewhere in the world there are still plenty of people who listen to analogue radio. There are still plenty of people who use the radio to listen to the football (soccer in the USA) matches. Sure there is a very slow move to digital radio, but terrestial radio is still here.
Sounds good. Although you could consider this as costing Apple nothing when compared to the salaries being made, it is always nice to get a freebie, especially when it is more than a simple desk ornament, that simply serves as static advertising. With this freebie you don't feel like you are just getting the what's left of the marketing department's budget One thing that hit me is that when you compare the price of the iPod shuffle to USB memory sticks, it is great...
Well I suppose a five star rating with that disclaimer is fine. After all I don't think any company would list their product as "1 star, because we prefer the competitions's offerings".
The exact is text is: "QuickTime and TIFF (LZW) decompressor are needed to see this picture" As indicated in the referred thread it is not the lack of Quicktime that is the issue, since the systems tested had a full install of Quicktime. Office documents uses embeded data types and basically use what is put in them and it uses OLE to handle those embeds. Quicktime on the Windows side either does not provide an OLE container or fails to support compressed PICTs. I...
Currently in MacOS X up to 10.3.x there is an issue which affects Office. Basically images which where copied from a Cocoa application and pasted into Word, Powerpoint, etc, show up as 'Quicktime needed' images on the PC side - you can read a thread on this issue. What I would like to know is whether any changes have been made in MacOS X Tiger, that mean PICTs on the clipboard are no longer compressed? Thus visible on the PC side in a Word document?
Hmm, this sounds like a good idea, but I would rather the facility offered a list of places to buy from. Had this been Microsoft offering a facility to buy cartridges from the MS Store then everyone would be up in arms, so why should it be any different for Apple?
For those of you not wanting to follow the links: Jabber, which is supported by Fire (amongst others), is yet another instant messenger (IM) solution, but with a difference. Instead of connecting to a single central IM provider, such as Yahoo, MSN or ICQ, each domain can provide their own server, in much the same way as e-mail. Imagine you have a company with an address myco.com, your address would be at myco.com, for example claire@myco.com. If you then want to chat with...
Based on factors of elimination it was the only answer I could find. A search on the web does not reveal any such combo cards, so there is maybe another possibility?
Maybe a combo bluetooth/wi-fi card?
what diagram? where?
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