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I lost faith in the cartel long ago. There have been a number of CDs that I wanted to buy recently, but they ended staying on the shelf. I've asked several stores if I can't get the CD working on my computer, and hence MP3 player, whether I can bring it back and the answers all have been a resounding 'no'. In a number of cases I found the sellers siding with my point of view, but not being able to do anything due to store policy. With a personal collection of 100+ CDs,...
Now that I have on myself: keeping the heat down. Wow does that 15" get hot sitting on your lap.
Of course, but we need to find the faults at Apple, in order to bash the competition more effectively.
The computer and record industries really need to see where we are going with DRM and future formats. A few thing to note about the formats: - AAC is owned by Dolby, and is part of the MPEG4 specification, and Apple has slapped on Fairplay. Currently in this form will only play on iPods - Atrac which is owned by Sony, with Sony DRM. Currently will only play on Sony media players, originally developed for the Mini-disc player. - WMA is owned by Microsoft with...
I have recently started listening to podcasts and while browsing the available selection came across one or two that weren't in English. There is nothing evident indicating the language they are in. Throwing them all into an "international" category is not really a solution either, since it removes the genre which more suited to them and is narrow minded when looking at the bigger picture. Would a language indicator be something that people would like to see next to tracks?
Visiting the various iTunes music stores I noticed two things: - Not all stores are in the local language of the country, for example the Finnish is in English - the display language for the store also appears to be independent to the language being used by the user's environment (I switched my environment to Finnish and restarted iTunes, but no difference). - The main pages feel very Anglo oriented, with very little, to none, in the way of local artists appearing on...
Hadn't realised. Shows that the /. crowd just don't understand the general public when it comes to technology.
It depends on their marketing. If Apple feels that there is more demand for a given player and that there isn't room for both of them, the they will either kill the least fit product or improve it too. What I tend to find interesting is the difference in what I sometimes read on Apple related forums and what I see in public. For example a lot of techies say that the iPod shuffle is a dead product, yet I see a fair few people using them. The people using them tend to be...
See them more as revisions, rather than great new products. The great new products tend to come out at developer conferences or Apple Expos. This announcement is happening at neither, so it is hardly surprising nothing spectacular got announced.
Given the current line up of PowerBooks, what is the one feature that you would want to change or add? For me it would be increasing the screen resolution of the 17".
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