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what diagram? where?
You'll probably find the the iMac will be like a car. Its user-servicable, but most users would rather take it to the specialist. But at least the option is there. Also user-serviceable also makes it easier for the specialist to do his/her job.
Exclusive content is probably rare, but its not what's important. When you walk down the street you get to buy your music from any number of stores, whether it be for price, service or trust. Why should it be any different on line?
Talking of poorly designed UIs, has anyone taken a look at Sony Connect's client for MS-Windows? That really looks bad.
So you're telling me that you bought a JVC TV set and only expect to get transmissions from JVC, or that you bought a Panasonic CD player from Amazon and therefore should only be buying your music from Amazon or Panasonic? Since when does anyone buy a device and then expect not to have the right to choose what they do with it afterwards?
The issue is that of DRM. The companies want to be in a position to make money and please the recond companies. DRM works for them, as long as they are in control of it. In the long run, what hurts customers hurts competing vendors. Myself I will not buy any DRM music, since it limits where and how I can listen to my music. Nor will I buy 'copy protected' CDs that also limit the manner in which I can listen to my music. This means online stores, such as iTunes and Sony...
One thing that has started to get to me is that the resolution of Apple's LCD screen is low, for their size. I have a friend who bought himself a Toshiba laptop recently and its the size of the pixels were that much smaller than the top of line PowerBook. When doing photography editing on the road two things matter to me when it comes to the screen: dot pitch & colour range. I am I the only one who feels that Apple is missing something here?
A bit more hunting reveals some bad new http://mac.emuscene.com/article.php?article=94 It was great while it lasted. It will be missed.
Anyone know what happened to emulation.net? It resolves, and then my browser just sits there and after a while tells me it can't connect. Is the site closed down or having technical issues?
One thing that would be nice with the 17" flat screen is if Apple took a page out of Raduis' book and made it so that you could rotate the screen. That way you would have a screen that easily showed the whole page.
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