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On their own neither is associated to a person, but once you have logged in for a service they can associate the two. Then with other applications that don't require login they can make a certain correlation. They can even start linking account relationships based on this ID. Preventing access to MAC address would useful too.
Apple came up with the iPod, but was by no means the first MP3 player. What they did was make it smaller and better than what was already on the market.
Given the type of character Steve Jobs had, the situation at least caused him to find a bit of humility and also create NeXT. In that way John Sculley invariably did a good thing.
As much as Windows Phone might have going for it, I feel it biggest stumbling block is that it seems too abstract. People are visual and often stumble if something is hard to visualise. If they could somehow address that, then it may have a bigger chance. The iPhone and too some extent Android succeed because the whole experience is very visual.
This is pretty much what I ended up doing. Everything I needed was bought off eBay. It worked well in general. Since then I have made the move to an HD TV since the prices dropped so much.
It's interesting what he says. In many ways they are confirmation that Steve Jobs made the right choice. My interpretation of what he says is that Flash essentially failed to keep up to the realities of a handheld device. Also, while not yet mature, HTML 5 and corresponding open standards kinda make Flash seem less relavent. Adobe will have to work hard to keep Flash relavent on the desktop, since in many ways handheld devices are also impacting how content publishers...
In many ways this is a good thing for Adobe. It's core strength is content creation tools. With this they can focus even more on this side of the business.
Gmail can also be used as an IMAP account, so I am a little curious as to what the real advantage of the app will be?
In many ways this is a good thing for Samsung. If people mistake your device for a competitor's then you just get lost in the crowd. Samsung needs to be bold and make devices that are instantly recognisable as a Samsung, in a good way. Maybe this is the first step in this direction? I will always consider a competitor's device if they have something good to offer and don't seem like a knock off.
The reasoning I heard was that the iPhone 4S has a better microphone and a faster processor. The simpler answer is probably that they want to give you a reason to upgrade, Apple unfortunately is still in the business of selling new hardware.
New Posts  All Forums: