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In many ways this is a good thing for Adobe. It's core strength is content creation tools. With this they can focus even more on this side of the business.
Gmail can also be used as an IMAP account, so I am a little curious as to what the real advantage of the app will be?
In many ways this is a good thing for Samsung. If people mistake your device for a competitor's then you just get lost in the crowd. Samsung needs to be bold and make devices that are instantly recognisable as a Samsung, in a good way. Maybe this is the first step in this direction? I will always consider a competitor's device if they have something good to offer and don't seem like a knock off.
The reasoning I heard was that the iPhone 4S has a better microphone and a faster processor. The simpler answer is probably that they want to give you a reason to upgrade, Apple unfortunately is still in the business of selling new hardware.
More Siri quotes here: http://pogue.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/...r=yahoofinance
Don't want to sound like an Apple apologist, but this isn't the first time Apple brought something out that was initially limited to the US market, and it probably won't be the last. The challenge is finding partner services for offering the missing features in other countries.
Also given the GSM + CDMA support china is going to be covered quite nicely.
PCs, whether using Windows, MacOS X or some other OS, are going to stick around as your heavy duty content creation machines. Tablets, smartphones are going to be mainly fir light weight content creation and content consuming. That doesn't mean there won't be any cross-over, but when approaching these devices their strengths and usage scenarios need to be understood. Saying Windows is dead is short sighted. At the same time saying that an OS designed fir a desktop is...
This is going to be a like a greenhouse and in turn costly in air conditioning. It would have been nice if they had lined the top of the roof with slats that reduce direct sunlight, but allow light in. Apple has the money so how about creating environmentally sound buildings. I am thinking something like this, but on the roof: http://www.architectmagazine.com/Ima...m20-142513.jpg
Sure, but it is not accessible via the menu bar. If it wasn't for playing around with the tool bar then I would have found it.For the track pad the new direction makes sense, but not for the scroll-button on a mouse. As you said there is an option to change this, so no biggie now.A friend told me where to look. Its in the system preferences, under general -> sidebard icon size. Though there is no way to change the order of the sections or reintroduce colour.
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