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Sure, but it is not accessible via the menu bar. If it wasn't for playing around with the tool bar then I would have found it.For the track pad the new direction makes sense, but not for the scroll-button on a mouse. As you said there is an option to change this, so no biggie now.A friend told me where to look. Its in the system preferences, under general -> sidebard icon size. Though there is no way to change the order of the sections or reintroduce colour.
Hi, For those of you having just installed Lion, are there any gripes you want to get off your chest? Mine are: -\tThe new scrollbar, it just lacks any depth. I haven’t wanted to install a UI skin in a while, but that might be the reason to do so. -\tDownload window is hard to find in Safari. Could only find a way to show it by adding a new button in the tool bar -\tLack of colour for certain icons makes quick differentiation harder and slower, -\tThe scroll...
Mac mini requirements: computer with optical drive
Well, the one thing I would be looking for now is a Blu-ray drive of compatible form factor and reduced price for the Mini. I am not really sure I like the move at this point, since there are still many optical discs that I find myself using, but maybe I am just in a small dwindling market segment?
The game center could have access to your purchase list. If you try to connect with a game that is not in your purchase list, then you would be denied access. This is not in place at the moment, but it is the realms of something that could be developed. Other solutions including a watermark in the binary that includes you customer ID and a corresponding unique signature that the server could then check.
Most current GSM phones (including 3G) are multi-frequency, since they are designed fir international roaming.
I have a problem with scrollbars appearing only when you move your mouse into the area. The issue is that it makes it less obvious that the zone has more data than it does. Apple needs to ensure that the user experience experts are doing their job, to ensure they don't reduce ease of use.
One thing that should be noted is that AB is designed to be compatible with the vCard format, so it is important compatibility is maintained even when new features are added. Personally I am wanting to see an easy to install carddav server.
Does anyone know whether there is an iOS app for scanning "PDF 147" barcodes?
I wonder if it would have made a difference if Samba was LGPL based? At the same time the limitation of GPLv3 is with any sort of patent or DRM that would limit implementation. This could have caused a road block for Apple in adding certain missing features b
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