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I have a problem with scrollbars appearing only when you move your mouse into the area. The issue is that it makes it less obvious that the zone has more data than it does. Apple needs to ensure that the user experience experts are doing their job, to ensure they don't reduce ease of use.
One thing that should be noted is that AB is designed to be compatible with the vCard format, so it is important compatibility is maintained even when new features are added. Personally I am wanting to see an easy to install carddav server.
Does anyone know whether there is an iOS app for scanning "PDF 147" barcodes?
I wonder if it would have made a difference if Samba was LGPL based? At the same time the limitation of GPLv3 is with any sort of patent or DRM that would limit implementation. This could have caused a road block for Apple in adding certain missing features b
In Canada when Rogers bought Microcell (the company behind Fido) they actually opted to keep both the Rogers and Fido trademarks, so they could present different market strategies. I don't know whether this was their choice or the government's. At that time Rogers and Fido were the only GSM providers in Canada. Now all the carriers have GSM 3G capability. Bell and Telus, two of the other competitors share their towers and often seem as if they don't wish to compete...
This are accomplishments of AT&T in the past. Today's AT&T is very different and with the way they are today they do come over as a dumb pipe trying to nickel and dime everything. Only AT&T can do anything about their image.
I wonder whether the people with the iPod classics simply have large collections, or whether they are also storing their music in lossless format? I can imagine people who listen to jazz and classical music wanting a media player that reproduces the music in the best possible form. The only question remaining is whether the classic iPod reproduces the sound at an acceptable quality for audio-buffs?
It would be interesting to see whether this version of the magazine is more text and less images. If that is the case, it would not necessarily indicate a change of direction. If it is a change a direction, I wonder whether Apple will choose to cordon off a section of the store so it is only accessible by people who are of suitable age and are going there expecting to see that sort of material.
Good UI design is about reducing abstract elements in favour of visual elements. I say this because I believe most people find it easier to grasp visual concepts than virtual ones. At the same time when you are trying to present a lot of functionality you need to find good ways to provide access to it without making things feel clutered. The device that manages to balance functionality, usability and appealing design is the one that is going to garner the most...
Is the phone pure CDMA? With regards to roaming, if I head up to Canada for the week end or to Europe, will I be without network coverage?
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