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Then again, I believe all Macs that will be able to run 10.7 can be booted from a USB device. If that is indeed the case, then maybe just replace the DVD with USB keys for all installations.
At the same time, if Steve hadn't been pushed out maybe we wouldn't have had NeXT or Pixar. Sometimes being pushed out is good, since sometimes it leads to something better.
If you want to test your browser support, visit: http://html5test.com/
I hope these 'innovative' web sites are designed in such a way to work with most HTML5 capable browsers (including, Opera, Firefox and IE9) and not simply be limited to WebKit based browsers (Safari and Chrome). This is especially true when bringing in the related CSS3 and Javascript components into play,
Looking on eBay I see there are component to HDMI adaptors. Maybe with this and a HDMI to Displayport adaptor you will get the solution you need. I have never tried this, so I can't say if it will work.
For me the problem is simple: closed ecosystem. For this to work it needs to be like the iOS: extensible with third party apps and channels. Until I can choose between options such as iTunes store, Netflix, Blockbuster and pure web based streams, then solutions like XBMC and Plex will still be more appealing, despite the need for better hardware.
The only question I have is how long before the Simpsons or Futurama includes a take on this in an episode
Whatever the real problem is, clearly this another point that Awhen pple is going to become meticulous about. Most times, when sufficient people have complained about some issue, Apple appears to have made an effort to address it in the next generation, especially those getting media attention. I will be curious to see the impact of the next point point release.
Indeed: http://store.apple.com/us/browse/hom...co=MTgyNjM3NDU unless he was talking Canadian Dollars?
Sounds like we will need an update next week to see if the people who had this issue see it go away?
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