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The only question I have is how long before the Simpsons or Futurama includes a take on this in an episode
Whatever the real problem is, clearly this another point that Awhen pple is going to become meticulous about. Most times, when sufficient people have complained about some issue, Apple appears to have made an effort to address it in the next generation, especially those getting media attention. I will be curious to see the impact of the next point point release.
Indeed: http://store.apple.com/us/browse/hom...co=MTgyNjM3NDU unless he was talking Canadian Dollars?
Sounds like we will need an update next week to see if the people who had this issue see it go away?
Although a minor footnote for most people, its nice to see that IPv6 support has now been included.
I believe it came out with MacOS X 10.6.3.
I really have to take my hat off to Apple's engineering team. I thought the original iMac was pretty compact, but this is really amazing. You really need to ask yourself how they managed to fit everything in there and improve in specs over of the old model at the same time. Certainly looking forward to the tear down. For those complaining it is expensive, then maybe it is, but try to find something with an equivalent specification and form factor from the competition.
As you indicated, It all depends on the complexity of the image and the supported features of the vector format. Also, is the vector format binary, text, or compressed text. Any comparison would have to be done with JPG or PNG vs SVG. Then again, this presumes that the resolution of the image is suitable for all display devices and scales. Bitmaps would have to be available in multiple sizes, whereas a vector can be scaled to almost any resolution.
Apple probably realizes that they have enough money to buy the trademarks they need. The owner of said trademarks probably feel the money provided is enough to compensate.
Thanks for the link.In many way it isn't so much that they are behind, and more that there are still points where the implementations differ slightly. Also, at this point CSS3 is mainly active via the "proprietary browser prefixes", such as "-webkit-", "-moz-", "-o-", etc.Also, Google Chrome is using the same rendering engine as Safari, so they results should be 98% identical - it all depends which revision of WebKit each is using. The only place they seem to differ is in...
New Posts  All Forums: