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Good UI design is about reducing abstract elements in favour of visual elements. I say this because I believe most people find it easier to grasp visual concepts than virtual ones. At the same time when you are trying to present a lot of functionality you need to find good ways to provide access to it without making things feel clutered. The device that manages to balance functionality, usability and appealing design is the one that is going to garner the most...
Is the phone pure CDMA? With regards to roaming, if I head up to Canada for the week end or to Europe, will I be without network coverage?
Does the state of Texas get to profit from this?
There are two things that are really wrong with all this: - software patents - the court in Texas where all this is happening Would it be within the power of federal law to enforce jurisdiction of these sort of cases and in what form the trial could take place if voted by senate? I am asking because even policies seem to get thrown out these days - see health care. It would be nice to see software patents rejected. When it comes to a patent troll, how do you...
A few things worth mentioning: - Netflix is available on many more devices (TVs, HTPCs, game consoles, etc), but is limited to North America. Some devices still only support the USA version of Netflix - Seagate I am think of you - iTunes movie rental is limited to Apple branded devices
Other than the device itself, I think the main differing factor is the price of the software. A Nintendo DS game can cost as much as $40, whereas on the iPhone or iPod we are generally talking $10 max. The DS also has to contend with physical distribution costs and piracy, so I wouldn't be surprised to see these being factors that will be addressed in the next generation. I would still want to see physical buttons on the next generation, but all the movement detectors...
If it is made of metal then I wonder whether the case will be milled or using the technology from Liquid Metal, for which they got an exclusive. BTW I can't imagine Apple going back to plastic at this point, since it would cheapen the appearance of the product, IMHO.
Just looking around there is a Font for Cherokee: http://www.cherokee.org/Culture/Cher...Downloads.aspx Now I one thing I would be curious to know is the ISO language code used to identify the language in software.
If this is indeed true, then this is more indication the Microsoft doesn't understand what is making the iPad a success: namely the applications specifically designed with the iPad in mind, instead of taking desktop applications and shoe-horning them into a device not designed for them. Is this indication that Microsoft has lost touch with the market, or that they are so busy trying to sell to businesses that they haven't noticed the influence of the consumer market on...
That doesn't sound much different from "does the world need another hardware store?" or "does the world need another clothes store?". Essentially there may not be a need, but if someone wants to come up with an alternative bookstore, then they should not be prevented from doing so. In my view, I should be able to buy my e-books from whoever I want, for whatever reason. Whatever the reason for a business to exist, as long its legal and legit then it should be allowed to do so.
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