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I believe it came out with MacOS X 10.6.3.
I really have to take my hat off to Apple's engineering team. I thought the original iMac was pretty compact, but this is really amazing. You really need to ask yourself how they managed to fit everything in there and improve in specs over of the old model at the same time. Certainly looking forward to the tear down. For those complaining it is expensive, then maybe it is, but try to find something with an equivalent specification and form factor from the competition.
As you indicated, It all depends on the complexity of the image and the supported features of the vector format. Also, is the vector format binary, text, or compressed text. Any comparison would have to be done with JPG or PNG vs SVG. Then again, this presumes that the resolution of the image is suitable for all display devices and scales. Bitmaps would have to be available in multiple sizes, whereas a vector can be scaled to almost any resolution.
Apple probably realizes that they have enough money to buy the trademarks they need. The owner of said trademarks probably feel the money provided is enough to compensate.
Thanks for the link.In many way it isn't so much that they are behind, and more that there are still points where the implementations differ slightly. Also, at this point CSS3 is mainly active via the "proprietary browser prefixes", such as "-webkit-", "-moz-", "-o-", etc.Also, Google Chrome is using the same rendering engine as Safari, so they results should be 98% identical - it all depends which revision of WebKit each is using. The only place they seem to differ is in...
In order for someone to be considered a "journalist", what steps does the person have to go through?
I would have assumed PDF would have been a more suitable platform, as well. Heck its even Adobe technology. Maybe Adobe needs to work with Apple to expand the functionality of the PDF reader on the iPad and make it a more viable platform for publishers, if they seriously want to hold on to part of the pie.
I would just like something more transparent in terms of phone pricing. Basically any phones that you get that are less than their marked full price, should be described as "paid for in instalments" and what you owe depends on the remaining unpaid amount, much like a hire-purchase car. The idea of a fixed remaining fee, is just absurd IMHO. If you pay full price for a phone then it should not be provider-locked. This is one place that I would like to see regulation...
Try: http://www.scribd.com/html5/
I am just wondering whether this is a question of too little too late, on the part of Adobe. Part of the problem of Flash is that many of the animations are written by designers with no notion of programming, so while things may look stunning and seem to work well, there are performance hits that could be avoided. If Adobe really wants to help Flash, then it should analyse these common mistakes and try to provide solutions to deal with it. My mind is already set on HTML5 &...
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