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The iPod/iTunes system captured the market for Apple with music lovers. A less expensive, high fidelity 2G form factor with lots more memory will do it again and kill off the would-be's. 32GB would be super. Video is a nice add-on. If you want a toy with all the extraneous junk, go get a Touch or an iPhone. Music is the core of the iPod.
Hi Wiggin and thanks for the reply, I agree with you completely on visual acuity. I have a small bedroom/office and have carefully compared the 32" 720 & 1080s in several showrooms closeup because I will mount my new set on the wall above and behind the position in which my present 20" Apple Screen currently sits on my computer desk until replaced with the new 1080p LCD on the wall. The viewing distance for me for MacPro display, DVD/BluRay display and Comcast...
[QUOTE=Alfiejr;1215253] Concur with Alfiejr. The Comcast and other sources and methods noted on the chart are misleading and inaccurate. It needs correction and reposting. Intelligent use of the Macs and Playstion 3 on line are an enormous source.
To me, the speed of streaming the video and the differences between the Vendors trying to catch up to Apple are not as important as the final experience as reflected in the picture quality and resolution of the final product. The statement that 720p is as good as 1080p below 50" is a matter of opinion and a function of the viewers eyesight. I strongly disagree even with my 76 year old eyes. Personally, I have noted a significantly superior resolution all the way...
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