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Yeah, he really hasn't done much since M*A*S*H ended.
You forgot to mention the most misunderstood book of all time - the bible.
Don't forget to add in the estimated assembly costs of $10-20. Lol
I was going to make a similar comment but I just checked my area and the clouds are gone. I can finally see my house cloud free. So, it will come to your area eventually.
If it wasn't for Woz, there never would have been an Apple. Could he have made Apple by himself? No, but SJ wouldn't have been able to start Apple without Woz.
Glorified selfie stick. Lol
I'm starting to like idea of a self driving car. Go to work, then send the car home. Send the wife to work and she sends it home. Just send it to pick the kids up from school. Lol
The old 'think of the kids' line, when they can't think of a better justification. That and 'the terrorists will get you.' Scaremongering at its finest.
My employer installed a bunch of Lenovo tablets running Windows. Totally useless for anything other than reading installed pdf files. I thought it was just me that hated them, but it turns out no one is using them.
I would just like to get a satellite image of my house that wasn't covered in clouds.
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