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I'm starting to like idea of a self driving car. Go to work, then send the car home. Send the wife to work and she sends it home. Just send it to pick the kids up from school. Lol
The old 'think of the kids' line, when they can't think of a better justification. That and 'the terrorists will get you.' Scaremongering at its finest.
My employer installed a bunch of Lenovo tablets running Windows. Totally useless for anything other than reading installed pdf files. I thought it was just me that hated them, but it turns out no one is using them.
I would just like to get a satellite image of my house that wasn't covered in clouds.
It's true, the stock market doesn't care what you did yesterday. It's what can you do for me tomorrow. That's why they like Google and Amazon - their future always looks bright. They just never seem to get there. But looking forward they still look good. Problem is, as much as no one will admit it, these two are one trick ponies. Search (ad revenue) and online sales. And they are so entrenched in their respective business it's almost impossible for someone to come along...
What makes you think you would be included in any privatization. Your few hundred (or thousand) shares are meaningless. Unless you're an insider with at least hundreds of thousands of shares, you would have been kicked to the curb like useless trash. When companies are taken private it's because those behind it want it all for themselves. They're not going to include you because these types are not in the business of sharing their money. Especially to strangers.
Gross margins ARE important. Look at it as the marginal cost. Each additional vehicle does not lose another 10k. If there sales doubled the loss per car would be cut in half. Without doing the math, there is a point where the company would be profitable. And as time goes on, the R & D costs per unit will be lower. So at current growth rates Tesla will eventually be profitable. This is what Elon Musk is counting on. And he's no dummy.
I don't think you can compare current sales levels of current Apple products to Tesla or any other car for that matter. Car sales will be measured in thousands, not millions. The price point for a car is much higher. Kind of the the Apple Watch Edition. I doubt they're selling millions of those.
Unless they own the building they won't be getting any insurance money. That fire was on the roof and was put out in 30 minutes. There wouldn't have been any damage below, probably not even any smoke damage. I'm sure any equipment below is just fine.
Anyone know if Microsoft silverlight is any different?
New Posts  All Forums: