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Gross margins ARE important. Look at it as the marginal cost. Each additional vehicle does not lose another 10k. If there sales doubled the loss per car would be cut in half. Without doing the math, there is a point where the company would be profitable. And as time goes on, the R & D costs per unit will be lower. So at current growth rates Tesla will eventually be profitable. This is what Elon Musk is counting on. And he's no dummy.
I don't think you can compare current sales levels of current Apple products to Tesla or any other car for that matter. Car sales will be measured in thousands, not millions. The price point for a car is much higher. Kind of the the Apple Watch Edition. I doubt they're selling millions of those.
Unless they own the building they won't be getting any insurance money. That fire was on the roof and was put out in 30 minutes. There wouldn't have been any damage below, probably not even any smoke damage. I'm sure any equipment below is just fine.
Anyone know if Microsoft silverlight is any different?
Cue up the homophobes who don't think Apple should get involved.
Surprised to see Berkshire Hathaway on that list. Is fortune counting 'their' revenue, or the revenues of the companies they own? Do they really sell $200 billion in new shares every year? Aren't they just the equivalent of a large mutual fund?
I think the fire is on top of the roof. The solar panels appear to be melting in the fire. Usually roof trusses will soften from fire below. As they heat, they soften. The weight of the panels and racking would speed the point of failure. I don't think the fire in the picture is hot enough to cause that roof to fail. Not yet anyway.
Stupidest comment on this whole thread. Simple solutions by simple people.
Don't you need customers for Apple Pay to work?
Venting may or may not be a problem. On commercial/industrial properties like the one in the story they are required to have access paths in the array. On a residence where the whole roof is covered, the venting holes can be cut on the other side of the roof. If there is no other side, then you're screwed.Industrial rooftop systems are of much more concern. An intense interior fire can soften the roof trusses to the point where the added weight of the panels causes a...
New Posts  All Forums: