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Don't you need customers for Apple Pay to work?
Venting may or may not be a problem. On commercial/industrial properties like the one in the story they are required to have access paths in the array. On a residence where the whole roof is covered, the venting holes can be cut on the other side of the roof. If there is no other side, then you're screwed.Industrial rooftop systems are of much more concern. An intense interior fire can soften the roof trusses to the point where the added weight of the panels causes a...
Agreed. Tim doesn't seem to have a bloated ego like pretty much every CEO on the planet.
For the price of these watches, Apple should send an employee to deliver and set it up for the customer. Add another $500 to the price if need be.
Driverless cars are here now. They just don't call themselves that. Lots of high end brands have technology that lets you follow the car in front at a distance you set. The car also stays between the lines on the road. A friend of mine has a Lexus Suv and it does this. He says he could read a book if he wanted. It's designed for driving on a freeway rather than in the city.
Once iPhone sales started to heat up, Blackberry users quickly shifted from business professionals to teenagers because of BBM and cheap phone plans. RIM failed to see this as another nail in the coffin even though anyone with even a limited outside view could see it.
Hahahaha, you made my day.
These are the marginal costs - the cost to produce 1 more. Accuracy? Who knows, but it's a starting point.
What a novel idea, people learning about religion in a church instead of from Fox News.
Ok, so you're on the low end of the IQ scale AND you're uneducated.
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