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CR rated the iPhone 4 the best phone but doesn't recommend it. 'Dont buy the best product on the market.' huh?
I was just going to write that one Scotty.
A friend of mine is the business manager at a car dealership. They had a customer who made a huge scene when picking a new car up because the fuel tank was only half full. My friend, the manager, came out and told the man that in his experience if a customer is that much trouble on the day he picks up his new car, he will be nothing but trouble down the road. He told the man he couldn't have the car, and had the staff give him his money back. So the man had to leave the...
If google offered free laptops with the condition that your life became an open book to every and all who were interested, there would be a line that never ends. Its amazing what people will do for free stuff.
They will just give the music away for free.
It's not on the Mac App store.
I'm pretty sure iWeb was part of the iWork package rather than the iLife package. I think the last version was iWeb '09. I couldn't find it on the app store. I'm guessing apple has quietly phased it out. I'd like to see Apple offer a much more in depth program.
No doubt samsung makes more money supplying apple than they do on their own devices.
Sold by eastern Europeans?
No. 2 worldwide, No. 1, no. 4, total revenue, units sold, new activations, profits; these market share stories are beginning to give me a headache.
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