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I hear you, but I don't think that is limited to RBC. Investing in the stock market is nothing more than gambling. No one and I mean no one knows what the stock market will do. How many times have you bought stocks in companies you've never heard of? After years of buying on so-called tips and professional advice, I developed my own philosophy. I only buy companies that are a) profitable, b) have good products/services, and c) are led by people I can trust ie are truthful....
I agree but we don't actually know that he's done that. That's how rumours get started.
Just to clarify, he works for RBC, which is The Royal Bank of Canada, a publicly traded company. This is not to be confused with the Bank of Canada, which is the Canadian equivalent to the Federal Reserve.
In the early 80's the was a book written by Tom Peters titled in search of excellence. There was a video made which featured case studies of ten of the companies in the book, one of which was Apple right after the Macintosh was introduced. In an interview with Steve jobs he explained that great companies start with intelligent people. The man at the top has a vision which when articulated to those below becomes a common vision. Everyone is on the same page, egos are left...
A weather app so the idiots using it will know when it's raining so they can go inside. Oh sorry, they don't have apps.
I don't get why people buy this crap. People bought windows computers because they thought every thing had to be 'compatible', or they thought macs were too expensive. But with mobile devices these arguments don't wash. An iPhone can be had for $150; so what if somebody offers 2 for 1. I just don't get it. Google is becoming more and more synonymous with crap. They just want to give everything away, then plaster it with ads like a european hockey player. No thanks,...
Hmmm, a laptop with a detachable touchscreen that runs crappy software.
That's what I thought. So if there are European carriers that cross borders, why should they have extra roaming charges. My daughter works at a call centre for a bank and she had a customer that took his iPhone to France. Didn't turn off data roaming and got back to a $7500 bill for roaming charges!
Just wondering if these European carriers charge roaming fees outside their home country? Can't have it both ways.
Google just announced that their Android clock will also fail once all testing is complete. This new feature will be available sometime in the next 5 quarters. And Research in Motion co-CEO Mike Lazaridis was quoted as saying "They have a clock on their phone? We're going to have one as well. Only ours will be better - in fact it will be an iPhone clock killer. I just don't think people want clocks on their phones, just like they don't want touchscreens." When...
New Posts  All Forums: