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There is a Steve jobs Mii character on the Wii.
And they can put on a different head to make the rush Limbaughs doll. Instead of an iPhone in his hand, they could have a bottle of pills.
I heard there is still two pages he needs to finish coloring.
They could give one to Osama bin laden to replace that great big clunky first generation phone we see pictures of him using. Then turn use the find my phone and bingo bango - war over!
Blackberry to Blackberry is unlimited texts.
The reason teenagers flock to blackberries is the free texting. Not many teenagers can afford to pay the monthly cost of an iPhone unless mommy and daddy pay for it. Lower cost is the only way for competitor's to compete with apple.
And a new app - Helicoptor Hunting with Sarah Palin. Different expansion packs for different species - wolves, moose, and her favourite: illegal aliens!
The market for music and video is much different. When everyone was downloading pirated music from Napster et al, Apple came along and showed them a way to sell music. People flocked to it. Then the music industry got greedy and said 99 cents isn't enough. Some withdrew their music, and what did people do? They didn't go to walmart to buy CD's. They went back to 'stealing'. The music industry eventually learned that this is the way music is sold now. (There's still a few...
The problem with DVD recorders is you can only input with RCA jacks (the red, white and yellow plugs.) No HD input. PVRs have no way to transfer the files to a computer. There is an IEEE jack on most, but I've been told the files are in a proprietary format which can't be viewed on a computer. I'm no expert, but the only way I know to get HD video from TV on to your computer is with the Elegato HD TV device. I don't have one, but I understand they 'record' in real time.
Ummm, Steve Balmer.
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