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Or count all those who wish they had one.
But you can fit one in your hand and it plays flash. At least that was what the girl at Costco told me. Like I said in the previous article - go to a store that sells both and they'll tell you the iPad outsells the galaxy 50 to 1. By the way, I stopped at an AT&T store and asked about phones, and the guy told me their #1 seller is the iPhone - by far. That's why I think all these research firms are full of sh*t. Talk to people with first hand knowledge.
The previous story on market share refered to android. The story on profitability does not have android mentioned even once. When it comes to market share, they are all android phones, but when it comes to profitability, they break it down to handset maker. It would be interesting to see what google actually generates from these phones. The main reason apple is so profitable is because they don't subscribe to the theory of having to compete on price. They don't give...
I call bullshit on your bullshit. I bought an HP laptop for my daughter. It broke down so much best buy gave us a new one. That one lasted 13 months. I said screw this, and bought a MacBook. Year and a half later still waiting for the first repair.
I call bullsh*t on these numbers. Talk to any salesperson at an electronics store (best buy, etc) they'll tell you apple outsells this galaxy tab 50 to 1.
So Apple sells phones with their own operating system for $625, and sells millions. Google gives away a shell operating system to handset makers for free for them to customize. They make their money on advertising. So you are bombarded with advertising all day long. Whoever coined the term android whores hit the nail on the head. As far as Google 'innovations' are concerned, they have never developed anything. Everything the company has ever produced has been a copy of...
I pay $50 for 10 Mb/s (actually only get 8 based on speedtest) with a 60 Gb monthly limit. Now Rogers is starting to charge for going over the monthly limit, which of course happens every month. Not to change the subject, but I would be interested in knowing what other people's actual speed is compared to what the service is rated at.
I once bought a dremel tool and in the instructions it said not to do any dental work with it. How would they know to put that in? Problem today is there are more students in law schools than engineering schools.
Apple should countersue and include an injunction to prohibit him (and his butterfingered daughter) from ever owning another apple product or ever purchasing something from the iTunes store. Watch his daughter whine over the thought of showing off her new Zune to her friends, or trying to 'root' for an app with an android phone.
And he should sue his parents for giving birth to him.
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