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I once bought a dremel tool and in the instructions it said not to do any dental work with it. How would they know to put that in? Problem today is there are more students in law schools than engineering schools.
Apple should countersue and include an injunction to prohibit him (and his butterfingered daughter) from ever owning another apple product or ever purchasing something from the iTunes store. Watch his daughter whine over the thought of showing off her new Zune to her friends, or trying to 'root' for an app with an android phone.
And he should sue his parents for giving birth to him.
I didn't know there was a city called Canada in Korea. I think he was referring to Canada the country. I have called apple a few times over the past 10 years, and have always been satisfied. Little or no wait times, and the questions and problems were always resolved. While I don't have any experience talking to geniuses but everyone else in the stores were very helpful and knowledgeable.
So Microsoft sold 2,000,000 licences in the same quarter apple sold 16.5 million phones. What's a licence worth - about $25 bucks? Vs an iPhone at about $600.
No one knows how to 'root' an app. (whatever that means)
I think Apple should wait a few more losing quarters for Microsoft, then take them over.they could then announce a major event at which they would publicly fire Steve Balmer! They could re-ewrite windows from the ground up, and ditch all their useless divisions. Every business and every house on the planet would be using Apple products.
And who decided that this shiny rock you call gold should be the almighty determination of wealth. It just tells me that your arbitrarily set border contains more of this rock, or you have traded some colored paper, or some other kind of shiny rock to get it. The falacy in your argument is that we have been brainwashed to accept paper money, yet you have been brainwashed that gold should be the standard. If you really believed in a system of barter, there would be no...
Big brother is already watching you! They know where you go, what your doing, even what you're eating. They have already implanted a chip in you. Last time you went for a checkup and your dr did a prostate exam, do you think that was just his finger he shoved up your butt? Check this out:www.wasthatjustafingerupmyass.com
and RIM.
New Posts  All Forums: