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I believe that Steve said iTunes does not make any money because the profits are invested back into the infrastructure. Didn't they just spend a billion dollars on a server farm in North Carolina? Now we know what they did with their 30%. As far as Netflix is concerned, it is available in Canada. Last I checked they didn't have any movies worth renting. There are probably some licensing issues which prevent them from offering anything new. I would think that they still...
95% of lawyers give the rest a bad name!
The electric utilities. Without them we wouldn't be having this conversation.
The cable companies are also the Internet providers. If you use one service to replace the other, the cost will just go up. So why not a set top box and Atv all in one? A device that they could sell to consumers as well as to the cable companies for rent. They just rent out someone else's box now? As long as it is not seen as a threat to their cable business.
There was a story here a few days ago about the porn industry switching from flash to html 5. That is the nail in the coffin for flash. Game over. Just like VHS/beta, blu-ray/hddvd, when the porn industry takes sides, it's over. You should have seen the look on the girls face at best buy when I said this. She was speechless.
Grooveshark. It's a free service.
I once read that Microsoft had more lawyers than programmers. Apple will be there soon. They should start to counter-sue claiming defamation. I would think the Apple brand is very valuable. They have a lot of money to tie up these people in expensive litigation for years.
My first reaction was, 'yawn'. But keep in mind, these other companies have to develop something. Their shareholders might be upset at them throwing up a white flag. Problem in this market, is all theses other competitors can't just beat apple on price, like they do with other products. I just wonder who buys these other products. There is still an anti-apple sentiment out there. (although it's getting smaller) Mainly those windows IT people.
I think Google has lost their focus. When there were just a search engine they were awesome. Even when they started creating applications, they made things better. Somewhere along the way, they stopped caring about what they produced and just wanted to be everything to everybody. The search engine isn't even independent any more. The results are a function of how much money someone pays them. I feel like they have broken the trust I used to have. They are more and more...
Google sells, I mean gives away, junk. Then they have their employees flood apple forums to tell how great the stuff is because it's 'open'.
New Posts  All Forums: