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Gay people: we just want to be treated like everyone else. Religious Right: then act like everyone else. You're free to not be gay. Gay people: Well, no, we don't have that choice. Religious right: fine, but don't take away our freedom to hate you and not want you in our lives. Russia: hey America, we don't like you, but we love what you're doing to those effing f*ggots. Iran: we don't have gay people in our country. Saudi Arabia: we don't have a problem with gay...
The statue would have to be larger than life.
It would only cost one million dollars!
I just thought it was men's and ladies sizes.
How many other Fortune 500 company presidents would make this offer? Steve Balmer? Haha, sorry. Eric Schmidt? Oops, sorry again.
That's just how the shopping mall sector works. On top of that there would be common area expenses which are shared among all the tenants.Apple probably sends a team of lawyers in and dictates the lease terms which would be quite favourable. The owners jump at it because they're getting an Apple Store. And Apple probably stills pays more rent than most tenants. The sales figures of many Apple Stores have been well known. They are a retailing phenomenon.
You claim that Google pays royalties on all the music uploaded. The article you linked stated that over 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. So they have people going through all those videos to find copyrighted material so they can pay the rightful owner. But they don't have the resources to view and remove any videos related to terrorist propaganda? Just type in isis and a whole shitload pops up. Surely with their technical abilities, Google wouldn't even have...
Union dues are a fraction of what a contractor charges over and above employees' salaries.The reality is Apple could pay these security people a lot more than they were making and still pay less than they were paying to an outside contractor.
What if your external drive goes to sleep, will iPhoto wake it up? And can several computers/devices share the same library?
iMacintoshMaciPodiPhoneiPadNo one has a 100% batting average
New Posts  All Forums: