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I watched the movie and I'm glad I didn't pay. It's on par with Team America. Some funny parts, but overall a pretty dopey movie. I think Americans should be more upset with their portrayal than North Korea. More and more I think this whole thing was a publicity stunt.
Is this the largest construction project in the U.S. right now?
I think Apple will fight this harder than any fight they've ever had. This is now about protecting SJ's dignity. They will never give in.
Doesn't matter if Mythbusters couldn't make it blow up. Cell phones are not intrinsically safe. You can get them but their cost is prohibitive to most people. The fact they are not intrinsically safe would lead the local Fuel Safety Authority to prohibit their use. Whether or not anyone can actually get it to explode really doesn't matter. If their is a risk, they won't allow they're use. Maybe it's like the phone on an airplane...
This pales in comparison to the oil & gas industry. Or the gun lobby, or Wall St.
Phones are not intrinsically safe. They couldn't have you use your phone beside the pump.
I don't think I'm the expert you're referring to, but believe they are claiming songs purchased from the iTunes store could not be played on other devices. I think you could put whatever music you had into iTunes and then an iPod, but if you switched to another player, your purchased music wouldn't work. And they want $350 million for this.Simple way to end this case would be to ask them to provide someone who this actually happened to. Get them to provide someone who...
Why don't you ask Richard Branson. He seems pretty successful.
Apple operates in over 150 countries around the world. In many of these they operate subsidiaries which pay all the sales taxes and corporate taxes that they owe. While their 'cost' calculations are open for debate, they pay corporate taxes as they are owed. The after tax profits are what are sent to their Iirish subsidiary. The after tax profits are sent from Europe and Asia. Similarly, Apple operates subsidiaries in many of the Americas, Canada, for instance. These...
This is already being done, although Apple isn't a participant. It's called the Untied States.
New Posts  All Forums: