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Apple's results are fairly predictable. And always profitable. That's why Wall St doesn't like Apple - nothing to gamble on. The money for them isn't in buying in selling - it's in all the other gambling instruments.
I wish you could see a preview of a movie like on iTunes.
You picked the low point and the high point. Just a coincidence that the low point was at the beginning of the year.
Apple proves there is a business case to invest in green energy.
I'm not so sure that it is the cable companies that encrypt the HD content. I think it is in the PVR. I have searched high and low for a way to transfer content that I have recorded onto my PVR with no success. The only way I've found is to re-record the content using an eyetv. The cable companies don't want anyone saving HD content.
The AppleTV needs to replace the set top box. I don't think the cable companies would fight that as long as they can still charge their customers $75 plus per month in addition to the internet they also charge for. I don't think the cable companies care what the interface is.
TV's are just a screen - a monitor. Different shapes and sizes, but the real experience is what is input to it. I would like my AppleTV to REPLACE my set top box, not coexist as another input to my TV. If I still want cable, have it as an app on my AppleTV. Click on it and the conventional TV guide shows up. Or I could have an app for each network I want, or each TV show. All customizable and no more costly, because I'm paying for the content through my cable bill. If I...
Aren't the cable companies and internet providers one and the same? They are where I live. (Rogers) You could eliminate cable tv, but you'll still be paying for internet. And when their cable revenues drop, internet prices will go up.
Wow, you sure put him in his place. I don't think I would seek out financial advice on an Internet forum either, but I think what he said is very solid advice. By the sounds of your portfolio, however, you seem to be doing quite well. I don't think you need to worry about your retirement. But I did find your remarks about having a hissy fit quite odd. After reading all these comments, I would say you're the one having a hissy fit. As for your original statement, if there...
I have a 4 year old nephew who was born blind. He is infatuated with my iPhone and Siri. (Especially 'Talking Carl) we went to the Apple Store to look at iPads and I was amazed at the level of personal support they were offering to him.
New Posts  All Forums: