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Wow, you sure put him in his place. I don't think I would seek out financial advice on an Internet forum either, but I think what he said is very solid advice. By the sounds of your portfolio, however, you seem to be doing quite well. I don't think you need to worry about your retirement. But I did find your remarks about having a hissy fit quite odd. After reading all these comments, I would say you're the one having a hissy fit. As for your original statement, if there...
I have a 4 year old nephew who was born blind. He is infatuated with my iPhone and Siri. (Especially 'Talking Carl) we went to the Apple Store to look at iPads and I was amazed at the level of personal support they were offering to him.
Does anyone even watch WWE anymore? With UFC/MMA, people can see see actual fights and none of the soap opera drama involving Vince McMahon and his family. All our old wrestling favourites from the last generation have all died off after years of drug abuse.
So, if any business model where the seller earns a % of the retail price is considered price fixing, there are a lot of guilty parties out there. Pretty much anyone who earns commission.
DED should have contacted all those he mentioned to get their response to this story on how wrong they were. Just to rub it in their faces.
Acer and Asus? Seriously? Who asks for either one of those brands.The only reason people walk out of a store with one of those is because it had the cheapest price. And aren't all those Windows computers the same anyway? Just the box is different.
And I thought those gold earbuds were really, really big.
I don't care what the calendar says, this was my driveway this morning.
iWork is also free (on new phones)
Hey Blackberry, the game started about 4 years ago! You're a little late.
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